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    L4701 4WD engagement, what's the trick?

    Looking at a L4701 , the 4wd lever doesn't want to engage/disengage without a mighty struggle. Is there a trick or is this one bad? Thanks
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    John Deere parts availability?

    I've seen mentioned on this site several times that parts and service from Deere is not as easy to get compared to Kubota and Mahindra. I'm looking around and see more JD used for sale than the other 2 brands. 38-45 hp units. I guess my question is are after market parts easily available for...
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    Buying Advice Buying used, how many hours are too many?

    Looking to buy a used Kubota or whatever comes up in my price range. I see a bunch with up to 900 hours on them. Considering I'll use it clip around 10 acres once a month, maybe disc a garden, and scrape the road . I have a 1974 Ford 3000 that I'm tired of patching, no idea how many hours it...
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    Front-End Loader Where to find a replacment bucket for my loader?

    The bucket on my ford 7700 loader has rotted away. Suggestions on locating a replacement close to central MS? Thanks,