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    Homelite HD-155 workshop heater

    Just a punt but has anyone out there got one or know how to fix one. I have one in my workshop that is playing up and need a circuit diagram if possible to fix it. Its winter down under and cold.
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    Low Sulphur diesel

    In Australia they are bringing in low sulphur diesel as part of environmental requirements. A friend told me that this will shorten the life of the fuel pump seals as it does not lubricate as well as the older type of diesel. Is this true and has anyone have detailed information on this? I have...
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    replacing blades on mulcher chipper

    I have a Carravachi Bio350 Mulcher chipper which is no longer produced. The mulcher blade set up is similar to Aussie Red roo mulchers and I suspect others. I need to replace 2 blades and the retainer. Do you need to press the drum together to get enough tension? I did not and now the blades...
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    Kubota 1 cyl motor

    I have an old - 1973 vintage - walk behind rotary hoe. It is fitted with a horizontal single cylinder KNDR70 motor. The motor is fitted with an oil pressure indicator on the head on the right hand side. This indicator is a small brass rod that rises into a plastic veiwing cover when oil pressure...
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    Solar Hot Water Heaters

    Anyone else out there with one. I have a Solarhart 300ltr. Works OK at my latitude 39 degrees - Melbourne Aust. during the summer from equinox to equinox but is useless during winter.
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    Lincoln 400AS

    I purchased a Lincoln 400AS DC welder with the intention of using the Perkins A3.152 motor in a MF 135. I have decided not to do this as the welder still appears to work OK. I desperately need manuals and information on the Lincoln 400 AS welder. Can anyone out there help or point me to a forum...
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    B1750 parts - have the B1750 parts list online. (Adobe acrobat file) not very elegant as I prefer the way have set up their MF listings but a major step forward. They also have a very good description of MF Hydraulics. Hope I'm not breaking the code by...
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    B7100 prop shaft removal

    What is the correct way to remove the front prop shaft on a B7100 or B7001? Do you remove the pins either end of the shaft by driving out with a pin punch. Slide back and disconnect or is there some other method? I need to replace the 2"X1.5" plastic boot on the diff end. The uni joints at...
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    KF walk behind tiller

    I have a KF Kubota walk behind tiller. Thirty years old - had it since new. Bought new in OZ ie it is not a grey and pre Kubota orange. The manual said to use a straight 90 SAE oil in the transmission. The tranny has dog clutches etc. What Shell oils are suitable these days? (Im in Oz)