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    How does the parking brake work?

    I have a 3620h ... at times i forget i have the parking brake on which drives me nuts. I'm considering wiring an alarm to remind me. I was watching a video on international utility tractors and they said if u ever had to replace the parking brake its like a real crappy job, I was just wondering...
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    Parking Brake Alarm?

    So I keep driving w/ my parking brake on and its killing me. The light on the dash isn't enough. I need to wire some kind of alarm to it. I just tried searching for some kind of alarm switch but was unsuccessful. Has anyone done this before, and if so what is the alarm you wired up? I just need...
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    Backhoe Proper way to park tractor w backhoe when not in use?

    Ok so just wondering, when i park my tractor with backhoe i guess there are two options. 1. rest the backhoe on the ground 2. Put the boom pin in, and let the backhoe just hang on the tractor. is one way better than another? I think using the boom pin is more convenient and space saving, i...
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    Do you have any Oil/Fluid changing time saving efficiency tips?

    Ok well it hit me this spring that i have a ton of machines i need to maintain. Changing oil mainly. I wanted to poll the group to see if they have any time saving tips when changing oil. Or even tips that make the job a lot easier. For me the most time consuming parts are getting the oil...
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    Backhoe How do you dig a trench with a CUT backhoe?

    Ok so I have to dig trenches. I already dug one, and managed to get myself stuck. I think my machine with BH, Loader, & Loaded Rear Tires weight 7800lbs. I always saw people digging by straddling the trench. No matter what i need a way to cross this trench. So if i straddle it, then i can't...
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    IH484 price check

    Saw a IH 484 today with 5800 hrs on it. Perkins diesel, barely any leakage, seems well maintained, no loader or anything and will need tires. seems well taken care of, owner was asking $6k - paint is certainly poor, orange, or non existent. I can’t seem to find much on the tractor, and i...
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    Iseki TS2810 Buying Advice?

    I have a branson 3620h i just bought .. and i had my eye out for another dedicated 3pt machine. Semi local there is an iseki TS2810 with 690 hours that looks to be in really nice shape. Theres not much info i can find online about them ... but in general how is the TS2810? Anything i should...
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    Dealing with a unique situation related to underground springs and run off

    Hey guys .. so i've been trying to comprehend whats goin on with a field in my property since i bought it 3 years ago. We bought it and it was wet, we were puzzled by it and didn't know where the water was coming from. After looking closer at the road, we realized there are about 5 swales which...
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    Can i move a rock to the side using my backhoe?

    Ok so if theres a rock on the ground, maybe its a decent size. Can I nudge it to the side with my backhoe? Using just the left and right motion of the backhoe? I watched a video where a guy said you could bend the boom - seems shocking to me, but figured i'd check. This would be on a compact...
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    Can the Branson 20 series mount a trench like the backhoe in this video?

    I started a trench this weekend and realized straddling the trench is quite tricky when you need to "mount" and "dismount". I mainly learned the hard way when I got stuck trying straddle a trench i already dug. Going back and forth in some malleable clay caught up with me quick! I'm a person...
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    My new baby and first tractor 3620H

    I’m super pumped and think I’m in love! Can’t wait to put it to work!
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    Ebay Pallet Forks? G2G or no?

    Well i'm already breaking my first rule which is i don't want to cheap out on any attachments. However the pallet fork market is proving a bit annoying as i hear you can get them used for cheap but i seem unable to do that. Also i can get 2k lbs capacity for $500 which is nice but it seems like...
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    How much can a compact tractor backhoe lift?

    I ask bc it dawned on me and when i look up stats they seems to show digging force. I’d like to know for my own knowledge to understand limitations. but for a compact tractor, in this case it will be a Branson 3620h how much can a backhoe lift? i wouldn’t want to be maxing it out ever, so it...
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    Best grapple for brush?

    I have a lot of brush piles and down trees I’ll want to move. I can get two styles of grapples I’m wondering which one y’all would recommend. Here is a photo of an example brush pile and the two styles of grapple.
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    Becoming a farmer? & Tax Exempt on Tractor

    ok ... i have 30 acres ... going to buy a tractor to maintain it, and plant food plots. I am aware that tractors for "farm use" are tax exempt. I would not mind getting into farming but if i get into farming does that mean the government will then come do inspections or do any other types of...
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    3620H price check

    About to pull the trigger on a 3620H with BH250 backhoe, the 8ft one. I'll be getting some other extras, but the price for the TLB is $31,900 before tax ... my rate thru Branson i think would be 4.25%. I'll get free delivery (dealer is almost 100 mi away) It's the first time i've ever bought a...
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    3620H price check

    About to pull the trigger on a 3620H with BH250 backhoe, the 8ft one. I'll be getting some other extras, but the price for the TLB is $31,900 before tax ... my rate thru Branson i think would be 4.25%. I'll get free delivery (dealer is almost 100 mi away) It's the first time i've ever bought a...
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    Cheap ways to put a roof over equipment?

    Hey guys i have a bunch of stuff sitting outside, power sports, quad, and soon to be new tractor and equipment. I’d love a nice garage but funds are tight. i was wondering if anyone had any shelter recommendations for outdoor storage? i know the canvas ports seem cheap but it seems like i can...
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    3620H 72 or 62” bucket?

    I’m about to get a new 3620H and when i went to look at it it had the 72” bucket on it, i was surprised at how big It was. im going to be maneuvering this machine through the woods. i can get the smaller bucket on it. im wondering what people’s advice is for the bucket size? i do think if i...
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    Most cost effective way to divert water

    Hey everyone ... I have a property that has a field. The state has about 4 swales which diverts runoff onto my property. Last year i dug trenches with a shovel into the dirt to help contain and direct this water, this was a short term desperate fix. The flow is relatively constant for most...
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    Hydrostat vs Shuttle

    Hey guys .. I enjoy mechanics ... and i was watching the tail end of a video on a branson tractor, and the owner said he got the shuttle shift b/c he didn't like the idea of the hydrostat using the same hydro fluid as the hydraulics. He admitted he doesn't know if it's a big deal, but he...
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    Branson 3515h vs 3520h

    Hey everyone ... i'm extremely interested in the 3520h ... not sure if its the 3620h now .. but anyway i was wondering what the main differences are between the 3515h and the 3520h? From what i could find, the 3520h has a stronger FEL on it. I also know the 3520h is a little larger .. is it...
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    Going To Buy A 3520H ... any advice?

    Hey guys ... pretty sure next season I'll be buying a 3520H. The price is right, the specs are right. I figure I will get it with Ag Tires, the 50" bucket, and an 8' Hoe (the longer one). Any tips or advice anyone has prior to a purchase like this?
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    Putting the R1 vs R4 debate to rest?

    Alright guys ... so I am like everyone else going back and forth on R1 vs R4 tires. I figured I can use this thread to hopefully put an end to the debate with real experience. OK so: I hear that R1 tires are mostly great but they can - puncture easier, are not good for bucket work or backhoe...
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    Buying Advice Buying 2006 Kubota L3400 with under 300 hours

    Hey guys quick question here .... someone is selling an 06 (garage kept) Kubota L3400 Hydro about 3 hours from me. It has the backhoe and ag tires. It's essentially the perfect tractor IMO however it's 13 years old. He has 275hrs on it and is asking 21k. Is there any potential downside to...
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    Looking for Compact TLB ... 30-40hp .. used for around $15kish with 1k or less hours

    Hey guys I've made about a million posts on here and have been all over the board. At this point I am feeling there is a "sweet spot" that will suit my needs which would be to find a used (older) compact TLB that's 30-40hp (35/40hp preferred) and has around $1k hours or less. What I'm looking...
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    Branson 3520H vs Mahindra 2638HST vs TYM 394

    OK at this point I believe i pretty much want the branson 3520H TLB my local dealer quoted me $28k with 0% financing. Some things that worry me right now about the branson are - the potential issues with the parent company, clogged radiator filters, clogged DPFs, seals on wheel hub leaking oil...
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    Ground clearance and other weak points

    Hey guys so I致e been rapidly taking in lots of information and making some decision from the help I致e gotten. My property is slightly rocky, i will mow fields, pick up trees, dig trenches, dig up rocks and who knows what else. I think I致e decided some 35ish HP machine will be adequate and...
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    Backhoe lifting tractor ... digging force?

    Alright so I watched a video of a guy who has a mahindra 2638, he said one big reason he bought it is because his hoe would lift his tractor .. i guess so he could move the machine by pivoting it? I thought this was actually a really good thing to look for. My question is .. how is this...
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    Best RK Tractor for 37 Acre property? 10 acre field, 25 acre woods

    I've been looking at tractors and RK currently has my attention. My situation: - we have a field with some wetter areas that needs cutting, tilling, and maintenance. It's 10 acres, "getting stuck" is a concern of mine so through my own deduction I am thinking ground clearance + good size tires...
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    Diesel Engines, Years, & emissions

    Hey so I know in the car world there are all these diesel regulations that force manufacturers to add stuff to the vehicles which usually causes problems. Does this apply to tractors as well? If so, what year tractors have less diesel emissions parts on them? And the ones that do have them ...
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    Cheapest most effective way to guide a pool of water?

    Hello, I've been spending the past month digging trenches to help with some water runoff on my property. Luckily doing 4 out of 5 directly in a straight line worked well. I have 1 i am dealing with now where water pools up in a puddle, and I need to dam it up. What's the cheapest most...
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    Used tractor recommendation for 40 acre property for $15-20k?

    Hey .. we have a 40acre property ... it's about half woods and half fields. We have trees and rocky areas and wet areas. I'd use the tractor for: - moving rocks, clearing paths making them nice - food plots - diverting water (backhoe?) - mowing grass - Other? I'm looking at a place I can...
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    How to cultivate virgin ground for a food plot? I don't have a tractor!

    Right now all I have is an ATV & UTV. We want to put a food plot on our property. There are many spots that have virgin ground that's never been torn up ... what is the best way to do this? I've looked at some "tow behind" disc harrowers but everything seems "iffy".
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    Best way to route/trench water with an ATV?

    Hey guys i have water on my property and I also have the beginnings of a creek. It want's to be a full creek that connects into a large creek, it's just obstructed. This spring I plan on unobstructing certain parts manually. The second part is that I have to route water from the sources to this...
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    Budget friendly machine for 40 acre property - used for moving big rock, trenches

    Hey guys, I have a 40 acre property. I'm not a a heavy equipment expert by any means. At this point we purchased a tow behind flail mower from china. It's a beast and works great. We bought it because we have fields that get wet and were worried about larger machines getting stuck .. so we tow...
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    Question About Diesel vs Gas Motor For ATV Flail Mower

    Hey guys, so my father and I recently purchased a piece of property. There is a field on it that right now has about 6ft high grass. It's about 7 acres. Some of the field has some mushy spots. We have been doing a ton of searching and decided that the best options to mow this right now would be...