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    Artillian SSQA Pallet Fork Sets

    Artillian, LLC is proud to introduce our 3000LB SSQA/universal quick attach fork sets which are light enough for small tractors and strong enough for medium compact tractors. They are a perfect match for the new Kubota B2301/2601/2650/3350 and other models with the quick-attach bucket, and even...
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    Artillian Grapple

    I didn't see the wicker grapple mentioned. Why don't you go make a video to demonstrate your false claims of 2500 lbs of clamping force. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: ------ Aside from moving sticks and twigs around, our grapple can dig and haul anything the tractor can lift. Here are some...
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    Artillian Grapple

    Hi All, Just wanted to mention to those who have been waiting, our Grapple is now available on the website. :thumbsup: Artillian Tractor Attachments - Light-Weight Heavy-Duty Pallet Forks for John Deere Subcompact & Compact Tractors
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    Deere 2010 Tractor, Deluxe seat mechanism

    I know this is a long shot, but a good friend is trying to restore a 2010 that he got in pieces, including the seat mechanism. It's got the deluxe seat support and suspension. He has the service manual which shows this diagram: It doesn't show how anything goes together. He's been tinkering...
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    Artillian - Black Friday Special

    After you finally put down your fork from Thanksgiving dinner, come check out the Black Friday specials on the forks at Artillian! Everything will be reduced. For example, a set of JDQA forks with standard tines will be discounted by over $50 more than the current sale price shown, and the...
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    Forks Add-Ons for the Artillian fork frame

    Hi All, I just wanted to mention that some long awaited appendages for the Artillian Fork Frame are now available on the Artillian website. They can be seen on the newly added Bells & Whistles page. Please also take a look at the Coming Soon page to see others soon to follow. This is just the...
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    The little X324 gets an MC519 leaf cart

    Hi All, After searching for the best attachment for northeast fall leaf collection, we've finally settled on an MC519 cart for the back of our X324. We first tried a Cyclone Rake Commander, but it was just too massive for this little tractor given the hills and obstacles on our property...
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    413 Rotary Mower on the 2520

    Hey All, I had the chance to put our 4ft 413 Rotary Mower on the 2520 yesterday for the first time to clean up our paths in the woods and to make some new ones. Compared to using it on the 2305 it is quite a bit less stressful, mainly due to having no ground clearance issues but also because...
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    First Ever? Brotek Thumb for 46 Backhoe

    Hey All, After trading in our 2305 with 260 backhoe for the 2520 with 46 backhoe, I figured my Brotek thumb was destined for the online auction block. Then, just in the nick of time, it occurred to me that I might be able to adapt it to the 46 quite easily. After a nip here and a tuck there...
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    Pretty darn funny John Deere video

    JohnDeere Media Player I really love the line about tilling the average garden in 4.5 seconds.:laughing:
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    2520 Differential Lock doesn't play well with the other levers

    Maybe it's just that the new tractor only has 3 hours on the clock, but I'm having a heck of a time getting the differential lock to "kick" in. On my 2305, I could pop the diff lock in without a moment's thought. On this new machine, it doesn't want to go much of the time. I step on the lever...
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    From Saw to Stump in 1 hr with new 2520 and 46 hoe

    With just a little bit of time to spare before Easter chow today, I thought I'd start tackling an 8-10" oak needing to be removed on a precarious hillside. With the 2520, the 46 hoe, my trusty Stihl saw and the good old loader forks, the job was complete in one hour flat. Most of the time was...
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    To answer RaisedOnDeere's Forks question

    It's too bad that "2520 New promotion from John deere $2,500 off now !!!" thread had to be closed, though I understand why, so I'll have to answer RaisedOnDeere's question here. Hey RoD, Yes, the frames are being powder coated John Deere Green. This started for two reasons, one, people kept...
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    2305 PTO selector shaft - CHOPPED!

    Hey all, in the last two years, my PTO selector shaft has been a point of contention with my 2305. In anything but the rear-most position (rear PTO only), the dang thing grabs my clothing and/or gouges my leg as I dismount the tractor. I finally had had enough after doing bag after bag of...
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    Loader JDQA Adapter for 60, 70, & 70A Loaders

    Hey guys, I'm researching a way to adapt the 60, 70, & 70A loaders to fit my JDQA Pallet Forks design. I was looking up the 420 loader for someone's question and discovered that there may already be something from John Deere that would work (Items 7 & 10 in the attached image). Does anyone...
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    Lightweight Pallet Forks for JD CUT's

    I just designed and built a set of pallet forks for my JD 2305 SCUT. I didn't realize it previously, but the mounting configuration on the 200CX loader is the same as most John Deere CUT loaders. Since they will also mount to the 210, 200X 200CX, 300X, 300CX, 305, 400X, 400CX, 419, 420, 430...
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    Shipping Help

    Hello, I'm developing a set of lightweight pallet forks for SCUT's and trying to find an economical way to ship them to buyers. They will weight 180Lbs in total. Each fork weighs ~60Lbs and can be shipped separately. The rest of the frame weighs ~60Lbs. So far, I've been seeing estimates of...
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    Loader Lightweight pallet forks for 200X & 200CX loader

    Here's some new pallet forks I designed and built for my 2305. Since the tractor/loader has limited lifting power, I wanted these to be as lightweight as possible. The design is tailored for the max load of the forks using CAD and stress analysis (even though anything using the 200X or 200CX...
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    2305 First Generation Swivel Seat Fix - sort of

    For those stuck with the first generation seat swivel, you might find some relief in these modifications to get your swivel to rotate a bit more smoothly. I took a good look at the mechanism to see why it gets hung up much of the time when rotating from front to back and vice versa. It turns...
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    Mowing 2305 clicking noise while mowing

    My property is very sloped with grade changes abound. I rarely get to mow in a straight line for very long. In some spots, the mowing deck will actually bottom out up against the tractor on one side as I squirrel up an off camber turning rise. When the mowing deck bottoms out against the...
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    Thumb for the 2305 Backhoe

    Anyone in the market to buy one? I'm getting ready to buy one from Bro-Tek and the price is a little painful so I was thinking of bringing him some more business and maybe getting the price down a bit. I'm not looking to collect anyone's money and buy in bulk, just present them with more...
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    Looked at the wrong Model

    Ha, I was just window shopping on the JD website at the 3000 series tractors and decided to watch the video. Instead of watching the tractor, I spent most of the time watching the driver. :thumbsup:
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    Lawn / Leaf Vacuum

    I'm shopping for something to either tow behind or mount onto the 3pt hitch on my JD 2305 SCUT. I have 1 acre of grass with trees and slopes to navigate around. I am eyeing the Brinly-Hardy and Cyclone Rake systems. I like how the Brinly opens up like a clamshell to dump. I don't like how...
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    2305 Power Beyond kit install

    I just installed a Power Beyond kit, JD p/n LVB24981, on my 2305 and thought I'd just mention that it was a real b*tch to add! Anyone buying a new machine with any possibility of adding a backhoe later ought to get this put in at time of machine purchase. This had been advised by my salesman...
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    2305 adding a landscape rake 4ft or 5ft wide?

    Whatever I get will have the wheel kit, but is a 5 ft rake too much for the little 2305? I'm also looking for direction on brand. My land is very hilly with densely packed moist soil and lots of rocks and tree roots of varying sizes (probably obvious given the geography). I need the rake to...
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    Mowing 413 rotary mower on back of a 2305, conclusion

    Well, I took the clutch completely apart today. I wire brushed the clutch disks and plates. The mower has been unused and in (indoor) storage for a long time so the clutch plates were somewhat pitted and sticking. I ran the mower with the spring pressure almost completely out for a while and...
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    Mowing 413 rotary mower on back of a 2305, chapter 2

    Ok, so I've put some new blades on, straightened out the front chain guard and replaced most of the chains. I moved the lift pins to the lower holes (new pins). A little bit of minor hammering and welding here and there. I lubed it all up and mounted it to the tractor. Took it outside to...
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    Mowing 413 Rotary Mower on a 2305 Subcompact

    I just picked up a John Deere 413 rotary mower, aka "brush hog". It has a 4' cutting diameter. I can't find any published specifications on minimum horsepower required for it. The 2305 tractor has 24 HP with 18 HP at the PTO. Can someone tell me if I'm biting off more than the 2305 can chew with...