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  1. Bob77064

    Electrically Assisted DPF

    This device uses about 50% less fuel than current DPFs and shortens the regeneration time to 5 or 8 minutes.
  2. Bob77064

    How much to charge to trim trees?

    A homeowner has asked me to cut some big high dead branches off two pine trees. Most of the cutting would be done with a manual pole saw, I estimate about four days work. The city he lives in will pick up the branches that are cut off. What is a fair price for this kind of work?
  3. Bob77064

    Truckload of New Corvettes

    This picture was taken about 8 miles from the Corvette factory in Bowling Green, KY.
  4. Bob77064

    Flying Trucks

    These are 900hp off road racing trucks on a ski run.
  5. Bob77064

    Mack Truck collection

    Big Mack truck collection, check some of the links. Mack Truck Pictures - Mack Mack Truck
  6. Bob77064

    23 Adult Truths

    Thought these were good.
  7. Bob77064

    B-24 Bombers evry 55 minutes!

    This is about when Ford built B-24 bombers for world war 2. B-24 Liberator Willow Run Assembly Plant - YouTube
  8. Bob77064

    Good LS video

    This video shows LS tractors being assembled, I don't know if it has been posted before. LS Tractor - YouTube
  9. Bob77064

    Remote Start

    Has anyone installed or had a remote start installed?
  10. Bob77064

    Frozen Tundra

    The low this morning was around 20, my Tundra was covered with frost
  11. Bob77064

    Elephants take shortcut through lodge.

    The elephants cut through the lodge. Elephants walk through Lodge reception - Mfuwe Lodge | EXCLUSIVE HD Stock Footage - YouTube
  12. Bob77064

    Trail Camera questions?

    The critters thread has got me wanting a trail cam. From what I have read I like the infrared models, meaning cameras that don't emit light. That way I could use one to watch the house. Opinions please and what about wifi?
  13. Bob77064

    US Navy stealth destroyer

    USS Zumwalt, US Navy stealth destroyer Capt. James Kirk To Command Navy's New 'Stealth Destroyer' : The Two-Way : NPR
  14. Bob77064

    Ninja Cowboy

    This is a ninja cowboy with swords.
  15. Bob77064

    Scratch Repair

    What have you used to remove scratches from painted surfaces?
  16. Bob77064

    Guess what kind of car this is?

    This morning I saw this fine looking car.
  17. Bob77064

    Metal Detectors

    Who has a metal detector and what have you found?
  18. Bob77064

    2012 Half Ton Pickup Sales

    Thought this was interesting.
  19. Bob77064

    Flying over the Earth at night.

    Great video of flying over the Earth at night. APOD: 2013 March 31 - Flying Over the Earth at Night
  20. Bob77064

    Performer punches heckler

    This man had enough. Guy gets punched by street performer! (Original) - YouTube
  21. Bob77064

    How hot today?

    How hot did it get today where you are. It got up to 72 here!
  22. Bob77064

    Burning down trees for electricity

    When I travel aorund this area and see all the dead trees lying on the ground. They are a fire hazard during the hot dry summer months. What if someone could built an electricity generating plant that could burn these trees for fuel?
  23. Bob77064

    Alternator problems?

    The gauge in my truck has always shown 14 volts, for a few weeks now it has gone down to 13 and up to 15 several times. Does this indicate a problem with the alternator or voltage regulator?
  24. Bob77064


    Yesterday we took a ride to NW KY. The grandson got to ride his new saucer in the snow.
  25. Bob77064

    Model T assembly

    Ford Model T - 100 Years Later - YouTube
  26. Bob77064

    Don't Honk at Old People!

    Don't Honk at old people - dave6's posterous
  27. Bob77064

    It's not moving

    Look at this.
  28. Bob77064

    Septic Tank Maintenance

    We have a septic tank, about 6 years old. This is the first septic tank I have had. Is it a good idea to use RidX, baking soda or something like that for maintenance?
  29. Bob77064

    Rope Chain Saw

    Has anyone used or seen one of these? Professional High Limb Rope Chain Saw — 48in., Model# CS-48 | Rope Chain Saws| Northern Tool + Equipment
  30. Bob77064

    This 192-wheel vehicle is carrying nuclear waste to Utah right now
  31. Bob77064

    $300 to load rear tires

    My LS dealer wants $300 to load my rear tires with water/antifreeze. Do y'all think this is a fair price?
  32. Bob77064

    Change P/S Fluid

    My 2007 Tundra has almost 115k miles, when I ask about changing the P/S fluid (ATF). The mechanics tell me it is not necessry. What do y'all think?
  33. Bob77064

    Foliage & a little bird

    Local trees and a little bird.
  34. Bob77064

    Big Fire

    There was fire today at an antique store. As far as I know no one was hurt.
  35. Bob77064


    Today I got sta-bil diesel formula at TSC, I put some in my tractor. Has anyone used this product?
  36. Bob77064

    Installed Airlift LoadLifter 5000

    Yesterday I installed a set of Airlift LoadLifter 5000 on my 2007 Tundra. The installation was not too bad, the hardest part was cutting off the bump stops. Also it would be much easier on a lift then with a floor jack and jack stands.
  37. Bob77064

    Coyote Ran by Me Today

    Today about 3:00 pm when I was cutting the grass a coyote ran by about 50 feet from me. There are lots of coyotes in the woods around us. This is the first time I have seen one out in the open in the bright sun. Attatched is a picture that looks like the one I saw.
  38. Bob77064

    Restaurant Owner, Dies After Serving Obama Breakfast

    Ann Harris, Akron Restaurant Owner, Dies After Serving Obama Breakfast
  39. Bob77064

    Purple Ice

    Has anyone used this stuff? Purple Ice® – Radiator Coolant Additive - Royal Purple
  40. Bob77064

    Classic Chevy truck

    Saw this good looking truck today.
  41. Bob77064

    Honey I shrunk your truck

    My wife likes to park on an angle and crowd my tractor space. So I traded her truck for a little car, more space and much better gas mileage.
  42. Bob77064

    Honey, I left room for your tractor.

    Not to say " Women Drivers" but I always tell my wife to leave room for the tractor. Today while I was out working with the tractor, this is how she parked.
  43. Bob77064

    PTO Extension

    After having wrestled with the PTO hookup, I have been thinking about an extension. TSC has a four inch PTO extension. They tell me it bolts to the PTO shaft on the tractor. Does anyone have any experience with these? Extension Adapter - 0271033 | Tractor Supply Company
  44. Bob77064

    Do rotary cutter blades need sharpening?

    Do the blades on a rotary cutter ( bush hog ) need to be sharpened?
  45. Bob77064

    Restored McCormick

    Saw this tractor yesterday.
  46. Bob77064

    Opinions on Hustler Fastrak 60"

    The dealer I bought my tractor from wants to sell me an FS730. It is a 60" cut zero turn mower with a 26 HP Kawaski. Has anyone had any experience with Hustler?
  47. Bob77064

    FEL Weight??

    How much does an FEL and bucket weigh? My tractor is an LS R3039. The weight is not listed.
  48. Bob77064

    Waiting on the Snow

    We are supposed to get 3 - 5 inches of heavy wet snow, maybe 6 inches on the KY - TN border. If it comes it will be our first real snow this winter. We have only had a dusting of snow so far.
  49. Bob77064

    Three Wheel Car

    This is a Snyder ST600C. In KY these are registered as motorcycles.
  50. Bob77064

    Tow Plow

    Saw this on the news tonight, the second plow clears another lane.