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  1. HayDR

    Baler belting going UP 25% Jan.1

    No way out of it you've been warned.
  2. HayDR

    PTO shaft

    Great Stuff, I've sold it for 25 years
  3. HayDR

    Round baler high moisture hay advice

    500 round silage bales may sound like allot but that's not that many. If you are going to keep that RB 450 for 8 years or longer, I'd say it is worth getting the silage special. Realize the endless belts with the bar pattern are only available from NH and are not designed to be laced back. That...
  4. HayDR

    Baler Belts Availability

    We sell over a $1 million of baler belting a year. In 2021 our sales are down 35% just because of availability of the OEM product. All the domestic OEM manufacturers and foreign OEM manufacturers are quietly saying that they might only have 50-60% production in 2022 of their normal market...
  5. HayDR

    do newer vemeer disk mowers last as long as a krone mower

    Both units are fine machines. The Vermeer company wise is privately held. The industrial division of Vermeer is over 80% of the company. They actually sold off Lely Hay to AGCO. Yes AGCO owns & manufacturers the Vermeer disc mower transmission. The question is Vermeer AG products being...
  6. HayDR

    Vermeer 5400 Rebel baler

    The main reason you have build up is your belts edges have the fibers working as a burr catching the small loose hay and transporting them up the belts. Here are some of the fixes: Buy a new set of belts Take the outside belts off and take a propane torch and lightly burn the edge fibers so...
  7. HayDR

    Vermeer 554xl Questions

    The XL Vermeer balers are the last of the 504I baler concept design. Its a bullet proof design, simple, great results and easy to work on. The M baler have a modified vertical chamber design with a drum roller. Both the XL & M designs will bale haylage & cornstalks. The 504XL with wide pickup...
  8. HayDR

    Top Link ?

  9. HayDR

    Vermeer 504SI Questions

    The twine tube is either bent or the mounting stud is slightly bent. Also check the plunger, I have seen them bent too. No the monitor must be reset if it loses power. If you have 2-6" belts and 2-14" belts it is a 93-98 model baler. We sold over 500 of those 504 Super I balers at Carter &...
  10. HayDR

    Howard Rotovator HN

    A FORD 105 tiller is exactly the same as a Howard HN. Its known as a Howard Cadet J style tiller. Ford does show the part # in their system.
  11. HayDR

    Tiller Rural King Country Way Tiller Opinions

    Sicma tiller is an Italian product. Sicma SPA
  12. HayDR

    Tiller Rural King Country Way Tiller Opinions

    The CW tillers come through Tarter. The CW & KK are CHINESE manufactured. There are 3 generations of the same tiller coming from China. The ones pictures are the Gen 2. The Gen 3 tillers have a stamped end cover over the side gearbox.
  13. HayDR

    Any Befco tillers on here?

    The Flowing Grease is EP-00. It is also called Cornhead Grease or Cotton Spindle Grease. Tractor supply has the EP-00 grease # 105682899. Drain the oil out and use this product.
  14. HayDR

    Tiller Chain drive lube has the tiller tines From the OEM manufacture. The Flowing Grease is EP-00. It is also called Cornhead Grease or Cotton Spindle Grease. Tractor supply has the EP-00 grease # 105682899
  15. HayDR

    Steel prices up 20% in some sectors

    We purchase hundreds of thousand tiller blades from Europe. Both Italy and Spain manufacturers are soon having to purchase on the spot market. This will effect tine replacement $1-2 each on the wholesale side. Chinese junk tines will be less effected.
  16. HayDR

    Ag Parts & Haytool repair parts in short supply, IE toilet Paper

    Much of the wear parts are limited to what's already in the USA. The stocking orders from overseas will NOT make it here before the season is over. Tedder tines almost no back stock. Round bale belts good inventory. Disc mower parts low inventory, IE-captive parts all makes Tiller blades we have...
  17. HayDR

    Cornstalk baling

    Yes it hard on any baler but many farmers do bale cornstalks. I wonder if you corn stalk baling harvesters use your own equipment or hire it out? What Are Corn Stalk Bales Worth? | Beef Magazine
  18. HayDR

    PTO shaft cover/shield question

    For series #4-48"-74" Inner diameter of bearing on inner tube: 46 mm / 1 13/16 in. Inner diameter of bearing on outer tube: 53 mm / 2 1/16 in. These are available for less than $40.0
  19. HayDR

    Memorial day haying

    This is the single busiest day of hay harvesting in the USA. Please order all your parts by Monday 23 or you will not have them before the May 30 weekend. Shipping always takes and extra day this week before Memorial Day. So get your baler belts, tedder tines & parts, rake tines, disc mower...
  20. HayDR

    Kubota purchases Great Plains/LandPride

    Kubota Corp. Expands Long-Time Partnership with Land Pride, Enters into Agreement to Purchase Great Plains | 216-5-13 | Farm Equipment
  21. HayDR

    new kubota round balers

    New Variable Chamber Balers / Product news / News / Gallignani / Home - Gallignani
  22. HayDR

    New equipment for this season.

    The Deutz Fahr parts are hard to come by but you will find that the SaMASZ 165 parts will work for your unit.
  23. HayDR

    Deere Claims Through Copyright Office That Farmers Don't Own Their Tractors

    Wired Magazine - Deere Claims Through Copyright Office That Farmers Don'''t Own Their Tractors | 2015-04-23 | Farm Equipment Editor痴 Note: On February 10, Dave Kanicki of Farm Equipment wrote his E-WATCH e-column on 典he Next High-Tech Battle in Ag,?/a> which included observations the...
  24. HayDR

    Turkay tedders

    There are hundreds of these tedders running in the USA. These tedders have been sold in Europe for 16 years. This is an 18'3" tedder. This machine pictured does not have the larger 18.5 x 850-8 HWY speed rated tires like the current machine but they can be installed. The current model has the...
  25. HayDR

    Spring cut rye for condition or not to condition?

    Rye makes better haylage than corn. Just remember the more moisture you have the more sugars you need in the rye to get it to turn into haylage. If you can get the rye down to the 45-55% moisture you will have less spoilage.
  26. HayDR

    Hydraulic top link?

    Haytools has the toplinks with the double piloted check valves.
  27. HayDR

    turning hay into silage

    Silage Guide Link
  28. HayDR

    Rotary rake options????

    The HayMAG rotary rakes are $3,200. Look at the Video below.
  29. HayDR

    Is Vermeer next for Kubota?

    Kubota has a marketing deal with Vermeer now. What does the recent acquisition of Kverneland mean to the Vermeer marketing deal? Read the article and you see Kubota wants more Dry Grass production products. This is the same products that Vermeer/Lely is supplying Kubota dealers in the USA, will...
  30. HayDR

    Meade JD Tractor opening in Boones Creek

    Meade's store is just north of Johnson City, TN. on Boones Creek Road close to the Boones Creek road & Gray Station road cross roads. Opening soon Meade Tractor | John Deere Dealer | Abingdon, Marion, Greeneville, Johnson City
  31. HayDR

    Lancaster's oldest Ford Tractor dealership acquired by Messick's

    ELIZABETHTOWN, Pa., January 3, 2012 After 33 years of business, Lancaster Tractor, the oldest Ford Tractor dealer in Elizabethtown, PA, has become part of the Messick's Equipment Dealerships. Messick's is one of New Holland's largest full line dealers in United States with their home office in...
  32. HayDR

    Kubota purchases control of Kverneland

    MAJOR KVERNELAND SHAREHOLDER SELLS ITS STOCK TO KUBOTA Dec. 23, 2011 Farm Equipment magazine reports: The major shareholder of Kverneland, the Norwegian maker of farming implements, has reportedly sold its shares to Kubota, giving the Japanese tractor maker the upper hand in acquiring...
  33. HayDR

    End of Year Clearance

    We just put up pictures and prices on 14 round balers that were recently traded for this season. Take a look at Used Hay Equipment-Round Hay Balers, disc mowers and More
  34. HayDR

    differance between vermeer balers

    Absolutely no difference in time it takes to tie. Netwrap is the same and Vermeer 665m Rancher can fee 4 strings at once and the JD can not. We have a new one with 100 bales on it for $22,500.
  35. HayDR

    Steel prices up 25%

    Steel prices are up 25% over last fall's prices. Look for a price increase as soon as the fall steel contracts have washed out. Basically buy now and save 2-10%.
  36. HayDR

    disc mower recommendation

    So Ken you are saying the OEM G&S 4mm thick stamped sheet matal guard (Pictured)is as durable as the forged double Guard? What was the name of the bankrupt tool & die make you worked for?
  37. HayDR

    disc mower recommendation

    Reese drum mowers are a totally different design than the CCM drum mowers.90% of the weight of the CCM drum mower is resting on the ground when mowing. Why do you want to lift the drum mower up just go back through any cut hay? It picks it up the cut hay without recutting it & puts it out the...
  38. HayDR

    disc mower recommendation

    You can purchase a new CCM 165 drum mower ($3,000) for less than a AS IS USED Disc Mower. The CCM drum mower is designed for your size tractor. It will mow any crop in any condition as fast as you can ride your tractor. We have been selling this design since 1982. Thousands of these drum mowers...
  39. HayDR

    Bought a H 106 Vermeer Automated Rock Picker

    The H-106 Vermeer Rock Picker was made by Haybuster and you will want to get the repair parts for it from a Haybuster dealer. The down side of the h-106 unit is it is almost 14" in transport position. The newer Haybuster 3106 is easier to transport. Check the auger teeth. They need to be at...
  40. HayDR

    National Farm Machinery Show Specials

    Come see us at the National Farm Machinery Show and receive FREE FREIGHT on your next Hydraulic Toplink or T-N-T order. Booth 5033 West Wing
  41. HayDR

    National Farm Machinery Show Specials

    Ranch Rite HT-10 Tedders $1,450 (Red & Blue)
  42. HayDR

    Is Vermeer moving to a Kubota marketing plan like LandPride? Kubota and Vermeer Announce Strategic Marketing Alliance Alliance with Kubota Involves Vermeer Forage Equipment for the Agricultural Market TORRANCE, Calif. (October 1, 2010) Kubota Tractor Corporation...
  43. HayDR

    Kioti's new 66 tractor implements?

    Trying to confirm if these are Worksaver implements? Annual Dealer Meeting at the Sheraton Hotel in Raleigh, N.C. February 23-25 Article
  44. HayDR


    Vermeer 5410 Baler purchased from Feb.10, 2010- June 30,2010 get a Twine free for a year! CLICK HERE
  45. HayDR

    Great Joystick Values - 21 gal/m- Joystick Valve- $185 Directional Control Valves 220-905 Detailed Information Surplus Center- 10 gal/m- $199.95 Gallons per minute flow is very important. If you system is...
  46. HayDR

    It's HERE- The Vermeer Rancher Round baler

    Click the Banner below for more information.
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    It's HERE

    Click the Banner below for more information.
  48. HayDR

    Rotary Cutter Bush Hog sells loader division to Quicke

    BH was trying to sell the whole company to GP/LandPride and they could not agree on a price. Crown was forced to inject new money or sell something. Will the BH cutter division be liquidated? Their products are high quality and the name is a industry standard. Selma Times-Journal | Bush Hog...
  49. HayDR

    Gehl Co. May Face Bankruptcy

    Under pressure from its bankers, Gehl Co. must either forge new loan terms or face possible bankruptcy, its new French owner has said. After the West Bend construction equipment maker violated conditions of its loan agreement, Gehl's bankers demanded March 31 that it make early repayment of...
  50. HayDR

    Fiat calling $3 billion in loans from Case/NH

    John Deere did take $2 billion in bailout loans so will CNH need some help to overcome the refinancing of $6 billion in loans due in 2009? CHICAGO (Dow Jones)-- Fiat SpA (FIATY) is relying on the repayment of internal loans by its farm equipment arm to ease its own liquidity squeeze and help...