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  1. Shield Arc

    Testing your welds.

    If you want to know how good your welds are? It is pretty easy to build a bender, to make sure your welds will hold.
  2. Shield Arc

    Question for pipe welders.

    Tig welding open root. 6G position. 6-inch sch. 80 pipe. 37 1/2 degree bevel, knife edge. 1/8-inch gap. 1/8-inch filler. 125-AMPS, walking the cup. Miller Dynasty 300. Never had much of an opportunity to Tig weld pipe. Union thing! Do you pipe welders think this Tig root would pass visual...
  3. Shield Arc

    Out of my comfort zone.

    A guy ask me to help him put an extension on a wheel barrow tub. He is going to build a power wheel barrow. The tub is 17-GA, the extensions are 16-GA. The top rail is thin wall electrical conduit. He has a Everlast Power Mig 140E. Trust me I've never been good at welding this thin of...
  4. Shield Arc

    3-point log splitter.

    Built this 3-point log splitter a few years ago for my brother-n-law. Everything came out of the scrap pile. Except the PTO hydraulic pump, and a few of the hoses. Used a piece of 16-inch pipe for the hydraulic reservoir. He has 20-acres of oak trees, so this log splitter beats using a splitting...
  5. Shield Arc

    Gooseneck adapter build.

    Seems a little slow around here:confused:. So I Thought I'd post some pictures of a gooseneck adapter I built a few years ago. This is the second one I've built. I built a lighter version for a friend a few years before this one. The base is 8-inch I-beams. The gooseneck is 12-inch I-beams. The...
  6. Shield Arc

    Dual Shield.

    There has been a discussion over on Welding Web about welding pipe with dual shield. I didn't realize this was done. So I did a little reading, and came across a video that Jody made. They used Lincoln 71M dual shield. I didn't know dual shield came in .035". So I ordered a spool. WOW! This...
  7. Shield Arc

    Tig welding cast iron

    I've seen quite a few threads on welding cast iron. I posted this question over on Welding Web. And watched a few videos on You Tube. And did a little reading on the subject. Got some 1/8" A2 Aluminum Bronze yesterday. I ordered 1/16", and 3/32". But the Post Office lost those rods.:mad: I did...
  8. Shield Arc

    My father's day gift.

    Got a new toy for father's day. Had to drive down to Vancouver Washington to the Lincoln distribution center to pick it up this morning. My wife thinks I have a fetish for welders and tools:confused:. I disagree, what do you guys think? :laughing: Vantage(R) 4 Engine Driven Welder (Perkins(R))
  9. Shield Arc

    Dump trailer question.

    I have a 12-feet long PJ dump trailer. The factory powder coating is a joke:rolleyes:. It just flakes off in big sections:shocked:. Now this is on the outside of the box! Inside the box the powder coating lasted about 30-seconds:mad:. Couple years ago my brother-n-law who is a retired body and...
  10. Shield Arc

    $150.00 post driver.

    Went to California to help my brother-n-law build a hydraulic post driver. We incorporated the back of the fork lift attachment I built for him. The weight is just under 300-pounds. He has 20-acres of shale...
  11. Shield Arc

    Logger's eye.

    Anyone here know how to make these?
  12. Shield Arc

    Check out this table.

    A member over on Welding Web PMed me and ask if I would help him out. He built this frame for a guy here in Seattle, but he missed the measurement by 1-inch. I notched it a 1/2-inch on each end, and Tig welded it together. Took the frame to the Powder Coater. Took the table to the guy in Seattle...
  13. Shield Arc

    PA 200 ST & LN-25

    Got all the downed trees taken care of, from the storm that blew through. So I thought I'd see how my brother-n-law's PowerArc 200 ST would do running some .045" NR-212 self shielded flux core wire. This little machine sure runs hot! 104-AMPS for flat welding. 80-AMPS for vertical up hill. I...
  14. Shield Arc

    Fork attachment build.

    Building another fork attachment, this one is for my brother-n-law. I won't be going back to his place until next spring, so I have all the time in the world to finish it.:laughing: It's the same design as mine, just a little bigger. Tomorrow I'll weld up the taper to the tip of the forks. Then...
  15. Shield Arc

    Arc weld's new shop!

    Arc weld e-mailed me a couple pictures of his new shop. Ask if I would start a thread for him. If Alberta wasn't so far away, I would drag my shop up there, and trade with him! :laughing:
  16. Shield Arc

    Makes perfect sense!

    Makes perfect sense that a foreign welder will work better with foreign welding rod. :laughing: This Everlast PowerArc ST is just like my PowerArc 200. It really likes ESAB's Sureweld 10P Plus 6010. SUREWELD 10P PLUS | Welding Consumables | Products & Solutions Don't know why the pipe pictures...
  17. Shield Arc

    Bridge crane accessory.

    I have a 10 1/2-feet long flat bed. With tools boxes behind the cab, makes it hard to carry longer items. So I took a couple of under bed tool boxes I had, and mounted them on the bed. Bought a 5-feet wide gang box to set right between the under bed tool boxes, and up against the cab. Problem...
  18. Shield Arc

    Everlast welders.

    I'm so impressed!:cool2: Last spring my brother-n-law bought a PowerArc-200ST from Mark. Last week I was at his place, he said he was having a hard time with the lift arc Tig start. Personally I never liked that method. I prefer high frequency, or scratch start. My brother-n-law is a retired...
  19. Shield Arc

    Mott flail mower history.

    Arc weld e-mailed me, and asked if I would post these for him. He is having computer problems. CommuniGate Pro User Interface: Not found CommuniGate Pro User Interface: Not found CommuniGate Pro User Interface: Not found CommuniGate Pro User Interface: Not found CommuniGate Pro User Interface...
  20. Shield Arc

    Gas tank build.

    Welp, one of the problems with collecting old engine drive welders. The gas tank on my 1954 Lincoln SA-200 Short hood rusted out:(. Even if you could find a replacement, who's to say it's not rusted inside too. So I took a sheet of 16-GA, and made a replacement tank. I tested the welds with soap...
  21. Shield Arc

    How would you repair this?

    I broke a Lenox blade for my Ellis 1800 saw:(. How would you make this repair?
  22. Shield Arc

    Everlast PowerArc 200ST

    Starting this thread trying to bait my brother-n-law into joining us here. He just got a new Everlast PowerArc 200ST. He called me this afternoon to tell me he just now got some spare time to try it out. At the time of the phone call he had only run some 6010, but he was very impressed with the...
  23. Shield Arc

    Test frame.

    Remember the mechanical engineering student that I help build the collapsible bike frame? Keith came back this morning to start building the test frame for his collapsible bike frame. He has to prove the bike can take 180-pounds. We used some 1" x 3" square tubing to build the frame. Made a T...
  24. Shield Arc

    New skill to learn.

    New toy on it's way. Ordered this lathe, and stand. The stand won't be available for pickup until April 16th. Either the Long Shore men's slow down has them stuck on the dock:rolleyes:. Or those Asian kids are getting unionized!:D I've never run a lathe before. Installed several over the years...
  25. Shield Arc

    Pay it forward.

    A friend of my wife ask me if I would help her son-n-law with a project. He is in his senior year to be a mechanical engineer. This is his senior year project. Make a collapsible bicycle frame out of aluminum pipe. This is all we got done so far. Personally I don't think it will telescope in...
  26. Shield Arc

    Metal Core.

    A member over on WeldingWeb sent me a roll of Hobart FabCOR CVN .045" Metal Core wire to play with:cool2:. I've never been around Metal Core before. Very fast wire. All I have for gas is 75% argon & 25% CO2. I under stand if you use 90% argon & 10% CO2 it's even faster. I started out with the...
  27. Shield Arc

    Tig welding on the cheap.

    For any of you members who would like to know how easy, and cheap it is to get set up to Tig weld using your stick welder. Here is a link to a sticky over on WeldingWeb. TozzieWelding does a really good job of explaining how easy it is. For The Can I TIG With My Welder People. All you need is a...
  28. Shield Arc

    Etching welds.

    I have never done this before. When doing the testing of Roadhunter's new Everlast 120-volt Mig welder over on Welding Web. I was ask to do some etch testing. This was quite a learning experience for me:laughing:. I first tried naval jelly, then battery acid. The results were less than...
  29. Shield Arc

    120-Volt Mig welder.

    Look what I got!:D Let the playing, testing, learning begin. :cool2:
  30. Shield Arc

    Mig welder.

    Came across this ad on Craigs list this morning. Any members in the Puget Sound area that would like to get a Mig welder, this is a really good deal! I don't think it is 3-phase, but something to ask the seller. ESAB still carries parts for these machines. I had a VI-206 for years, very sweet...
  31. Shield Arc


    I found some interesting reading. Both from Miller.:confused3:
  32. Shield Arc

    Close enough!

    Everyone likes projects, right?:laughing: This is the Pioneer Square Station of the Seattle Metro bus tunnel. This station is just over two city blocks long. I forget how deep we had to go:confused:. It has 36-inch soldier pile beams drilled and placed every 8-feet on all 4-side of the station...
  33. Shield Arc

    PA-300, my opinion.

    WOW! This thing really has a nice arc for 7018:thumbsup:. I ran some 1/8-inch ESAB Acclaim at 140-amps, 1 on the arc force. I tried different settings on the arc force, for flat welding I liked 1 the best. Not to be picky, but would like to see just a tad bit more wet out, but still very nice...
  34. Shield Arc

    Lincoln's NR-211MP

    I was ask to run a bend test over on Welding Web. I thought you guys might be interested in seeing it. After the Northridge earthquake in California Lincoln and Hobart started putting thickness limitations on their wire. Over the years I've had several welding inspectors tell me they have never...
  35. Shield Arc

    Open root on DCEN.

    This subject was brought up in another thread. Not wanting to high jack SSdoxie's thread, I started another one. I mentioned in the other thread a lot of people run 6013 on DCEN, or straight polarity when welding sheet metal for less penetration. I also mentioned that when I do open root with...
  36. Shield Arc

    Weld distortion.

    I was in a discussion about welding warping square tube over on Welding Web, another member posted this video from Lincoln. I never seen it before, thought it was great,:thumbsup: also thought some of the members here may not have seen it too. Hope you enjoy it!;) Prevention and Control of...
  37. Shield Arc

    1937 Lincoln

    Picked up this machine today, Idealarc 300. I didn't realize these old girls had hot start! :cool:
  38. Shield Arc

    Helpful neighbor!

    Been having a running battle with a neighbor for 8-years now. Year after we bought this 5-acres next to us she sued us for adverse possession. Cost me $30,000.00 to beat her in court:mad:. She appealed to the state court, and lost there.:laughing: Last week she cut every strands of my...
  39. Shield Arc

    Ultimate Low-Hydrogen Electrode!

    A member on another site shipped me some AC/DC 7018, asked if I would run a bend test to see the results. Far as I know this rod has never seen the inside of an oven. At the very end of the root pass the rod acted really funny, I could see the flux flaking off 3/4 to 1-inch above the...
  40. Shield Arc

    You can always ask.

    Doesn't mean you will get it! WOW! Machine doesn't even have the original air cleaner, bellows idler, generator, battery cover, or doors.:shocked: 1949 Lincoln SA 200 Short Hood | eBay
  41. Shield Arc

    Welding galvanized material

    Wife wanted me to build her an arch out of chain. What a PITA! I should have told her it can't be done:laughing:. No, I should have told her I don't have the right welding machine, and I'll have to buy another one:D. Used some old lashing chain, got it all welded up. Any body want to come over...
  42. Shield Arc

    Fun commute to work.

    Not everybody gets to work this way. :laughing: Your Prius does not impress them. Workers commute via excavators
  43. Shield Arc

    Bucket extension project.

    Went to Montana couple weeks ago with a good friend of mine. His brother-n-law grows Timothy hay on hundreds of acres. He has a 5-feet wide bucket for his John Deere tractor, can't remember the model number of the tractor:confused3:, but the bucket looks way to small for the tractor. We brought...
  44. Shield Arc


    Member Furu brought his Longevity Stickweld 250 over this morning to work on his scratch start Tig welding. Later he wanted to practice a little vertical up with 7018. This is what he did on a V-butt plate. I'm so proud of this weld!:thumbsup: I think this is his second time working on vertical...
  45. Shield Arc

    Tig welding aluminum on DC

    Thought I'd do a little playing around this morning. Dug out my Tig rig, hooked it to the V350-Pro. Left the V350-Pro on SMAW mode. 0.0 on the arc force, and 0 on the hot start. Ran 25-cfh of 100% helium. Had a little trouble getting started until I realized my auto lens was not going to work...
  46. Shield Arc

    Copper Tig welding.

    This subject comes up every once in awhile, and I've never seen it done. So I thought I'd give it a try. Took four hundred forevers to get the filler rod from!:mad: Back ordered, and all:rolleyes:. Started on some 1/8" x 1" flatbar. Did some corner joints, lap joint, and a...
  47. Shield Arc

    Wet 7018.

    First off let me start with the disclaimer! I don't recommend this one little bit. But I just wanted to see what I could get away with!:D I took some 1/2-inch plate, cut 45-degree angles on them. Placed them 3/16-inch apart. Took a hand full of 1/8-inch Lincoln Excalibur 7018. This rod has been...
  48. Shield Arc

    Laser sight question.

    Probably about to make a fool of myself. I Googled it but came up with nothing. My 14-year old grandson came by yesterday to show me a project he did in Jr. high wood shop. He was saying during shop orientation the shop teacher was talking about a safety class he went to where they had laser...
  49. Shield Arc

    Very interesting!

    Always heard of this, but never seen it done. :cool: How good is your TIG weld? (weld strength & oxy acetylene torch welding aluminum) - YouTube
  50. Shield Arc

    Mig welder set up.

    Thought I would pass this along. It is a sticky on a welding forum I belong to based in England. Guys who are just getting into Mig welding sometimes have problems setting the machine up, and trouble shooting it later. This has some good information in it.;) Installing MIG Wire and Setting Wire...