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  1. Robert_in_NY

    Finally started building the barn

    Are you talking about the 4' wainscoting or the black gap below the treated base board. The gap is because I need to finish grading the gravel outside.
  2. Robert_in_NY

    Finally started building the barn

    Everything is on wheels though so easy to move.
  3. Robert_in_NY

    Finally started building the barn

    Planning on concrete next year after the house addition is done.
  4. Robert_in_NY

    Finally started building the barn

    The garage is small
  5. Robert_in_NY

    Finally started building the barn

    Just needs doors
  6. Robert_in_NY

    Finally started building the barn

    No pictures as it got too dark but barn is done other than clean up and the overhead doors. They're ordered but looking at a couple months before they arrive.
  7. Robert_in_NY

    Finally started building the barn

    I leveled the site and ran all the drainage last year. We poured the piers April 26th and have been working on it as time allows between farming, work and weather.
  8. Robert_in_NY

    Finally started building the barn

    I'm actually looking to have it moved off to the side. Will redo the service to the house at the same time and add a backup generator as we lose power often here.
  9. Robert_in_NY

    Finally started building the barn

    It's taken a while but finally started the new barn. It's 56x72 with 16' high walls. 2 - 14h x 16w overhead doors. This year is just the structure. Next year I'm planning on doing the electric, bathroom and concrete. Main use will be storage but some tinkering on equipment.
  10. Robert_in_NY

    Started my tower stand today

    This is a 14pt my daughter got last year, I don't believe I shared it on here.
  11. Robert_in_NY

    Started my tower stand today

    Got this guy from the tower this year during shotgun season, 13 points, 20.25" inside spread
  12. Robert_in_NY

    Your towing rigs and trailers

    Got the new hauler today, 2020 f350 king ranch
  13. Robert_in_NY

    2019 F350 crew cab lariat question

    Finally arrived, took longer than expected
  14. Robert_in_NY

    Bobcat 331D travel motor issue

    I had the left travel motor die this spring. I ordered a rebuilt one and started to replace it but then got busy and it sat for around 4 months. I finally took the time to finish replacing it and started it up and it works fine. However the right travel motor has no power now. It turns fine if...
  15. Robert_in_NY

    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    Followed this one today. Went to the same store I was heading to. Plastic chairs, cooler and a scooter. Not a single strap.
  16. Robert_in_NY

    Finally upgraded the rake and tedder

    Been wanting to upgrade the rake for years but the old new Holland 256 has been extremely reliable. Have had the wife and daughter helping with raking and tedding duties the last couple years. Well the tedder wheels are in rough shape. Been patching up the rims as best as I can but the one is...
  17. Robert_in_NY

    BX 1800 front hub tourqe specs?

    Does anyone know what these 6 bolts are supposed to be torqued to? Replaced the seal but don't want to over tourqe it.
  18. Robert_in_NY

    2019 F350 crew cab lariat question

    Looking at upgrading my current 2006 F350 lariat crew cab dually to a 2019 model. Love my current truck but the ny winters are finally showing their colors as the cab corners and bed are rusted out. Does anyone have a current ford crew cab? I'm curious about how well the rear seat heaters work...
  19. Robert_in_NY

    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    Held in by stretch wrap around the tailgate straps
  20. Robert_in_NY

    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    Had this guy pass me on the 90, I was traveling at 75 mph. Carrier is held on by two short bungee straps hooked together. Was bouncing all over the place.
  21. Robert_in_NY

    Help with bobcat 331 drive motor

    Drive motor is leaking oil from the box in the frame of the picture. Don't want to tear it apart yet as still need to move the machine around but was hoping I can get some knowledge about what may be hiding behind door number 1 and how much work is involved with the repair. Thanks
  22. Robert_in_NY

    M8540 narrow front axle locked up

    Not the best picture but you can see how narrow it is while still being 85 horsepower
  23. Robert_in_NY

    M8540 narrow front axle locked up

    My m8540 narrows mfwd axle locked up on me while driving between farms. Was in 2wd doing 18mph when bad noises and screeching tires happened. I was able to drive it in low but you hear the bolts in a tin can noise if you pick up any speed. Everything felt cool to the touch except for the center...
  24. Robert_in_NY

    Your towing rigs and trailers

    Got a new trailer yesterday 22' with pop up dovetail
  25. Robert_in_NY

    Pole barn thoughts and ideas please

    I'm in the planning stages currently for a new shop at the new house. Will park the 31' travel trailer and my 2006 F350 crew cab long bed dually in it. Want two 16x12 overhead doors on the gable end and a 2 post lift to be able to work on my vehicles as needed. Will have a half bath in it as...
  26. Robert_in_NY

    Bobcat 331D no start

    My 331D (serial number 232512579) failed to start the other day. Was using it steady without any issues. Turns over fine but fails to fire. I replaced the fuel filter as it was time to replace it anyway but that didn't help. Can someone please advise me on what to check next or try? Thanks
  27. Robert_in_NY

    New Holland 575 needles broke

    both needles broke the other night, only problem I found that may have caused it was the knotter shear bolt had broken. So I replaced the needles and the shear bolt, checked the timing, adjusted the needles and was scared to power the baler back up in case I missed something. I ended up baling...
  28. Robert_in_NY

    My new to me John Deere 566

    What is causing this? I'm new to net wrap and do not see anything wrong with the rollers but it was working fine then this happened. I removed the net wrap that was wrapped around the roller and it worked fine for 10 bales then did it again. I haven't tried it since as I was trying to get the...
  29. Robert_in_NY

    Bumper pull deck over trailer advice

    I'm getting tired of needing to borrow friends trailers everytime I turn around because my 16' utility trailer is useless for just about everything I do now. So I've been considering replacing it with a 20' or 24' deck over with 102" deck. I am familiar with pj trailer brand and like their...
  30. Robert_in_NY

    7 pin trailer plug for john deere 566 baler

    How do you install the 7 pin male plug on the 566 round baler to hook up the Hazzard lights? I found 2 wires in the wire harness that are not hooked up but I expected there would be more. I also don't know if those wires are the right wires anyway and the manual is no help.
  31. Robert_in_NY

    My new to me John Deere 566

    Just picked this up, going to take a little getting use to but should be fun learning how it works. Anyone with any experience with this model have any thoughts or advice to shorten the learning curve, only round baler I've ran was a small Case-IH that made 39" wide bales.
  32. Robert_in_NY

    Tarrup 7520 bale wrapper

    Does anyone have any experience with the Tarrup 7520 round bale wrapper? I'm curious what size tractor it requires, I have not been successful finding any information online about it. The one I'm looking at looks like new and hasn't had much use. It has the cable controls for operating it from...
  33. Robert_in_NY

    Wheel rakes with irregular fields?

    How well do wheel rakes work on irregular shaped fields? I'm considering a v rake but have heard they don't like turning to well, issues are dragging hay and bending frames. Basically they're designed for straight fields is what I have read but I've never seen any videos of the dragging hay...
  34. Robert_in_NY

    NH 654?

    There is a New Holland 654 coming up at an auction Friday. How well does this baler work? Any issues? Do they make tight bales? Areas of concern that I should look closely at? Thanks
  35. Robert_in_NY

    John deere 535 round baler questions

    Does anyone have experience with the John deere 535 with net wrap? My friend has 1 and would do my rounds as I needed them but he is considering selling out. I know it needs a new tire but am not sure what to look at on it or even a good price for it. He just mentioned this to me yesterday so we...
  36. Robert_in_NY

    Round baler with built in bale wrapper

    Does anyone have experience with the new round baler with built in bale wrappers? One of my customers is wanting to have wrapped round bales and currently I don't own either a round baler or bale wrapper. He is talking about buying a wrapper as I've been contracting a friend to roll the rounds...
  37. Robert_in_NY

    Inverter for truck

    I'm looking at installing an inverter to my truck to power a twin tank air compressor. Talked to the inverter dealer today and he recommended this unit to run the 14amp Dewalt compressor I have for the truck. 5000 Watt Power Inverter 12 volt DC by AIMS while reading up on it I started wondering...
  38. Robert_in_NY

    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    They're working on the local airport and we're moving this to the other side. Didn't think straps were required I guess
  39. Robert_in_NY

    Tires for dually pickup?

    I need to get new tires for my truck (2006 F350 crew cab long bed dually 4x4). This is the first time tire shopping for a dually truck. Normally I buy all terrains as I do use the truck around the farm and I deal with quite a bit of snow a few months of the year so what should I get? My mechanic...
  40. Robert_in_NY

    Your towing rigs and trailers

    Our new to us hauler, 2006 f-350 with 6.0
  41. Robert_in_NY

    Initial review of the Farmall 45A

    Forgot to add the picture
  42. Robert_in_NY

    Hammerstrap for M8540 narrow

    I am trying to find a hammerstrap for my Kubota M8540HDNBC10. I have not found a listing in the parts diagram so any help would be greatly appreciated.
  43. Robert_in_NY

    Price Check workmaster 55 prices?

    What are you guys finding for prices on a workmaster 55 with fwa? I was just told of a used 55 with fwa and canopy with around 1k hours that our friends brother is going to be selling. No price has been mentioned yet but I figured I would ask you guys first and call my dealer tomorrow for a...
  44. Robert_in_NY

    how do I disable seat switch on Farmall 45A

    The operator presence switch on my 45A has been an annoyance but I have dealt with it but I would like to be able to disable it for certain situations. Does anyone know of an easy way to do so? I have not spent any amount of time looking it over yet but figured I'd ask here first.
  45. Robert_in_NY

    Truck mounted air compressor?

    I am curious if there is a good option for a air compressor to mount to my truck. I would prefer not to have it in the box taking up space. I mainly would want it for airing up farm tires in the field and for emergencies while hauling trailers down the road. If it can run air tools would be a...
  46. Robert_in_NY

    fifth wheel and gooseneck hitch questions

    I just added another truck to serve mainly as the camper hauler (31' travel trailer). New truck is a 4wd, 2006 F350 Lariat crew cab long bed dually with 6.0 diesel (has 83k miles). My questions are there was a hole cut in the bed for a ball mount but the mount is gone. What is a good option for...