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  1. Thall303

    COVID19 bull

    I am shocked that anyone would believe that any politician or government body would ever lie to us!🤗
  2. Thall303

    If you live in California, stock up on parts. . .

    You remind me of the foolish neighborhood street signs that state: Drive slow, we love our kids as though no one else loves their kids?
  3. Thall303

    Scenery pictures, what does your world look like............

    Great photos everyone! Please keep them coming.
  4. Thall303

    Remembering the towers, 20 years ago today

    Thank you and God bless you, those that died that day and all that have fought and died for our country!
  5. Thall303

    New Pole Barn Started

    Excellent… must be very pleased.
  6. Thall303

    Retirement Planning - Lessons Learned

    Don’t worry, I’m pretty certain you are not wealthy and certainly not very happy 😂
  7. Thall303

    UFO's... What do you think?

    I hope there won’t be a tin foil shortage while this thread is active!
  8. Thall303

    Celebrities I have met

    On the way to a girlfriends 👯‍♀️
  9. Thall303

    Good Books.... Well, there are a few.

    Just finished last night and it is a great read.
  10. Thall303

    A kid gets terminated at work...

    And thank God for that!
  11. Thall303


    Simply put Pay Up!
  12. Thall303

    Burning waste material on a concrete pad

    Same here, but if you apply for a “fire permit” the authorities will laugh at you!
  13. Thall303

    UFO's... What do you think?

    Tin foil is still your best defense against UFOs 🛸
  14. Thall303


    LOL Roy......but that would only happen on the Good Morning thread!
  15. Thall303

    Whole house generator

    I have had the same Kohler unit for 2 years and it has about 80 hours run time and has been flawless. Natural gas, not propane. Unfortunately I paid more .
  16. Thall303

    Ford Production

    Well said!
  17. Thall303

    Remote control Bobcat Video (short)

    Does the program allow for operating long distances?
  18. Thall303

    Remote control Bobcat Video (short)

    Not sure I understand the need?
  19. Thall303

    Why are people in Indianapolis going postal.

    Larger cities, for the most part run by idiots, elected by rank and file idiots.
  20. Thall303

    Walter Mondale passed away

    Well .... so much for the Mondale legacy!
  21. Thall303

    Big Barn’s Retirement Farm Shop

    Very impressive work!
  22. Thall303

    Remembering the USS Johnston, Lost at Leyte Gulf in Oct. '44, ID'd last week

    That is an excellent book which chronicles the heroism of the sailors involved!
  23. Thall303

    Good movies,,, well there are a few.......

    As a lifelong Texian, you are correct
  24. Thall303

    We really are being spied on!!!

    "Masculine Replublics give way to feminine democracies and feminine democracies give way to tyranny" Aristotle @350BC And especially true all these years later
  25. Thall303

    Good morning!!!!

    Below are two photos that I thought might interest The Red Neck Geek. You would think it was brand new when up close
  26. Thall303

    Good morning!!!!

    Good Morning from Texas and thanks to a friend, enjoy the wildflowers.
  27. Thall303

    Aluminum Utility Trailers

    I am wanting a small 6X12 utility trailer to transport my Kawasaki Mule, Lawn tractor and occasional tractor implements. I like the idea of an Aluminum trailer for durability but they cost considerably more. Are they worth the extra cost and are they as sturdy as the plain metal ones? I will...
  28. Thall303

    Oil Pan Torque Requirements

    Can anyone tell me the correct torque setting for the oil pan plug and washer for a John Deere 5045D?