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  1. crazyal

    Tractor Shortages

    In 2008 lots of companies got caught with way too much inventory ($$$$$) sitting on a shelf or lot unsold in a recession just at a time when they needed the money. So they all followed Toyota's lean manufacturing or "just in time" manufacturing. The concept is you only have enough inventory to...
  2. crazyal

    Sticker shock

    Anything coming in a container from overseas is going to get extremely expensive. Someone is going to pay for all those ships sitting waiting to be unloaded, all the fines for containers sitting on the dock waiting to be transported, and for storage at the next place they get stored. Everybody...
  3. crazyal

    Front Tire Popped Off Bead

    Had it happen as well, the front right tire. It was winter and too cold to mess with so the local tire guy did it. He told me to put a tube in it (but didn't have one in stock). Well I should have because that tire always seemed to leak just a little bit of air and a few years later off it...
  4. crazyal

    Buying Advice Is it possible to go too big?

    Sounds like you have an idea. Me, personally, I would never buy small with the idea of getting use to a tractor. Within 10 hours you are going to feel comfortable on it and within 50 it'll feel like you've owned it for a very long time. I do most of what you are planning on doing with...
  5. crazyal

    Engine seized???

    Another thing you could do is loosen the belts. I've seen alternators that have rusted and will not allow the engine to turn over. If it was sitting for a short period it's not too likely but you never know. You could also remove the hydraulic pump from the front of the engine. They are...
  6. crazyal

    Harbor Freight Tools that don't suck

    Buying any HF tool to use on a daily basis is always a risk.
  7. crazyal

    Dump trailer direct wire?

    I would think you would want a really good connector, one that wouldn't corrode as well as a very good ground on both the vehicle and trailer. Since 12v winches use the same kind of power I see no reason not to. The only risk would be the fuse. If the wire got damaged and partially shorted...
  8. crazyal

    Truck bed extender legality

    I think it's a common sense thing with some people. Other times it's a "I must reply" problem. Then there's the "I didn't read what the OP posted enough to understand it" to provide an accurate answer. It seemed pretty straight forward to me. The question was "So is there a law or something...
  9. crazyal

    Keep ripping tubes

    I had to replace the tube in one of the front wheels on my backhoe and being in a hurry I bought one from Tractor supply. While trying to stretch it over the rim of the wheel it ripped. My first thought was I must have missed a sharp edge on the rim so I bought the other one they had at the...
  10. crazyal

    Filter C&P (cut & post) | phone users - picture heavy

    I test my own (when I'm not too lazy). I friend I worked for previously has his own lab. He was taught while in the air force and when he got out was doing it as an addition to his non destructive testing business. I'm not sure if he still does it commercially though.
  11. crazyal

    Fram tractor hydraulic fluid?

    Like everything, stuff is built to a budget. Also a lot of stuff is built by someone else who will put what ever name you want on it. Fram realized that more people care about the price than how well the filter was made so they came up with the cheapest way to make a filter for them. I'm sure...
  12. crazyal

    Is there any size of tractor that is too big to add a backhoe on it?

    it sounds like the OP is looking for a larger tractor, not a larger backhoe. If so then I would suggest sitting on one at the dealer and see if it'll still do what you want. I bought my 580k because I needed to pull a lot of stumps, move large rocks, and dig a foundation for a house. My plan...
  13. crazyal

    Towing capacity

    I love these kinds of posts. You always get the guy who says "go big or go home". Sorry but you can buy too big of a trailer. I have two I borrow. One is a 20' 10k and the other is a 24' 12k. Huge difference between the two. My truck is rated for 10k so I would never buy a 12k trailer to...
  14. crazyal

    pickup truck size

    A real truck has 44" tires.
  15. crazyal

    What works against rodents

    If you use a snap style trap set it and then test it with something like a pen. You'll be surprised just how much force it takes to set it off. Use a set of pliers to make it as sensitive as you can (think like a hair trigger on a gun). Otherwise you'll be lucky to kill 1 in 10. For me I...
  16. crazyal

    Corner clamps

    I find the corner clamps with just one screw too much trouble and haven't used the ones I have in decades. Trying to get both pieces of steel the right depth and level so you can tighten up the one screw can be frustrating. I have a couple of the Shop Fox corner clamps that are machined cast...
  17. crazyal

    Drill Bit Sets

    We use Irwin Cobalt bits at work for drilling stainless and harden steel. I was impressed enough so I bought a set of them for my shop. I don't know how good the "Harbor Freight" Chineseum cobalt drill bits are but I think any name brand ones are worth the investment.
  18. crazyal

    Beware of the shop-vac trick when changing hydraulic filters...

    Actually they don't go kaboom. Usually they don't even catch fire (without help). Back in the younger days we would have parties (with beer) where we would connect them up to a portable generator. Often we would have to put a flame near the blow side to ignite the gas. From there it's like a...
  19. crazyal

    converting 3pt splitter to pull behind

    I would price it out first and then price a similar splitter new. You may find that just selling what you have and getting a new one isn't going to cost you much more.
  20. crazyal

    DK5310se HST Won't Start **Emergency**

    What is sounds like is Kioti requires the brake pedal to be pressed for the starter to work. The people who designed it used the power going to the lights to also tell the computer that the operator's foot was on the brake pedal. A better way of doing it would have been to use a double pole...
  21. crazyal

    Upgrade trailer axle possible?

    Everyone is going to give you the standard "no" answer. Would I do it, probably not. Do I think the rest of the trailer could handle it, most likely. I've seen lots of homemade trailers and trailers made from mobile home frame/ axles that carry far more than I would put on them. The 3 biggest...
  22. crazyal

    Super Duty Lead Times

    I can't see dealers being thrilled about this. Too many people just want to buy on the spot. It's why EVs are struggling (people want to fill up a tank in 3 minutes). Sure some people custom order but of all the people I know only one once custom ordered. I know I have, as well as others...
  23. crazyal

    Public Service announcement... of a sort

    I've used real 3M brand ones and had good luck. It seems like there's a lot of cheap Chinese versions out there. I wouldn't count on butt splices being the solution. Like ljjhouser said, if it's not water proof or a soldered joint the copper is going to be attacked by the elements. If I use...
  24. crazyal

    Right to repair - we WIN!!

    Yet what happens now with cars is something like this. A code saying an O2 sensor is reading out of range and the backyard mechanic buys a new O2 sensor where as a pro looks at the data to see what's going on. Unless you know what the data is telling you people are just going to shotgun parts...
  25. crazyal

    Right to repair - we WIN!!

    As Ruff says it's not that simple. Plus when it comes to cars there's a lot of them out there. That means a massive market. Not the case with tractors so don't expect companies to line up with cheap versions of what the mfg sells. Even with cars there's generic codes that all use then their...
  26. crazyal

    Ramp Door capacity

    Back when I was racing I had a 26' enclosed Haulmark trailer. You could tell the door was heavy by how much tension was on the cables going to the springs. Well I bent it loading a 3000# car. So I rebuilt it. It's actually very easy to do. The rectangle tubing was very thin wall (I think it...
  27. crazyal

    Right to repair - we WIN!!

    What's going to happen is these companies will make more money. Instead of withholding the software needed to troubleshoot your equipment they are going to sell you access to an on-line version of the software for a limited amount of time. You'll plug your computer in and it'll spit out an...
  28. crazyal

    crazy steel prices - should I import from China?

    Around here you would have to go to a place like fastenall to get any brand other than National Hardware. I don't know who makes the bolt Tractor Supply sells but they can be had as well. Otherwise you are going to a hardware store and buying what they have or ordering on-line. Even ordering...
  29. crazyal

    Harbor Freight Tools that DO SUCK II

    The tube in the front tire on my backhoe needed replacing so I bought one of TS Travelers brand tubes. Since it had been decades since the tire was removed lots of rust formed inside the wheel and the rim had some damage. I spend an hour or so removing the rust and dents and then grinding...
  30. crazyal

    Tire won’t take air.

    A trick (very similar to the ratchet strap) is to use a rope. Make a loop around the tire and put a pipe between the tire and rope. Just make sure the loop is larger than the diameter of the tire when blown up. Twist the pipe so the rope tightens around the tire. Unlike a ratchet strap once...
  31. crazyal

    Generac engines on lawn mower

    Seems like a lot of these engines produced today are just Honda clones. I wonder if the Generac engines are just assembled in Wisconsin with parts from China. I was disappointed to find out that Briggs small engines are just Chinese throw away engines. If you want to know how good they are...
  32. crazyal

    Hit rock and bent mower deck

    I actually imbedded the blade into the top of the deck on a cheap MTD mower after hitting a rock. It cut about a 2" slot into the deck and the blade looked more like a banana than a blade. Of course the sheet metal on that deck isn't anywhere near as thick as a Kubota deck. A new set of...
  33. crazyal


    Getting back on topic, sort of. If you bring a tractor to the dealership to get work done they will most likely enter the VIN number into the computer. Depending on the dealership this could end up in a national database. If so and there's still a lien on it you may not get your tractor back...
  34. crazyal

    Should I cab or not. Getting ready to buy

    My backhoe has a cab, was never a big fan of cabs. Then mice decided the overhead duct work was a great place to build a nest. What a mess. Are they the only creatures who will sleep in their own p? Nothing like the smell of mouse backed in a cab in hot summer weather.
  35. crazyal

    Stop bolt won't go back in!

    I think you're looking for an easy answer to a hard problem. I don't know your skill level but at some point I think you are going to have to face the fact that the easy solution just doesn't exist. The good news is that there's plenty of parts tractors around so finding a used one is a...
  36. crazyal

    I give Up looking for a trailer.

    I read that China is trying to ramp up production post COVID and buying all sorts of stuff. They are causing price spikes. It's why natural gas has gone up. I think they know that if they can drive up prices then they can drive some of the competition out of business.
  37. crazyal

    Trying to remove 50 inch oak tree stump with Bobcat backhoe. Struggling

    The best way I've found to deal with large stumps is to try and get a tooth in a place that can act like a wedge to spit it. If it's in the ground I'll use a root coming off the side. On really large ones I've even used the chainsaw to make a slot to get a tooth into. Once you wedge a tooth...
  38. crazyal

    Which o ring material is best for hydraulics?

    If you think Viton is expensive price out a compound like Kalrez. I would go Viton over rubber everytime when dealing with hydraulics. Rubber breaks down much quicker.
  39. crazyal

    Please tell me this isn't what I think it is

    Those marks on the wheels with the tapered side of the nut facing in are more likely from the socket used to tighten them than washers that were used then removed. My guess is that the wheels don't come shipped with the tractor (since there's the option between turf, construction, and ag) so to...
  40. crazyal

    Bigger HST machines.

    The fact is that gear tractors are going away. Maybe not soon but they are going to fade away just like manual transmissions in vehicles. first it was cars and pickups. Now getting a stick in a semi is getting harder. The old farmers are dying off and the younger ones taking over are more...
  41. crazyal

    Battery disconnect switch

    I have a couple on stuff that I don't use very often. But they are a screw type that mounts directly to the battery terminal. You can get them cheap off of ebay. I found that they come in two styles, cheap Chinese and US made. Get the US made ones.
  42. crazyal

    How long before Compact Diesels are obsolete?

    Preorders are one thing. Once it's on the dealers lot and ready for anyone to walk in and buy that's when you'll find out how well it's selling. I know Ford is saying that the MachE is selling great but a local dealer has had 5 sitting on his lot for over a month now (probably longer). I have...
  43. crazyal

    Desperately need to fix driveway

    I think the OP needs to identify what's happening before trying to fix the problem. Is the gravel moving to the sides which is creating ruts? If so round rocks are like marbles. They roll and move and without something to hold them in place, often called fines, like small pieces of broken...
  44. crazyal

    Electrical / romex mess

    So it sounds like the person who installed it wanted to have an outlet at the light as well as having the light on a switch inside the house. It sounds like the OP has a plan and an electrician. If so Plowhog is all set. I think I read where the breaker is an arc flash breaker, if so I...
  45. crazyal

    What's happened to Shield Arc

    A valuable source of information has been lost. Anyone who has been here for long enough knew he would always offer advice. I don't think I have ever seen him attack another poster or retaliate if attacked. This forum will miss him. To those who personally knew him, his family, and friends I...
  46. crazyal

    Craftsman Tire Won't Stay On

    That bent bar isn't your problem. That would just impact the position of the steering wheel when going straight. I deal with toe out you need to adjust the rod between the wheels. If you can remove that rod then maybe you could add a way to make it adjustable. Chances are the bracket that...
  47. crazyal

    Kubota L3940 All the Sudden Won't Move and Hydraulics Won't Work

    Get it up to level ground and get yourself at least 10 gallons of hydro oil. Follow the directions in the manual to check the level and fill it. After the first gallon stop and look for any leaks. If none are seen add a few more gallons and look again. Also start checking the level with the...
  48. crazyal

    Sick of cheap box store riding mowers. 1500-3k budget used zero turns?

    I use to feel the same way. I had a flat small lawn and one of those $1000 MTD specials (Wheel Horse). When I moved and tried mowing a larger lawn with hills I found out why they called it a "Super Bronco". When the cra**y brakes don't work because grease leaks out of the gear box, Yee Haw...
  49. crazyal

    Buying Advice A tractor for 35 wooded acres

    Nice looking tractor, I'm sure it'll give you years of service and smiles. To those who break out the spreadsheet to try to find the right tractor I always say "go sit on the seat". If it feels right then the only question is if it'll have the HP needed to do what you want. Can't sit on a...
  50. crazyal

    M59 - Homestead builder?

    Here's my story, maybe it'll help you in your decision. I bought a large chunk of land on a hill with rocky soil. My plan was to buy something around the size of the M59 to dig holes and trenches for building a house. After a winter of thinking about it I ended up getting a used Case 580K...