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  1. ljjhouser

    Best way to remove all methanol from tires.

    I have methanol in my rear tires. I would like to remove it and use Rimguard instead. I know some are going to ask Why? I don't have enough ballast and it has become a problem. I work on my road hauling rock with the FEL. Then I spread it with the Box Blade, which weighs only 400 pounds. (too...
  2. ljjhouser

    How do you keep the trailer backup battery charged. (or do you)

    Like most people here, over the years, I have had several trailers. Some have proven to be good and some have not. But every trailer that has had a backup brake battery has been a problem. Every battery has gone bad. Every year. So before long, I quit checking it. I live in Missouri which...
  3. ljjhouser

    New TBN member from the Midwest.

    Hello, My name is Larry and I am new to TBN. I have a Kubota 4701 tractor and live in the midwest. (Missouri). I mainly use my tractor in southern Missouri in the Ozarks. We have a place that is very rocky and hilly near the lake. I have enjoyed reading all the ideas and information...