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  1. xyz123

    gutter attachment on leaf blower

    Any of you guys used the gutter attachment for the 125 leaf blower? Reaches up 12' when held 2' off ground. Experiences good or bad, besides getting soaked. :laughing: Does it work good?
  2. xyz123

    Ohio Chainsaw GTG June 2nd

    Oops I forgot to give this site a heads up on the Ohio Chainsaw GTG just south of Columbus Ohio June 2nd. If you need more info PM. Will be the usual classes of chainsaw racing hotstart over wood in clean square cants, 10x10 8x8 etc. All the food you can eat provided for $7 a person...
  3. xyz123

    My two Echo's

    Just because they have been around for years and not 2 :o plastic saws :o 71cc 80cc
  4. xyz123

    My two Husqvarna's

    Why stop now lets see those other saws too. :laughing:
  5. xyz123

    My two Poulan's

    Nothing like real magnesium crankcased saws :D. Just say NO to plastic saws :laughing: Poulan 325 53cc Poulan 3450 54cc
  6. xyz123

    Husqvarna 350BT backpack blower

    Any of you have any time on the newer 350BT or even the older 150? Good bad etc? The 350 has the rotary valve carb which is scaring me a little.
  7. xyz123

    stihl recall 391

    Just to get the info out to the masses. If you got a 391 check out your serial numbers. STIHL MS 391 Chain Saw Powerheads Recall Notice | STIHL USA
  8. xyz123

    Kawasaki Blowers and 2 stroke engines

    Anyone have any experience with the Kaw 2 stroke engines or have any time on their blowers? Kawasaki TK65 Kawasaki Engines and Power Products - KRB750B Displacement 4.0 cu. in. (64.7cc) Fuel Tank 67.6 oz. (2.0 Liter) Max Air Volume (with pipe) 720 cfm Max Air Volume 800 cfm Max Air...
  9. xyz123

    Just another junk chainsaw

    I love that nobody knows about certain good saws out there. :laughing: Had to put in another piston today after a tear down to see what was up with the stuck ring. These saws were way ahead of their time IMO. 1984 Partner 5000 plus and I had a 1979 5000 open port that was strong or stronger...
  10. xyz123

    Stihl 084 122cc 21" ES 404 bar and new chain

    Buy yourself the longest bar you need and go cut or mill. Stihl 084 stock with 21" ES 404 and new chain I am selling one of my Stihl 084 chainsaws. This one is stock and has been gone completely through and checked over the last couple of years. I have rebuilt and replaced with new oem parts...
  11. xyz123

    MF 235 power steering leak

    My dad has a like new 235 he has been using for years now. The problem that has come up this year is the power steering fluid on the shaft side that is built on is leaking aka pouring fluid out of the seal in that area. Fill fluid up before work and will be empty when work is done. Question is...