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  1. caver

    Concrete fake log siding

    I saw an FAQ that said $140-$160 per square foot of floor space. I have to agree Yikes on the price.
  2. caver

    Concrete fake log siding

    Any pros and cons?
  3. caver

    Concrete fake log siding

    I didn't know something like this existed --->shown in the video link. Anyone on here ever used it or know of someone who has used it? This is a young couple doing the YT thing building their own home in Idaho. Link should start where they are attaching the first run. They also covered it in...
  4. caver

    Andrew Camarata

    Watch the last two minutes of his latest. I was laughing.
  5. caver

    Rail roads and their tracks.

    measuring on satellite view it's 4-500ft.
  6. caver

    Rail roads and their tracks.

    I saw some guys video on this tunnel so I made a waypoint. I visited this back in October while camping in the area. This is maybe 10 miles west of Williams AZ. Lat 35.24684 Lon 112.33375
  7. caver

    Andrew Camarata

    That camper episode...I kept waiting for the bumper to rip off and the truck/camper jackknifing going backwards. He thinks the stabilizer jacks are actually jacks :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: The whole frame brace deal was most likely why that one slide wouldn't go out. I think he tweaked the frame...
  8. caver

    Shipping container for tractor storage

    A much delayed response but i remember to take a picture of my ventilation system on my shipping container I put on earlier this summer. Small fans and some surplus 6volt?? solar panels I had lying around.
  9. caver

    Craig's List

    I recently sold an older Samsung phone at a fraction of what it was new. I had at least two potential buyers want ME to do the research on whether it would work on their phone plan. I cleary stated I used it on Cricket and would likely work on ATT since it was an ATT "branded" phone. One lady i...
  10. caver

    A kid gets terminated at work...

    I was glad I learned that lesson early in life. Not everyone is your friend.
  11. caver

    Hydraulic hose quality

    First hose that busted on me after buying my Case backhoe was made by a local shop and they used Gates hose which I thought good brand huh? It lasted maybe two year in the sunlight.
  12. caver

    A kid gets terminated at work...

    One old timer I worked with in the 90's had all these old country sayings. One was "don't take everybody to be your friend." Rewind to maybe '79 and working as a pizza delivery while in HS. When slow I would help in the kitchen. I hadn't learned that not everyone is your friend. Boss lady comes...
  13. caver

    Security Cameras

    I've recently been using a browser add on called Fakespot that helps spot fake reviews.
  14. caver

    Electrical/Battery issue

    I had a weird problem and just swapped the battery with a spare I had. Maybe swap it with your daily driver if the battery fits.
  15. caver

    Rail roads and their tracks.

    Caught it this morning. I was surprised at the number of chasers and scrapped plans to leapfrog up to Scott City.
  16. caver

    Rail roads and their tracks.

    Big Boy arrives in Poplar Bluff tomorrow afternoon.
  17. caver

    Retirement Planning - Lessons Learned

    read up on J.R. Simplot. there was a rags to riches story. I was on a commercial rafting trip down the Middle Fork of the Salmon and one of the guides pointed out land his family still owned. the only way in is river, horseback or plane since it's surrounded by a wilderness area. Scroll down a...
  18. caver

    Earth's Hottest Month

    That's the real problem but also a very taboo subject. Bill Burr has a comedy bit about this. A few years later though... he had two kids. :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
  19. caver

    Educate me a bit on torches

    The Brits are thinking you are asking about flashlights...😜
  20. caver

    People name their boats. Why not name your tractor?

    I call my backhoe Jasmine. It sounded like a good name for a hoe. 😀
  21. caver

    F150 on Moab Jeep trails?

    A friend did the White Rim trail a few years ago in his Ford Ranger which is mostly stock. it's an overnight camping trip as it's slow going. I did it many years ago on a Suzuki DR650 in one day. worst part I remember is near Murphy Hogback. There was a short spot that had talc dust 8'-12". If...
  22. caver

    Replacing the generator - suggestions?

    I know Long Long Honeymoon (YT RV'ers) have reviewed a Champion Dual fuel. I have roughly the same unit but gasoline only. Limiting factors for you will be needing propane and 240V. I also notice many vendors are back-ordered on units.
  23. caver

    Rail roads and their tracks.

  24. caver

    Rail roads and their tracks.

    The steam train arrives in Poplar Bluff next Friday and then heads out on Saturday. I hope to catch it at Dexter or up near Scott City
  25. caver

    Terrified of tipping - how about an inclinometer?

    I use the R&B MFG. Inc | Slope meter | Manual Inclinometer For Sale 25C model I believe. My place mostly hills. I find it comes in handy. I have often gotten get off kilter but felt ok then I look at the gauge and your in the yellow. That was before smart phones. Now i would get a holder with a...
  26. caver

    Mixing tans/hydraulic fluids ?

    Usually in his oil tests he sends new samples out to a lab.
  27. caver

    Mixing tans/hydraulic fluids ?

    Maybe a year or so ago I commented to Project Farm that a good review would be various tractor fluids such as Travellers Premium, Hy-Gard, HyTran etc. he thanked me for the suggestion but no such video as of now.
  28. caver

    Time for a new portable generator

    The guy I bought my property from has a small engine business and he said the same thing about Hondas.
  29. caver

    Time for a new portable generator

    I've had more stagnate fuel problems with the Hondas I own than any other engine.
  30. caver

    Post was banned from Face Book

    People don't like change. I always suggest MeWe or pick a site that works for you. If they come over they don't stay long. They get the most attention on FB. At least people are slowly going to alternate video platforms.
  31. caver

    Time for a new portable generator

    I had a Honda EU2000i mainly for camping and to have a little power during outages. I often boondock camp and sometimes I need to run the A/C for a short period to cool the camper off. The Honda wouldn't do it. I almost bought a used Yamaha 3000 off Marketplace but someone beat me to it. So I...
  32. caver

    Rail roads and their tracks.

    I did that back in the late 90's?? Nice to sit back and just enjoy the trip.
  33. caver

    Rail roads and their tracks.

    The scene from Thelma and Louis where they drive off the cliff was filmed just a few miles from those potash ponds.
  34. caver

    Anything better than wire nuts?

    I grabbed two different designs out of my stash that I liked in my working days and both under the magnifying glass said 3M. I bought some crimp connectors off bezos junk store and they were garbage.
  35. caver

    Rail roads and their tracks.

    Do the cog railway. I think it just reopened this year after several years of being shut down. I've rafted the Royal Gorge and the part of the deep gorge is relatively short.
  36. caver

    Parallel connecting Generators?

    My old plant motored a 600MW generator for many minutes. :oops:
  37. caver

    The day the music died.

    Jeff LaBar, guitarist of Cinderella passed away the other day. In my old band we used to play a couple tunes off that first album in our set.
  38. caver

    Torque Multiplier

    I have the Neiko larger unit listed in the first link. It's not rated for impact use and the ratio on it is slightly off per one of the reviews and they are correct. I've used a few times to torque/break loose rod caps in cylinder rebuilds on my backhoe.
  39. caver

    Rail roads and their tracks.

    There was an illegal scrapping operation that happened out in Utah near Elberta. I think it is/was the Tintic RR. It was 14 miles of UP track. Also a bunch of containers burglarized in this video of a passing train.
  40. caver

    Question about a thing in Wyoming.

    It's on WY state land. Just south of it maybe 1/10 mile is BLM land. I think it's a See Rock City billboard...;);)
  41. caver

    Going rate for dozer and operator?

    I recall a fella in south central MO advertising on FB Marketplace for maybe $85 an hour. I think he had a minimum of say 4 hours. Some go that route instead of having an extra transport fee. I can rent a JD650 that's about 75 miles away for $515 a day plus whatever it costs to transport it. Or...
  42. caver

    What's your favorite degreaser?

    Safety Kleen, works pretty good when fresh but it has a stench to it also.
  43. caver

    ID this thing

    A dingaflodger? :LOL:
  44. caver

    What's your favorite degreaser?

    I once had to replace leading edge protective foil strips on a composite ultralight prop. The manufacturer (IVO Prop) said use MEK to remove the old adhesive residue. That's some stout stuff but worked really well. Speaking of Ivo he has an interesting story. ABOUT – Ivoprop Corp.
  45. caver

    What's your favorite degreaser?

    Not the stuff I use.
  46. caver

    What's your favorite degreaser?

    Not the stuff I buy called Brakleen in the red can. It's mostly tetrachloroethylene. I hope I got the name correct. It's non flammable.
  47. caver

    What's your favorite degreaser?

    CRC Brakleen in aerosol cans. Often local Dollar generals have it at a reasonable price. Back when I was working we used CRC Electraclean. Then they would only get the newer version which everyone hated. it left and oily film and didn't work very well.