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  1. Egon

    Farming today

    . My very little knowledge of farming just took a hit.
  2. Egon

    Pleasant surprise!

    My 4300 watt generator with a 7.5 hp Robin Engine has been sitting in the shed with full gas tank since Hurricane Juan. Pulled it out and on the second pull it started. Surprised me and made me happy!
  3. Egon

    Heavy duty Ploughing with old Tractors

    An interesting video of old tractors and deep ploughing.
  4. Egon

    Concrete deck

    Concrete trucks may be at a disadvantage here!
  5. Egon

    The Good Old Times (knowledge)

    Utilities Knew About Climate Change Back In 1968 And Still Battled The Science Came across this article today.
  6. Egon

    Land plane, box blade or rear blade road maintenance.

    Some new gear on the market. :thumbsup: Makes me feel obsolete and will make me obsolete In a few more years!:confused::rolleyes: The controls are starting to look like a video game controller.:eek: Note the scarification, rolling mixing material and lay down followed by compaction?
  7. Egon

    Will this be tomorrow's transportation?

    Will the transporting industry be converted? The technology seems to look Good.:)
  8. Egon

    Tractor Pulls

    A few Tractor Pulls.
  9. Egon

    Baa. -- Humbug or ???

    Pro's and cons:
  10. Egon

    Solar & Wind progress Interesting article on renewable throughout the world.
  11. Egon

    How would you have removed this tree

    As stated; who wants to try this. Attachment not proper.
  12. Egon

    Warming Predictions

    Discusion of CO2 and it's effect on warming!:D
  13. Egon

    Alberta Solar

    Information on a newly built community near Calgary Alberta that utilizes community solar heating.
  14. Egon

    Ice - snow solutions

    A different approach to traction. Another way. c=W52sw2IgMTilRM%3A Or is this a lost invention revived...
  15. Egon

    Side hill Haying

    Collection of videos that I'll add to later. u
  16. Egon

    Side hill Haying

    Collection of videos that I'll add to later.
  17. Egon

    West Coast Logging History

    Shows a little history of West Coast Logging. Lots pictures and video of the old equipment when it was working. You will notice as the equipment becomes newer and larger the tree diameter keeps getting smaller. Aside from one very short segment the video was very interesting to me.
  18. Egon

    Using aluminum on vehicles

    quite a discussion in another thread on the use of Al in vehicles. This video shows a modern car constructed from aluminum and ash wood plus leather for the seats. Some may find it interesting?
  19. Egon

    Why the rust free Ford was dropped ? An article on Henry Fords Hemp car. The body panels all contained hemp fibre as well as other fibres. It seemed to work well but was dropped. Today the aluminum P/U body is introduced when other solutions were available at a much...
  20. Egon

    Split Hydraulic Line

    Just recently a curl function half inch hard line on the JD4200 420 loader split. All due to operator incompetence, tiredness or just plain lack of proper attention. Without curl the tractor was backed out of the woods and onto the trailer. Had to use the hoe boom to lift and pull the tractor...
  21. Egon

    What is it?

    The wife found this item out at the lake lot. I'm pretty sure I know what it was used for. What do you think?
  22. Egon

    Fuelling up in other places

    Cooking in another part of the world.
  23. Egon

    Going To The Sun Road

    Most of us have put away The Snow Gear for another year. :thumbsup: Some fellows are just getting geared up to clear their road!:D
  24. Egon

    The Control Station

    How many of you fellows would like to spend 12 or so hours a day Sitting and standing on these tractors on a blustery cold day come planting time?
  25. Egon

    It's Haying Time

    Some of the equipment the older fellows may be familiar with.:thumbsup::thumbsup:
  26. Egon


    Shale Gas- Hydraulic Fracturing - YouTube A video on Hydro Carbon well drilling and fracing. Some may be interested. Note:the video shows one method of drilling and setting pipe. There are many different variations and also completions. I am impartial on the effects positive/negative on...
  27. Egon

    Moving the Cattle A picture of cattle moving day Down Under.:)
  28. Egon

    The Fridge Move

    Dangerous fridge stopped by Richmond RCMP - British Columbia - CBC News Interesting picture on How To Move a Fridge.:D
  29. Egon

    Hot Trucks There are some forest fires at Slave Lake Alberta. About 40% of the town got burned out.:(
  30. Egon

    The Earthworm Tractor Company

    Just wondering if any of you folks recall The Earthworm Tractor Company and one of their salesmen by the name of Botts?:D YouTube - Earthworm Tractors
  31. Egon

    Some of the nicest Farmland

    61-year-old man drowns in Manitoba flood waters Some of the nicest farmland going but lately it seems every spring it floods.:(
  32. Egon


    Has anyone updated information on Thomas?:D
  33. Egon

    Airbus 380 incident

    Some information on the recent Qantas Airbus 380 engine failure. Some may be interested.:)
  34. Egon

    Stuck in the Mud

    View Photos | Flaman Great Saskatchewan Stuck in the Muck Photo Contest Pictures of farm machinery stuck in thew mud. Hope some of you will enjoy them!:D
  35. Egon

    The Trench

    CBC News - Ottawa - Ottawa worker rescued from collapsed trench An article with picture of trench collapse. Can't seem to see any shoring other than that place by Rescue Personnel and even that is kinda shy.:(
  36. Egon


    Qantas A380 superjumbo full of holes | Herald Sun Some interesting news about the Qantas engine incident. Quite a bit more serious than original portrayed.
  37. Egon


    Has anyone heard from her lately???:)
  38. Egon

    Farming Video A short video of an older Farmer!:thumbsup::thumbsup:
  39. Egon


    At long last; a very good use for Zucchini!:thumbsup::thumbsup:
  40. Egon

    Combine Trap News article on an older gentleman that fell and got trapped in his combine for almost a full day.
  41. Egon


    The Coyotes of Cape Breton strike again.:( Fortunetly unsucsesfully.:D CBC News - Nova Scotia - Coyote attacks girl in N.S. national park
  42. Egon

    Baler Accident

    CBC News - Manitoba - Man killed in farm machinery Farm machinery can be dangerous. When a boy one of our neighbours had an arm severed in a baler incident.:(
  43. Egon

    Controlling Weeds

    North Dakota golf course uses goats to rid 16th hole of noxious weeds Another method of keeping the Links in proper condition!:thumbsup:
  44. Egon

    People who keep vehicles for over 200K miles

    Die-hard drivers: 200,000 miles and up - Dodge Ram: 1 million miles (10) - Some vehicles that the owners have driven up to 1Million miles. Thought some might be interested.:D
  45. Egon

    Used tractor Source

    Big US Market for Used European Tractors. | North America > United States from I found this information interesting.:)
  46. Egon

    Working the Hillside

    Some may enjoy watching this video on equipment working rather steep terrain.:D YouTube - Menzi Muck A91 sideways on a hillside working in a vineyard
  47. Egon

    So you think you had snow!

    A picture of vehicle and men in snow.:D
  48. Egon

    Coyotes in trouble

    CBC News - Saskatchewan - Coyote bounty kills hit 18,000 in Sask. Just came across this news item.:D
  49. Egon

    Building roads

    Time on my hands so did some Google searches on building roads. And, of...
  50. Egon

    Attack of The Coyote

    CBC News - New Brunswick - Coyote attacks N.B. woman We have had another Coyote attack in the Maritines.:(