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  1. japody

    1974 Ford 4000 Diesel

    I've got the 4000 you describe. It's a workhorse. The loader, with the dump cylinder on the right side, is a 727 model. Though slow, I have not found anything it can't lift. I too have to use a squirt of starting fluid when it's cold. Just make sure you have a strong battery. Given the way...
  2. japody

    Ubifi Rural Internet

    Any updates on when or if Ubifi will improve. I can't find any news or get a response from them. My service still sucks and I can't find any alternatives that service my location.
  3. japody

    Allow hunting. . . very inclined to say no.

    My FIL allowed anybody and everybody to hunt on his property. The farm was noted for being an excellent place to hunt for large bucks. He got very ill and none of his good hunting buddies offered any help during his illness. The last straw was when one of these buddies knocked on the door one...
  4. japody

    Best City Names

    Onancock VA
  5. japody

    Songs you don’t play at a funeral

    Stayin Alive by the BeeGees
  6. japody

    My Industrial Cabin Build

    You should have claimed a tax exemption as this is being used around the vineyard. You can also claim it as a Section 179 deduction on your taxes.
  7. japody

    Anyone else have an unusually large number of hummingbirds this year?

    Haven't seen any in a week. Still have feeders out for any stragglers.
  8. japody

    Hello from Franklin county Va

    Welcome neighbor.
  9. japody

    New member from southern Virginia

    Welcome neighbor!
  10. japody

    Y'all Been Checkin' Lumber Prices?

    Just scored 4 2x6, 16 ft. and 1 2x4 16 ft. long that a builder said I could have. He used them for forms so they have a little concrete on them. The 2x6's are $30.82 a piece at Home Depot.
  11. japody

    Anyone else have an unusually large number of hummingbirds this year?

    Still only have a few. Highly unusual.
  12. japody

    Anyone else have an unusually large number of hummingbirds this year?

    We've had only a few hummers this year. We usually have 20 -30 by this time. Wonder why?
  13. japody

    Y'all Been Checkin' Lumber Prices?

  14. japody

    My Industrial Cabin Build

    My wife is always adding items to the list of things to do. The list is a mile long. I actually was able to cross one off yesterday. I couldn't believe it.
  15. japody

    Temperature gauge

    The temperature gauge on my NH TN65 goes to full tilt with 1 -2 minutes of a cold start. There are no signs of overheating from the radiator. I'm thinking a faulty sending unit. Any thoughts?
  16. japody

    It's official, homes are like ammo

    In response to your question about the percentage of income, the 2 numbers are 28 and 36. They usually allow up to 28% of your monthly gross income for your PITI (principle, interest, taxes and insurance). They allow up to 36% of your monthly gross income for our PITI plus any long term debts...
  17. japody

    Clearing some land. PT lurking with grapple to stoke the FIRE

    You know that you can't burn until after 4 pm in VA? That's in effect until the end of April. I've got several large piles and I'm waiting for the ban to end before burning them
  18. japody

    Ford 4000 FORD CODES and SERIAL NUMBERS PRODUCTION CODES, SERIAL & MODEL NUMBERS THE IMPORTANT NUMBERS FORD TRACTORS ('65 TO '75) MODEL NUMBERINGModel ID Previous.................Newer '65 to 3-'68...........4-'68 to 1975...
  19. japody

    Rant on shipping

    Rural carriers that provide their own vehicles must use a vehicle that is safe to use and able to handle the volume adequately. Other than that they can use a "rode hard 1990's Buick".
  20. japody

    Rant on shipping

    It's all in their respective contracts. City carriers have uniform allowances and are required to wear them. Rural carriers do not have allowances so no uniforms.
  21. japody

    Rant on shipping

    The administration of employees that are disabled is governed by the OWCP (Office of Workmens Compensation Programs). When an employee claims a work related disability, OWCP either accepts or denies the claim. How is that FAT in the USPS?
  22. japody

    Rant on shipping

    It is not a USPS defined benefit pension system. It is a pension plan defined by the OMB (Office of Management and Budget) that applies to all federal employees. Prior to 1984, it was the CSRS (Civil Service Retirement System). Afterwards, it is the FERS (Federal Employee Retirement System)...
  23. japody

    Rant on shipping

    You say there is more fat to cut. Can you be more specific and what facts are you basing that on?
  24. japody

    Beavers !!!!!!!!

    I thought I got rid of them year before last. Lo and behold, they were back last week. As East30 stated above, they do quite a bit of damage. I make a little break in the dam and wait for them to come investigate. A .243 with scope works well.
  25. japody

    Y'all Been Checkin' Lumber Prices?

  26. japody

    Chain sharpening

    They are very simple to use, almost intuitive. Works great, fast and simple.
  27. japody

    Can Am Outlander 450

    Here she is...
  28. japody

    Pole Chainsaws

    I have an Echo pole saw. I use the same method you describe. I just make an undercut and them rest the saw on top of the limb. The weight of the running saw on the limb is sufficient to complete the cut and I don't have to hold the saw up.
  29. japody

    Excellent crop of tires this year...

    We're trying to keep it a secret.;)
  30. japody

    Excellent crop of tires this year...

    Some of their relatives must have lived here. We had a similar issue here. The people that lived here would go to the county dumpsters and bring back all the junk people dumped - tires, metal, junk. We have spent countless hours trying to clean it up. Must be a Virginia "thing".
  31. japody

    Can Am Outlander 450

    Picked up the 450 today. She's red and purty. Named her Patty in honor of the date. It was dark when we got home so no pics yet.
  32. japody

    Scrapping the Chrysler Turbine Cars

    My friend's uncle had one. He gave us a ride. The turbine whine was loud and the car was fast.
  33. japody

    New baby

    All natural. We don't provide anything different than what we feed the other cattle.
  34. japody

    New baby

    Latest count: 8 Angus 2 Longhorn
  35. japody

    Can Am Outlander 450

    Walking the fence lines through the woods has started to take it's toll on this aging body. So I'm in the market for an ATV. After some research, I'm leaning towards the Can Am Outlander 450. Anyone have any experience with it? Feed back would be appreciated.
  36. japody

    New baby

    The calving season has begun.
  37. japody

    Is there such an animal?

    Looking for gloves that are waterproof, warm and will stand up to outdoor work. I've used the leather gloves from HF, mostly when handling hay, but once they get wet, the misery factor goes up. Internet searches brought up some, but the reviews were not favorable. Anyone have good experiences?
  38. japody

    Drill Bits

    I bought a set of Dewalt drill bits thinking they would work well. Boy, was I wrong. Had a hard time drilling through 2 x 4's and some even broke with little pressure. Does anyone have recommendations for a quality set that won't break the bank?
  39. japody

    TN65 Operator's manual

    Does anyone have an operator's manual for a TN65 they would be willing to share? Thanks in advance.
  40. japody

    Look at what Santa brought me today

    New Holland TN65. 1500 hours, FEL, SSA, 6 ft grapple, 6 ft bucket, hay spear, loaded tires, serviced with oil change and filters. $15,250 delivered. :dance1:
  41. japody


    I was bush hogging with the Ford 4000 this afternoon when I think the clutch tanked. I pushed in the clutch, put it in reverse, let the clutch out and her a pop. Tractor started backing up, but when I pushed the clutch in again, nothing. Tractor kept backing up so I had to cut the tractor off...
  42. japody

    Anyone watch "Yellowstone" on the Paramount network?

    It has strong language but **** it's good. Stars Kevin Costner as a ranch owner in Montana.
  43. japody

    I tought I was retired....

    I've been officially retired form my 9 to 5 job about 6 years. Moved to the farm full time. Before we retired, we used to come down on weekends and get everything done. Now there aren't enough hours in a day. How is that possible?
  44. japody

    Drone suggestion

    I'm thinking about getting a drone. Just today, a cow had a calf and would not let me get near her. A drone with remote video would have made that easier. Anyway, anyone have ideas, recommendations, suggestions, negative feedback, etc. on drones. Looking to keep it under $500. Thanks in...
  45. japody

    Mahindra 2510

    Proof that it happened: Don't know why pics came out upside down?
  46. japody

    Mahindra 2510

    Got a friend that wants to sell his Mahindra 2510 but doesn't know what it's worth. It has a FEL, Mahindra tiller and 4 ft cutter. Only 150 hours. Any one have a ball park number?
  47. japody

    Tie rod boots

    I had a guy replace the tie rod ends on my Ford 4000. He did not put the boots on. Having him redo it is not in the cards. Is there any way to place something on to replace the boots short of taking the tie rods apart?
  48. japody

    How are you dealing with the drought?

    We have not had any appreciable rain for the last two months. Fields are brown with little grass. We usually don't start feeding hay until late November. I'm afraid we will have to start much sooner this year. How are you dealing with this?
  49. japody

    Ford 4000 engine surging

    Been doing a lot of bush hogging lately. Yesterday, as usual, I fueled her up and checked fluids before starting out. She had been running fine prior to this. After about an hour, the engine started surging. Would speed up for a few seconds, then slow back down, did this about every minute or...