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  1. TractorTYMe

    Strike at Deere plants in the US, more supply chain shortage to come
  2. TractorTYMe

    Windstom damage and the good tool of having a tractor.

    On Wednesday January 13th we got hit with 70+Mph winds, downing trees and destroying vehicles and houses on our homestead., thankfully my grapple came in on the 14th. I put 12h so far just moving logs and slash piles.
  3. TractorTYMe

    Inverted snowblower on my TYM T474

    This snowblower is a Canadian manufacture (Makes the best inverted besides Scandinavian manufacturers). The wonderful thing about them is, they are fast and effective. Posted this in the snowsection too......but not everybody goes there either.
  4. TractorTYMe

    TYM T474 oil and filter change.

    I jumped ship and made a video while I did the 1st oil change on my T474 this weekend. This engine is pretty much a straight shot and easy to service. Filter I used was aftermarket NAPA FIL1626 and Rotella T6 5w40 for winter use in Montana. Anyway, take it for what's worth. I've run into so many...
  5. TractorTYMe

    FINALLY, my Inverted snowblower arrived.

    In these Covid 19 times, I finally managed to receive my MK Martin SB68 P/T inverted snowblower. I got a hydraulic chute rotation kit, deflector will maybe come later if I see the need?
  6. TractorTYMe

    Chains on rear wheels only with inverted snowblower

    Hi! Guys, I am waiting on my MK Martin MB68 P/T inverted snowblower for next snow season, but my question is? Can I get away with chains on rear tire mostly. I take care of the ranch I live on with 6 houses on 30 acres. Mostly flat except the last part of driveway entering highway is pretty steep.
  7. TractorTYMe

    New member from Montana

    Howdy guys, My name is Ron, I'm a new tractor owner located outside Glacier Park, Montana. Just got my new TYM on July 1st.