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  1. sparc

    Generators - Backfeeding - 120V

    Been a long time but I thought I would answer the concerns above. First off it is over 10 years later and this thing is still working just fine whenever we have a power outage and I need to fire up the generator. It makes it so easy. I can't speak for how other utilities operate, but my...
  2. sparc

    X534 a.k.a Crazy Wheels and a Snowblower

    Here it is 2021 and I still have the X534 (with 284 hours) and the snow blower. My cable mod still works whenever we get snow and I get to use the snow blower which hasn't happened in a couple Winters now. I figure we are due this year.
  3. sparc

    Is bleeding necessary after replacing hose?

    I recently changed a line to the boom cylinder and afterwards the boom now sags under it's own weight. Never had a problem with this cylinder until I changed the hose. Now, even after a few hours of use it has not self-bled and returned to normal. I have down pressure and I can also raise the...
  4. sparc

    Worried about wasps and bees

    "..I remember seeing those red wasps but never got stung..." Are you referring to Red Velvet Ants? They are called ants but actually a wasp. The females are wingless and can be up to an inch long. Males have wings but no stinger. red velvet ant - Google Search I have seen them a few times...
  5. sparc

    Let your mower chill for a few before putting it away

    Heard from my BIL yesterday that he almost burnt his shed down. He had just finished mowing the lawn and went in the house to get a drink of water and take a short break before putting the mower and yard tools away. He came out to the back yard just 5 minutes later to find his mower engulfed in...
  6. sparc

    X300 / X500 bagging options

    Hey Gearz, the O-ring chain tensioners I found on Amazon I believe. They are made from ~1/4" round neoprene and about 8" in diameter. Mine came with four hooks to secure them to the chains. Some people use bungee cords to do the same thing. but these O-rings I think work better and provide a lot...
  7. sparc

    Loading a Zero Turn Mower on a trailer

    Interested in hearing opinions on loading zero turn mowers on various style trailers. Do you load forward or backward and why. How do you load with ramps and how with a tilt bed. I searched this particular forum and the whole TBN site and though I got hundreds of hits of all the threads I...
  8. sparc

    Keep mice out of equipment

    Thanks for the feedback about dogs and mothballs. didn't know that. How long do the Bounce dryer sheets work...weeks, months ? The area I need to protect is behind the instrument cluster as can be seen below. The only way back there appears to be to remove the instrument cluster which is only...
  9. sparc

    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    Slightly overloaded. I snapped this just as the light turned green. We were not moving yet.
  10. sparc

    trailering a gator 6x4

    I'll be assisting a friend with moving a JD 6x4 Gator this afternoon using my tilt bed trailer and was wondering about proper tie down points on the gator. Can anyone tell me does it have tie down points on the frame and if not then what's the best place to use. I found the manual on the JD...
  11. sparc

    I actually like my new gasoline can.

    I have a couple of the No-Spill cans and Oi like them. I bought a 5g diesel can and a 5g gas can as well as a 1 g gas can for mixed fuel for the weedeater and stick edger.
  12. sparc

    bleeding long hydraulic lines

    Thanks everyone. Wasn't sure if there was any need to worry about the air getting trapped in the cylinders or not. The fittings are (I would imagine) those that came on the plow. I'll get the numbers off the fittings next time I am over there. The hose definitely says 3/8" Hydraulic Hose SAE...
  13. sparc

    bleeding long hydraulic lines

    I want to get a set of lines made up for my JD 4410 so I can run power from the rear remotes to up front to power the snow blade angle cylinders. First problem seems to be that the hoses on the blade have some odd size connector. Went to my local hydraulic shop and he couldn't match them up...
  14. sparc

    3/4 ton mpg empty?

    2012 F-350. 6.7 diesel, 38000 miles. Over 95 % of this miles are unloaded/no trailer and my average commute one way is 19 miles with few stops and almost no traffic in the morning since its so early. I've been getting 20-22 mpg for the last 7000 miles. Overall since mile one about 19 which...
  15. sparc

    Firepit on wood deck?

    We have a large wood deck constructed from 2x6 deck boards over 2x10 joists every 16 inches. It is very sturdy and once held a 500 gallon hot tub. The hot tub is gone but the large (1200 sf) deck remains. We've been thinking about putting a wood burning firepit out on the end of the deck which...
  16. sparc

    the house next door

    If you had a chance to buy an adjacent lot would you do it and is it worth more to you than someone else might pay that didn't own adjoining land. I heard the neighbor may be thinking of selling. The house is not much and there are no outbuildings other than a broken down shed for some...
  17. sparc

    Shipping Container Shops

    I was thinking about how I might use a shipping container as part of a shop. While searching I came across this video. I think he did a nice job on this.
  18. sparc

    Why hasn't it been invented???

    Sounds to me like you are talking about a 3 point attachment on a utility tractor and the OP (I think) is talking about a mid mount mower on a lawn tractor. If you have a lawn like this you might want the cut a little more even.
  19. sparc

    Posthole Digger Posthole Digger storage / attaching

    Here's a nice stand for a PHD. Not sure if its something fabbed up by the owner or if it was purchased with the PHD, but looks to be adjustable for different models or to allow it to align with various size tractors I would guess. Not much material there, should be easy to duplicate. I think I...
  20. sparc

    Quick attach snow blade for 4410

    would you happen to know the part number for that kit with the hardlines? It really would not be too hard ot bend up some hard lines myself I think, I bent hundreds of feet of 1/4, 3/8, and 1/2" SS and copper tubing over the years piping up instrument panels loaded with pneumatic instruments...
  21. sparc

    914A mower - what will it fit?

    I was not able to find a buyer for this mower even after dropping the price to $50 on CL, so yesterday I took it to the scrap yard and sold it for 10-1/2 cents/pound, got $35.70 for it which is better than nothing. It wasn't doing me any good sitting in the yard in my way.
  22. sparc

    Quick attach snow blade for 4410

    I've searched here and the web and looked through my literature for my 4410 but can't find out if a snow blade for sale locally will fit. From the sticker on the blade its a model MJAL1673E 72" JDQA blade. Tried looking for information onthe JD web site but couldn't find anything. So can...
  23. sparc

    Post Hole Digger (PHD) Hydraulic Down Pressure (HDP) Questions.

    I don't have a photo with the PHD attached but here is a shot of the return on my JD 4410. You can see the return port with the black dust cap over to the left of the photo with the 90 deg. fitting looking up.
  24. sparc

    914A mower - what will it fit?

    I have a New Holland 914A 60" mower that I got with my TC25 when I bought it. I've never used it and want to sell it. I put it up on CL and I got a call from someone interested in it but they have a Ford 1210 and not sure it will fit. Mower needs work to get in an operable condition and the...
  25. sparc

    Pallets in fields

    To update, I noticed this week that they have all disappeared, at least all the fields I have passed in the past week which is when they appear to have been taken up. Those fields are starting to show some green this week too. Still have not found anyone here who can answer they why about this...
  26. sparc

    Wood framed floor strong enough for a car?

    That's how I ordered my shed at the house for my lawn tractor and all its accessories. With the mower its about 800# so I had them use 3/4" PT plywood double layered over 2x6 @12" centers and added a couple extra 4x4 skids underneath. I could probably park a car in there if it were big enough...
  27. sparc

    What do you think of this kind of building?

    i like that idea. did you apply the foam insulation yourself?
  28. sparc

    Harbor Freight copies StrongHand Nomad welding table...$59

    One of my handles stripped the first time I used it. Took them both off and will either weld something to the bolt or replace with a handle from Reid Supply or McMaster-Carr. Other than that the table seems pretty good. Used it for the first time today on a quick weld job. When I bought my...
  29. sparc

    last blast :(

    Well, this weekend was nice and I figured we wouldn't get much snow out of this storm, but it just started snowing a few minutes ago and the forecast is for up to 8 inches by tomorrow night. Yesterday I took the snow blower off the tractor and its not going back on for this last blast of...
  30. sparc

    3rd function valve

    Wouldn't these terms have originated with the first tractors to offer hydraulics other than the 3pt lift? It was not the first most likely, but didn't old Fords have a valve plate that was added to provide a 2nd function, and then another valve plate could be stacked on top of this to add a 3rd...
  31. sparc

    Harbor Freight Tools that don't suck

    Searched but didn't get a hit on the HF Welding Cabinet #61705 I thought it looked pretty good and on sale for $129 I was ready to grab one but they were all gone. The drawers fit pretty good, sheet metal is not too thin, the drawer slides are good. Cart seemed pretty stable and once the...
  32. sparc

    Do I want/need a 72 or 84" box blade?

    yes, a hydraulic top link, or maybe top and tilt, is on my list next from Brian. I would have got it now but this deal came up and didn't want to miss out. The blade is like new and I got it for much less than half of a new BB2072. I know, ya want photos, this is the only one I have right...
  33. sparc

    Do I want/need a 72 or 84" box blade?

    Found a Frontier 72" box blade for sale and wondering if its too narrow for my 4410. Should I get a 84" or is the 72 gonna do it for me. I have a Woods 84" rear blade and when its angled it still covers my tracks, but I won't be angling the box blade so does it matter.
  34. sparc

    X534 a.k.a Crazy Wheels and a Snowblower

    so here are some photos to show what I have done. Its very simple, but works well.
  35. sparc

    interesting trailer

    Never saw a trailer like this before. There was a thread a while back and someone was comtemplating how to load their trailer at a loading dock which is set up for trucks. It looks like this trailer will rise up to loading dock height then drop down for transport. I've included a couple of the...
  36. sparc

    Pallets in fields

    Don't know if this is the best place to ask this, but couldn't find a better place. I have noticed over the past few years that the local farm fields get populated with a pair of pallets leaned up against each other to form a inverted V shape. they are always out near the middle of the field...
  37. sparc

    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    And they weren't done loading yet.
  38. sparc

    EMT Conduit crimping tool to make tent poles

    i was thinking the same thing as the best solution for a small project. if you didn't have a welder you could drill both sides and install a bolt with nut to hold the pin in place on each end. if you had a press you could build a jig to form the end of the conduit like this.
  39. sparc

    Dig-It towable Backhoe partial restoration

    I don't believe there is any offset. My Dig-it looks identical to this one (mine is a model 158) and I will check next time I am over at the property where its at. The model 158 does not have the collapsible axle for getting through tight spaces. I think that was the model 148 and could squeeze...
  40. sparc

    Can my PHD Power Down cylinder do Double Duty ?

    My JD PHD200 has the power down option. I was looking at it today and thinking I will not use the PHD that often, at least not as often as I will use the 3ph for other attachments. I was looking at that hydraulic cylinder and my top link and thinking they are about the same length and have...
  41. sparc

    old vs new iMatch

    Old iMatch had a fixed top hook, new iMatch has adjustable hook. Is the old iMatch usable or to be avoided?
  42. sparc

    Storing post hole auger?

    I made something like MtnViewRanch but built it on a pallet like grsthegreat did.
  43. sparc

    JD 4410 w/loader - what to look for when buying used

    I found a 4410 diesel w/430 loader and 6 foot bucket and eHydro trans for sale locally. Can't read the hours since its a digital hour meter and no display when off. Sitting out by curb for sale, no one home to talk to when I stopped. No info on sign just "for sale". So quick walk around I see...
  44. sparc

    Smithy 3in1 Mill/Drill/Lathe

    I've got a chance to pick up a Smithy bench top mill/drill/lathe at a reasonable price. Model is a Midas 1220 LTD Anyone here own or use one and care to comment? And are they domestic or foreign made. Midas Combo - Features |
  45. sparc

    replacing back seat with storage in extended cab pickups

    Anyone removed the all or part of the rear seat in their super cab or extended cab pickup and replaced it with storage. Maybe some drawers and a hinged top. If you don't have kids you're not going to seat many people back there since there is less room than a crew cab. I don't have a need for...
  46. sparc

    New Driveway- 2 pavement!!

    Concrete would cost more of course, how much I'm not sure but I would guess at least 50% more since there is much more labor involved. Concrete would be nice yes, but taxes increase with concrete drives here, asphalt is not considered a permanent improvement. Is that not the case elsewhere...
  47. sparc

    Looking for '05 F-150 Cowl molding

    For lack of a better/proper name, I need to replace the cowl molding on either side of the cowl at the base of the front windshield on my 05 F-150. Looked on a couple parts sites including Ford Parts and I don't find this part listed. It's a soft plastic or rubber type material, and the sun has...
  48. sparc

    suggestions for holes in bed frame.

    When you buy decommissioned warships at a dollar a ton its easy to save money on raw materials. The paint color comes from mixing all their waste products into the paint, giving it that universal orange color that they recognize in their country as containing waste products. nothing sold in...
  49. sparc

    Mid-Mount Mower Inexpensive Bagger for John Deere x 300 series

    You might want to look at the bagger system used on the old Sabre series mowers sold by JD about 10 years ago. I had one with the bagger and I really likes the way the bags hung, very easy to get off and on. When I replaced that Sabre with my current X534 with PowerFlow bagger system I was...