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  1. Car Doc

    Beware email virus: "muslim in white house" dont open!

    I have been made aware of a new virus and apparently snopes verified it but dont open any email with "black muslim in the white house" has some bad mojo and will wipe out some section of your hard drive leaving your computer inoperative. Be careful folks!
  2. Car Doc

    Home built hiller

    I am still not able to get in my garden since we seem to get moisture on the wknd's (I will take it when I get it) so I thought I would start a thread about the hiller I am starting to build so once I do get in I can post some it works or it doesn't pics and stuff. I will be hilling fresh tilled...
  3. Car Doc

    Power Beyond from in series plumbing a loader valve on 3810 etc.

    Rather than hijack California's thread where this topic was being discussed I figured I would start a new one. I have been talking about doing this since I first studied the plumbing and thought there is no way this can work properly 3 years ago. My loader was working about so-so is the best I...
  4. Car Doc

    Mini Yanmar helicopter!

    I ran across this video of an RC Yanmar helicopter with a crop spray rig setup thought you guys would enjoy it. This guy can really fly that little chopper and its an amazing little mini helicopter! :D I wonder if anyone knows anything about it is it really a Yanmar or just badged that way for...
  5. Car Doc

    Things that go bump in the night

    Kids dont attempt this at home: Last nite about 9 PM I am tooling down a county blacktop on my Sportster and a big ol boar coon appears out of nowhere in the middle of the road and turns into my line...holy bat guano Robin. :mad: I think I am running about 65 but I manage to lean just far...
  6. Car Doc

    New skid steer change over on Koyker 160 on its way

    Well it is getting pretty quiet around here lately and most of the projects are getting done we have been following so I will post this early just to have something to do. :laughing: Monday I ordered a skid steer quick change from Koyker well its thru a John Deere dealer from Koyker. I know...
  7. Car Doc

    Got some dirt on the tires

    I couldn't wait with St Pats day this weekend and maybe rain Thursday I wanted to not get held back by rain. St Pats thats when we usually try to get taters and onions in around this area anyway. I hooked the tractor up last nite after work and tilled and furrowed. I disced it last week real...
  8. Car Doc

    Yanmars on TV

    Don't know about y'all but I am bad about when I see stuff I have and think I see something similar on TV find myself trying to stop the picture at just the right spot to hopefully read who made it etc. :laughing: (DVR's rule) The other night watching the first episode of doomsday preppers. I...
  9. Car Doc

    new to me PTO generator

    This is the latest project- I bought a used Winco 25k 540 rpm PTO gen from a electrical contractor buddy. Actually we are trading work for it so it will be fairly easy on my pocket with most of my tickets being half labor roughly. :thumbsup: Its functional and the trailer tires hold air and so...
  10. Car Doc

    Weld on quick hitch hooks

    I got a set of these interesting pieces from Carter and installed them yesterday, very easy to install and fundamentally dont change anything the 3 pt is the same as it was just has 2 ways to attach now. I had to modify my splitter but everything else will fit. I will be able to use it with my...
  11. Car Doc

    Smoked Turkey recipe I like :)

    Its that time well its always that time for good food but here is a smoked turkey brine and cooking technique I use and it is a nice alternative to ham I hope someone gets some use out it we like it! Turkey brine- Tastes like honey ham! :thumbsup: This makes 1 gallon and is designed for a...
  12. Car Doc

    Need a pto log splitter guru for advice J_J?

    I have a 15 year old 5hp 20 ton Brave gas powered splitter and it still works as good as the day I bought it but I am thinking that turning it into a 3pt style will afford me easier firewood seasons where I can have it on the tractor instead of wagging it behind another pickup or trailer like I...
  13. Car Doc

    Horses loose in my corn and a dog :(

    Nearly had to shoot a dog last nite in my back yard we were sitting by the pond drinking a beer when the wife hollers "dog alert big dog"! I jump up and run around there and yup a big hyper acting dog and 3 horses and some clown with ropes in his hand walking up all on my private property...
  14. Car Doc

    My carry all/drag build dont laugh

    Its been pretty quiet around here for awhile and I am sure nobody has been doing any tractoring with all the heat but I am starting on a project and figured Id share it for something to do. We finally had a whopping .05 rain the day before yesterday making out total for the year 1.80!!! That...
  15. Car Doc

    Found a pic of myself online

    Not being narcissistic (I hope not anyway) but found this pic online. I am the one taking pics so there are very few of me in my possession here is one of me and my BBQ team at a contest on 07 (which we won) I am on the right. We won it the next year also and got reserve the third year and...
  16. Car Doc

    Front differential vent

    I have noticed every time I check my front diff lube there is pressure behind the plug. Since Scotty Dive has been working on his 2020D front end it reminded me of the add on vent I added to fix that particular issue here is a couple pics for anyone experiencing a similar problem. A 1/8 pipe...
  17. Car Doc

    Quick lower bucket edge straightening

    I discovered another use for my clamp on forks today. I had bent my lower bucket edge last weekend moving a large brush pile and hit a stump bending my bucket edge. It was bent more than I was willing to live with so today I got the bright idea of trying one of the forks upside down and...
  18. Car Doc

    Snow blower revenge

    Woman steals this guys snow shovel to dig her car out which he wouldn't have cared except then she doesn't bring it back so man buys a snow blower and burys her car. funny YouTube - The Quadrilogy of My Favorite Snow Shovel
  19. Car Doc

    New use for old parts

    I have a couple friends that work for an oil field engine repair shop and when they rebuild the huge Waukeshaw (sp?) natural gas compressor engines they always install new harmonic balancers. So I get these for a 30 stone of beer they are 350# each approx and I have adapted one for weight on...
  20. Car Doc

    Anyone been over at AS lately?

    Hope this isn't a bad thing to mention another site if so I sure do apologize? Wow did they change the look its totally different it surprised me I almost thought I was at the wrong forum! Looks interesting apparently rep is different (maybe not even used now?) and what they call credits is...
  21. Car Doc

    Tractor mowing

    I got to do some tractor mowing today with my finger power steering and gobs of low end power for the thick stuff & powershift nice combo any day you can do some tractoring makes it a good day! Normally I don't get to mow the 2.5 acres here at my shop my wife does it with a big...
  22. Car Doc

    Ballast Wheel weights

    Looking for an application if there is one that uses a rear wheel weight that is held on by 6 bolts to fit to a Yanmar tractor with 11.2 x 24" wheels. The bolt hole centers are 11 3/8" that the weights would be held on by and the holes are 11/16 (17mm), and the center hole inside dia would...
  23. Car Doc

    Nice Yanmar from RCO!

    Just plugging RCO for the nice 3810D I just got from them last Sunday. Stuart and John are real nice guys great to deal with unfortunately we never got to meet in person. I bought the tractor over the net and several phone calls and email pics and in fact once I saw it in person it was nicer...