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  1. botamike

    Progress on my new G1900, but still a couple nagging issues to deal with.

    Make some progress on my new G1900. Found the hot wire from the battery to the regulator had got hot, arc'd and melted the connector to the regulator. The male side of the connection was broke off and sparking and getting very hot as even the insulation on each side was burnt. I hard wired...
  2. botamike

    Indiana Kubota T1600 diesel lawn tractor for sale

    I have a nice Kubota T1600 Diesel lawn tractor looking for a new home. We upgraded to a G1900 is the only reason she is for sale. Has a 13.5hp twin cylinder diesel engine, strong HST transmission with foot peddle control, 44" mower deck, four brand new tires(bar tires on the rear so no...
  3. botamike

    Hunting a 3pt hitch and snow blade for our new G1900

    Just replaced our little T1600 diesel lawn tractor(its for sale btw) with a G1900 I plan to refurbish. I am hunting the OEM 3 point hitch kit, new or used, for it along with one of the snow blades. If I cant find the hitch, I know they are very hard to find, I will fab up a sleeve hitch set...
  4. botamike

    Indiana IH Cub Cadet 1450 Garden Tractor w/50" mower deck

    Solid older IH Cub Cadet 1450 garden tractor, hydrostatic transmission, hyd lift, has 50' mower deck that is solid and mows decent(could use a fresh set of blades). Engine runs great, no smoke, got new points/condensor/ignition coil this past spring. Tires all hold air. Even the lights work...
  5. botamike

    Indiana Wanted Kubota TG2742 Snowthrower or T2748 snow blade.

    Looking for a Kubota TG2742 snowthrower for the T1600 lawn tractor, or the T2748 snow/dirt blade. I prefer the thrower but both of these are not easy to come by. I am in Kokomo, Indiana, prefer close by if at all possible. Thanks Mike
  6. botamike

    Picking up a nice little T1600 this weekend

    We are picking up a nice little T1600 this weekend. I know its not one of Kubota's best efforts, but I wanted both diesel power and small insize to better fit our small yard and the 2 that i mow for some extra income. I know of its weak points and the keep a sharp eye on the U joints and any...
  7. botamike

    Indiana Super clean Simplicity 4212 Hydro w/ 38" mower deck

    Dont see these this clean very often. Really nice original condition Simplicity 4212 Hydrostatic lawn tractor. replacement 12.5 HP Briggs engine, 38" twin blade deck that runs quiet and has nearly new Gator blades on it, even has the original discharge chute. Tires are all hold air and are in...
  8. botamike

    Anybody have the repair manual for a Deutz Allis 5215/Hinomoto C174?

    And could scan me the page on the cylinder head bolt torque sequence and spec? Need to replace the head gasket. Also could use the valve lash spec if there is one. I assume the valve rockers have adjustable lash as I have not torn it down yet as I can atleast move it under its own power for the...
  9. botamike

    Deutz Allis 5215 overheat when mowing

    I have a Deutz Allis(hinomoto)5215 that will overheat when mowing, but if just cruising around like we did at the tractor show in the high heat and humidity it did ok, or atleast never popped the red overheat light on. But when I run at PTO rpm mowing after a few min she will boil over and pop...
  10. botamike

    New member to the scut club, Deutz-Allis 5215

    My wife and I are starting to prepare to move to the country in the next 5 years and a bigger tractor was one of those things. We both agreed that once we do move the income to get a tractor and attachments will not exhist for several years. So...we bought this tractor last night. Runs...
  11. botamike

    John Deere gator beacon light mount

    I need the pipe style beacon light mount that goes on the back of the hard cab of a JD gator. Was also used on a few other JD machines. This is the style where the revolving light slides down onto the mount, the electrical connections are inside the mount and the light clamps to it. I have...
  12. botamike

    Lets see some warning light set ups, Almost planting time here, time to be seen.

    Spring planting/lawn season is upon us. Being on the road is getting more dangerious all the time. Most all the big JD's at my dealership I work at have atleast 1 revolving light up high, some have more than 1. Plus all the normal flasher lights. GT' are less lit up if at all. I push snow in...
  13. botamike

    PIcked up a little T1600 yesterday

    We finaly got our Gravely sold, while it was a really nice tractor, my wife was unhappy with the mass consumption of fuel(Kohler Mag 16). It was also way to large. With the Gravely off to a new home, my wife had spotted a little diesel T series on Craigslist nearby that already had ag tires and...
  14. botamike

    Fresh trade in at my shop is going home with me!

    We just had this nice and I mean nice Gravely 16G Professional traded in at my shop. He traded this and a MTD/Cub Cadet 1050 in on a new Cub Cadet XT2 and a 3 stage snow blower for it. The Gravely runs like a top, no issues other than a little paint fade and the starter bearings are a bit...
  15. botamike

    My new G5200

    Picked this one up for a good price off Craigslist. Yes I also got a mower deck, but its off the machine to go to the welder for some patching. I wanted the tractor for gardening work, plow days and shows. You do not see many of these restored and taken to shows, yet they are becoming an...
  16. botamike

    grill emblem for Kubota G5200

    Looking for the bull emblem that goes between the headlights on the older G series garden tractors. Thanks Mike
  17. botamike

    Kubota 3pt hitch for G5200

    Since these are rare to find, gonna start looking now. Hunting for the rear 3pt hitch assembly for the G5200 Kubota garden tractor, also fit the other older G series like 3200, 4200 and 6200. Even pieces of an incomplete hitch would be of interest as it might be enough to fabricate the rest...
  18. botamike

    soft sided cab for Allis Chalmers 920 garden tractor

    Looking for the full cab, soft sided that fits my Allis Chalmers 920 garden tractor. This would also be the same cab that fits the large frame Simplicity garden tractors. Thanks Mike
  19. botamike

    My new 920 Diesel

    Went thru a few tractors, horse trading and upgrading as I went. Got where I wanted to be finaly which is the diesel powered 920, same as the Simplicity 7790. She starts very easily from cold without any preheat help but is wet stacking bad from to much light duty use. For those that dont...
  20. botamike

    My new Sunstar

    This old girl came in to our shop with reported problem of it locked up while he was using it. It has sat for about a month in line, finaly got to look at it. Owner didnt want to put much into it as he was shopping for a ZTR. I put a wrench on the crank bolt and sure enough it was locked up...
  21. botamike

    Cat 0, 3pt mounted finish mower for 2000rpm pto.

    Looking for a rear mount(3pt) finish mower for Cat 0 2000rpm pto. needs to be in Indiana state or able to be brought to the Portland, IN show or another show in Indiana this year. Thanks. Mike
  22. botamike

    Can someone scan a page or two from the GT14/YM146 service manual?

    Looking for someone that has the factory service manual for the GT14/YM146 and can scan and either post or email the pages relating to replacing the head gasget, with the bolt tightening sequence and torque specs. Thanks in advance. Mike
  23. botamike

    Still hunting a 3pt hitch for my GT14

    Since I hope to have my GT14 running again soon, had to get a replacement used head to overcome an injector gasget issue with NLA parts, mainly being the soft graphite seal between the injector body and the bore/precombustion chamber, so I am back in the market for a 3pt or someone that can...
  24. botamike

    Yanmar GT14 3 point hitch wanted

    Looking for the complete 3 point hitch assembly for my Yanmar GT14. I believe parts off a YM122 will also fit this model. Thanks. Mike
  25. botamike

    Just got a Yanmar GT14

    Just put a hold on a GT14 that was for sale near where I live. Price was right, runs excellent, has the front PTO clutch with the tractor and a hyd lift rear sleeve hitch that looks professionaly made. No mower deck but I plan to figure out either a rear deck or a mid mount mower deck. It...
  26. botamike

    Refreshed my 214 a bit

    Here is my 214 with a fresh paint job, all done with rattle cans! Paint is genuine John Deere paint from the dealership, ag green. I have yellow for the rims, but havent gotten to them yet. All I did was remove the hood, grill support and fender deck, mask the decals and respray on a 50' day...
  27. botamike

    Time to get the tractors ready for winter snow removal

    Its that time of year again, old man winter is knocking on the door or already here for some of us. Time to make sure all the lights work, clean out the dust and crud from the lenses/reflectors on many newer lawn and garden tractors that will see winter duties. Maybe look into a small xenon or...
  28. botamike

    Going to look at a 214 w/39" mower deck

    I am going to look at a 214 in nice looking condition from the pictures I have seen, matching Goodyear Softrac tires with good tread, paint looks decent, 39" mower deck looks a bit ratty in places but the owner says it mows good. If the deck can stay together till leaves are done, I can rehab...
  29. botamike

    Since I cant buy what I want new, I will build one. Allis Chalmers B1 diesel project

    As the OEM's seem only fit to put diesels in the larger machines, both to large and to expensive for my needs, I decided to build my own smaller diesel powered GT. Starting point was an old AC B1 garden tractor, able to rototill my garden, plow snow and mow my small yard with its 32" tri blade...
  30. botamike

    Who still mows with vintage JD garden tractors?

    Who all shuns the new stuff and mows with an older JD garden tractor from the 110rf's thur the 200 and early 300 series machines. I know of many 318's still in use, looking for older yet. I am looking to get a 110rf and put it back to work mowing my yard and tilling my garden. Mike
  31. botamike

    my new 110sf pics finaly

    Finaly got around to taking some pics of my new 110sf. This was a 1 owner machine, traded in for a new hustler ZTR at my workplace. She languished all summer on the used lot out in the weather. She was spared being shipped off to the auction last month when we dump all the less than desirable...
  32. botamike

    can a G110 handle a 8" moldboard plow

    I know the G110 can have the rear integral (sleeve) hitch. But can it realisticly handle a 8" Brinly moldboard plow? While our old 110sf handles garden and plow day duties, I do like the looks of the G110, but am unsure of its ablities. We have no need for anything larger than this tractor...
  33. botamike

    125 getting refurbed

    Here are a couple pics of my 125 getting refurbed at the moment. I should have her operational by the end of the week hopefully. Enjoy. Mike
  34. botamike

    Pics of Mikes new JD GT275

    Found this old girl on the local Craigslist. Got the tractor with mower deck and a good spare 17hp Kawasaki single for $660. A new hood, replace the missing fender skirt on the one side and some new foot rest mats will bring her back to looking good. She runs good, mower deck eats leaves and...
  35. botamike

    looking for a pair of vintage style snow tires for my truck

    Since we are selling out Jeep, I will be driving my 1984 2wd GMC this winter on occasion. I want a pair of the deep tread old style snow tires like I remember when I was a kid. Size is 235/75 R15 on there now, so something close to that would be ideal. All the new stuff just doesnt look right...
  36. botamike

    Tires Need help locating another pair of these rice patty ag tires

    I have been running this pair of 6-12 rice patty ag tires on my cub cadet for a few years now, but the dry rot and other damage that was on them when they were given to me is putting them out of service. I dont care for the normal ags you find in 6-12 tires. They are Bridgestone brand farm lug...
  37. botamike

    Got me a new tractor

    Well, not brand new. Despite getting layed off from my job and my wife struggling to find one herself. We managed to sell some unneeded stuff and will pick up our new garden tractor this friday at the Portland Show. She is a Deutz Allis 920 diesel, power steering, 18.5hp twin cylinder air...
  38. botamike

    Mikes new 318

    Here are some pics of my new 318, fresh from the paint shop, still need to repaint the deck and rims and finish installing the 3pt hitch. She was repowered with a Brand new Onan P220 about 4 years ago, runs like a fine swiss watch. Came in on trade at the CC dealer where I work as a machanic...
  39. botamike

    782d cub cadet

    I am selling our 782d cub cadet, 15hp kubota diesel engine, cat 0 3pt hitch, 44" mower deck, ag tires, everything works, 955 hours on tractor, 15 hours on new injector pump. Runs great. Located in Kokomo IN. Hopeing it goes fast so not messing with a proper classified ad just yet. $1950 obo...
  40. botamike

    Kubota D600 injector pump R&R

    We own a early 80's Cub Cadet 782d tractor, powered by a Kubota D600 diesel engine. It has never sounded quite right when it ran, smoked way to much and lacked the power of other 782d's. Finaly toward the end of the show/plow day season she started leaking fuel around the top of the injector...
  41. botamike

    Opinions on a Hinomoto E14D

    I am looking at a small Hinomoto E14d 4wd. No loader use, Just need it for a small general chores tractor and some light 3pt work. I know parts are a bit harder to locate, but its much more affordable over a yanmar or kubota compact, atleast around me. I have 2K to spend, or trading fodder...
  42. botamike

    selling my JD 318 with attachements

    I wont put much here, but since we dont have a for sale forum, looking for a new home for my nice JD318 with snow blade, 50" mower, and power flow bagger. Email me for pics and more info. Thanks MIke
  43. botamike

    Our other towing vehicle

    Here is a pic of our other towing rig. 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee Larado. Every option but towing package and limited slip rear end/V8 engine. Has the tried and true 4.0L inline 6. I put a reese hitch on the back, transmission cooler and load leveling air shocks on the back. Handles our 7x14...
  44. botamike

    Winter is coming, time to make sure the lights work

    With the shorter days and winter conditions arriving now or soon to where you live, now is the time to make sure all the lights work, or upgrade your lighting on your tractors. While I do my snow work on an open cab garden tractor, I still run a rear facing flood light and an amber strobe on...
  45. botamike

    New Massey L&G forum

    I started up a new Massey Ferguson L&G forum just for Massey lawn and garden tractors, espicaly the older ones that seem to be widely unknown on the internet, just try to find info on the MF12 on the net. Here is the link for the forum Massey L and G I am still learning how to set stuff...
  46. botamike

    Mikies new old garden tractor

    Here are a few pics of my nice old Wheel Horse. She cuts the grass better than my high doller diesel cub cadet, or my dads 2 year old craftsman. The K181 Kohler has just been rebuilt and runs like a top. Enjoy!! Mike
  47. botamike

    pic of Mike's red twins

    Here is a pic of my just arrived Cub Cadet 782d and my wife's 582 plow special. For the newbie, the 782d packs a liquid cooled Kubota 3 cyl diesel, 15hp and a catagory 0 rear 3pt. My wife's 582 has been fully rebuilt, engine totaly gone thru, 19 tooth second gear in the cast iron IH cub 3spd...
  48. botamike

    Almost got the B7100 ready for work

    Made lots of progress during breaks and lunch at work getting my b7100 work ready. Got the oil pressure gauge installed in the broken hour meter location, carries 50psi cold on old oil. Got the whole thing repainted, used the newer kubota orange (I like it better than the older/lighter color)...
  49. botamike

    Bought me a Kubota this morning

    I finaly found a nice older B series close enough and in my price range. I won a nice B7100 on ebay, 4wd, gear drive, 3pt hitch and brand new ags on the back. Looks nice, a quick repaint and new decals and she will look good. I plan to swing the muffler upright so I need to get the extension...
  50. botamike

    Looking for a small 4wd Yanmar

    I am wanting to get myself another small yanmar, I used to have a YM135. I want to go a bit newer, I like the size and style of the FX15D, not much bigger that a garden tractor, but 4wd, diesel and hopefully it can be fitted with a 3pt hitch. There is a YM1300 for sale about 3 hours south of...