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  1. DIYOrangeDave

    BX Electrical Problems

    There are 2 light connection behind the seat. One is switched through the key and the other one all the time. It needs to be connected to the switch connector otherwise it will constantly draw a small charge.
  2. DIYOrangeDave

    Time to check out the generator.

    A good plan is to start and run your generator 10 minutes. I have been doing this for 25 years and twice I found problems. A rodent chewed fuel line and dirty plugs. Not a good time to find out when you need it. We lose power at least 2 times a year for more than 8 hours and 4 times for a couple...
  3. DIYOrangeDave

    How many have wives who make work for you.

    I like to think of them as Team projects. Happy wife, Happy life!
  4. DIYOrangeDave

    What am i missing?

    If you do not mow it will grow up in alders and what ever is naturalized on your land. Whether a finish mower or brush mower, it it necessary to manage a fire break around your home and out buildings. There is a balance between amount of mowing for safety versus therapeutic value versus time...
  5. DIYOrangeDave

    Anyone cut firewood for health/exercise?

    I don’t chop wood but make firewood from 8’ lengths delivered. My activities are getting limited due to age and interest but making my own firewood and handling it are one of my forms of exercise. It heats me many times. When I cut it, split it, pile it (in Holz Hausens) to dry and then move it...
  6. DIYOrangeDave

    Anyone out there Have a Mini-Split Heat/Ac unit?

    I have used 3 of them for my 2300 sq ft 2 storey home for 7 years. I use wood heat for comfort in the sitting areas. Great savings over oil, gas and baseboard electric.
  7. DIYOrangeDave

    Metal roof over my small barn

    FYI ... While other barns maybe bigger, yours is not a small barn. Nice work!
  8. DIYOrangeDave

    I lost my religion and a t shirt today...

    OMG! Not the orange shirt!
  9. DIYOrangeDave

    Possible way to stop sliding-slipping down in Kubota "B" seat.

    The seat belt will definitely do the job!
  10. DIYOrangeDave

    Dealing with leaves on a scut

    I mulch them in to the grass each fall with the mower blowing the remaining windrow into fern bed along the brook. The fern bed benefits and no dead grass from being smothered. The organic matter help with the thatch.
  11. DIYOrangeDave


    $800-1200 would be a good price.
  12. DIYOrangeDave

    3-Point Hitch BX 3pt hydro control

    Here is the page from my operator’s manual.
  13. DIYOrangeDave

    Tires Rough Rough ride.

    Not sure where you are getting your tire pressure values but here is a screen shot of the manual for tire pressures on the BX2370-1.
  14. DIYOrangeDave

    Nova Scotia Swap/Trade - have 72” want 60” back blade

    Nice blade but too big for my scut.