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    Stanley Black and Decker aquiring Excel Industries for $375m

    Excel owns the BigDog and Hustler brands:
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    Simple EZGO Canopy

    Finally found a decent price on a EZGo canopy locally, and got a hold of a 3 piece front bar kit for the same. A little chopping, u-bolts and some Flex Tape (for anti-rattle) and a nice little removable canopy is born. Not done done as some cleaning, painting, and final bolting needs to happen...
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    Wife is walking with the Lord..

    So, for those that didn't already know, my wife of 28+yrs, Sherri, had been battling Pancreatic Cancer for a little more than 2 1/2 yrs now. She went into Hospice Sept 27 after not being able to take in food any longer. She put up a **** of a fight these last years and especially these last 2...
  5. Midniteoyl

    Something interesting I found..

    Found this on Craigs and thought it was interesting. Says its homebuilt and works. Anyone seen something like this before? John Deere grader with extra parts mower
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    Ballast How best to get WWF in tires, by the gallon

    So, I found -20 WWF for $1.50gal and bought 124gal to refill my tires. This saved me anywhere from $100 to $225 over buying it in 55gal drums. However, I now realize that I have no idea on how to get the WWF into the tires :o I need to get fluid back in as I recently found that they were filled...
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    Should I refill my wheels?

    Have a Ford 3400, with loader, that was low on air. When I went to fill them, the valve cores were stuck/bad. Went to replace those, but noticed that no air came out after pulling the cores. Ended up having to poke through with a nail and that's when I found out that one tire has water in it...
  8. Midniteoyl

    3 dead, 23+ injured in I-94 40+ car pile up

    White out conditions and heavy winds jack knife a semi starting the chain reaction... Crews work to clear Indiana pile-up: 'There's just so much destruction' -
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    Prayers needed, please..

    My wife's sister, Wendy, is in ICU with pneumonia. She has Leukemia already. She is on a breathing tube and unresponsive. Today, they lost her pulse and had to resuscitate. They say she is turning for the worse and will not survive without the breathing tube. We know God has already healed her...
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    Opinions.. 6ft Flail mower

    Any opinions on this flail mower? I have no idea what brand it is, but it seems like the right size for my Ford 3400 and its really cheap compared to others I have seen.. Right off, it looks like a low knife/hammer count.. Thanks 6 FT 3 POINT FLAIL MOWER
  11. Midniteoyl

    Identify 3 spool valve...

    I am in need of a third valve due to adding a grapple. In looking, I ran across this 3 spool on eBay. Looking up the numbers, I see it is a Eaton valve, but I cannot find out the actual specs.. Anybody help here? Thanks 3 Spool Hydraulic Control Valve Tractor Loader Other Used | eBay
  12. Midniteoyl

    Rodent ate my fuel line... Then something else happened.

    So, started the car, got about 50 feet down the drive and started smelling fuel. Looked and this is what I found: Then, on my way to the parts store, this happened: And, to top it all off, while airing up the (very big) spare, I went to check the other front and found a split valve stem...
  13. Midniteoyl

    FD Kees 36" walk behind...

    Picked me up one of these.. has a blown 8hp Honda motor. I found it originally came with a B&S 12hp and I have a B&S 11.5hp that can go on it. Belts need changing, but its complete, spindles are good, blades are good, NO rust holes.. very very solid.. Paid $75.. Good deal? Anyone know where...
  14. Midniteoyl

    900lbs 3-pt counter wieght only $200...

    Anyone around the S. Bend area need one? 3 point hitch counter weight
  15. Midniteoyl

    Who needs a bush hog...?

    When you have 27hp and 61" spinning at 19k rpm! Got this house to flip.. real bad yard :cool2: Just for comparison, the grass was to my teats and I'm 6' tall.. :eek: Oh ya - the guard was bungied up ;)
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    Bucket tilt lever controls lift arms? Ford 3400 / 730

    Hey guys.. I have a Ford 3400 with a 730 loader. When I first got it, the lift and bucket cylinders leaked down fast due to multiple external leaks (lines, cylinder caps, etc). I have tightened/fix all those and now the bucket holds unloaded, and drops slowly loaded, and the lift arms still...