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  1. tradosaurus

    Please answer without comment

    The next question should be; How many people you know that developed complications after getting covid vaccination? I personally have talked with one who went in with heart issues and directly contributes his issues with the covid vax.
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    Please answer without comment

  3. tradosaurus

    China's rover spots cube-shaped 'mystery hut' on the moon

    Props department needs to be fired.
  4. tradosaurus

    Kubota or mahindra

    That was my first reaction too. Have to post all his toys to boost his insecurity. :ROFLMAO: The older I'm getting the less crap I want to own.
  5. tradosaurus

    Kubota or mahindra

    You're actually comparing Messicks videos to CNN? The hate is strong with you? You own a Mahindra? 🤣
  6. tradosaurus

    Kubota or mahindra

    The only reason I didn't look at Kioti or Branson is that at the time the nearest dealer was about 2 hrs away.
  7. tradosaurus

    Kubota or mahindra

    Biased - unfairly prejudiced for or against someone or something. That would be incorrect. I find that Messicks is fair in their comparison. Are they proud of their product line? Sure. Without their videos I wouldn't have made the most informed decision in my tractor purchase.
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    Kubota or mahindra

    1st one you were ripped off by about $700 in extra taxes.
  9. tradosaurus

    Be careful of sinkholes

    sink hole
  10. tradosaurus

    Which oil is better??

    Why do you have to make disparaging statements to support your over priced oil? I can buy 5 qts of Mobil 1 synthetic for $25-30 at Wal-mart. I've also bought 1 gal of Shell-Rotella T6 diesel oil for $20 recently. From what I can gather on the internet Amsoil goes for $12-$15 / qt for the...
  11. tradosaurus

    Which oil is better??

    What is your price threshhold of cheap oil? And what does a qt of Amsoil oil cost? I have never and probably will never buy Amsoil. I'm sure it's good oil but so is Mobil 1 and Rotella T6 which I can get almost anywhere.
  12. tradosaurus

    30k tractor budget

    How many years on the $348 per month?
  13. tradosaurus

    The right tractor for towing/forestry work

    So I assume he didn't have the ROPs up?
  14. tradosaurus

    Buying Advice Kioti RX6620 vs Kubota M4D-61

    Are those prices listed the retail price or the price after negotiations? Did you factor in the 20% NCHA discount with Kubota?
  15. tradosaurus

    Buying Advice Kioti RX6620 vs Kubota M4D-61

    It's simple. 20% off and no need to haggle. I might have gotten close to 15% and haggling but why bother? Not all Kubota dealers are equal.
  16. tradosaurus

    Buying Advice Kioti RX6620 vs Kubota M4D-61

    Have you included the 20% NCHA discount on the Kubota when looking at the final cost?
  17. tradosaurus

    Buying Advice Kioti RX6620 vs Kubota M4D-61

    This statement is true, IMO. As someone stated in another post you spend far more hrs on a tractor then you would taking it to a dealer so tractor reliability should come first before dealership.
  18. tradosaurus

    Trespasser.....what would you do?

    Have a guy at work who owns about 15 acres where his house is situated. He wondered if he had to shoot a trespasser if it would be better to dispose of them, Breaking Bad style, instead of reporting it and risking being prosecuted. I told him I hope he never had to find out.
  19. tradosaurus

    Trespasser.....what would you do?

    I wouldn't approach hunters trespassing on my land unless I was armed. Your wife is "brave", as most women are, because they know someone else will fight their battles they start. I disagree with the No trespassing signs but they are cheap enough to buy and post. Maybe even No Hunting signs...
  20. tradosaurus

    Trespasser.....what would you do?

    Why? I wouldn't go on someone's land without permission. It would be like having to put trespassing signs around your house.
  21. tradosaurus


    Wut? Normally the price goes down after a while. :unsure:
  22. tradosaurus

    The right tractor for towing/forestry work

    One thing I would suggest is to look under the tractor you are looking to buy and see what kind of underside protection there is. What could be damaged? Torn off? Look at the maximum width you want to maneuver within the trees. If you keep the bucket on the front that will usually be your...
  23. tradosaurus

    Why do we keep driving to far away stores that are understocked, understaffed and don't care?

    I try to patronize the local small businesses such as grocery store, hardware store, and small engine and appliance store. The people have the experience and are invested in their store. But household items, even some food items, I order through Amazon and it's delivered right to the door.
  24. tradosaurus

    Tonneau Cover thoughts?

    Trifold is where it's at.
  25. tradosaurus

    Zero Turn Tires

    Bar Lug Tire
  26. tradosaurus

    Kubota or mahindra

    Also factor in Kubota offers 20% discount on the retail price of the tractor and implements (whatever the build price is on their website) if you are a member of the National Cutting Horse Association.
  27. tradosaurus

    Kubota or mahindra

    You should price tractors and compare Most of the major brands are not far off in price from each other for the same features.
  28. tradosaurus

    Noob Here...Seeking a Tractor Education, Please

    I have 45 acres but only work about 5 acres, except the work I did clearing a walking trail. A 30 hp tractor will go just about anything a 55 hp tractor can do, just slower. I had a L3301 for 2 years and then upgraded to an MX5400. Moving dirt takes half the amount of time, I can work my...
  29. tradosaurus

    Farm UTV/RTV Purchase

    Those are good questions to answer before purchase a UTV. We knew that we would probably never take our UTV on trails and we haven't for the past 2 years. Our use is 60% utility work on our property and 40% cruising around the county roads. That's why the dump bed was important for us as...
  30. tradosaurus

    Sticker shock

    I received an email from Kubota about their 84 mo, 0% financing on L60 tractors so for sheets and giggles I built a L4760 HST w/ cab on their website. After adding all the options I would like I came to $76,500. Woah.
  31. tradosaurus

    Farm UTV/RTV Purchase

    None of your complaints I had any issues with. I installed floor mat material under the front seat that keeps the heat down. We rarely use the back seats and when we do the kids know not to complain. ;) I usually have back seats down but getting them up is at most about 60 seconds. If you...
  32. tradosaurus

    Farm UTV/RTV Purchase

    If by "lift bed" you mean "dump bed" I would suggest the Honda Pioneer 1000-5. I'm in East Texas with about the same acreage. I have the 700-4 Pioneer but the 1000-5 will give you more speed if you like to take it on the county roads it has a dump bed which I use frequently. Rather than...
  33. tradosaurus

    Engine Oil change away from KUbota brand?

    I'll run Kubota oil until my warranty expires. It's about the same price as Rotella T6 anyway.
  34. tradosaurus

    RK Tractor Prices

    Why buy a tractor brand where you are worried that the company might go belly up?
  35. tradosaurus

    Paint quality

    I never understood people who park their tractor and implements out in the weather all year long. I see this frequently in the rural area where I live.
  36. tradosaurus

    Fan disintegrates!

    Had a kitten decide to get warm by camping in my fan shroud of my F250 diesel. When I remote started the truck I didn't realize there was a kitten in there. The plastic fan blades broke in three places after shredding the kitten. Fortunately my homeowner policy covered the damage.
  37. tradosaurus

    Making switch from Green to Orange

    Yep. After moving the ROPS down on an L3301 I use to own I just left it up. My MX5400 is the same way. Fortunately my outdoor metal carport is high enough to park it with ROPS up. Since Kubota is the first tractor I ever purchased the treadle pedal was a non-issue. I would find it more...
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    That's a nice used tractor. Flint is just down the road, south from me.
  39. tradosaurus

    some of my older tractors

    Your estate sale will be interesting.
  40. tradosaurus

    Regret a cab tractor?

    I tried very hard to justify a cab but with 45 acres of dense timber I just couldn't. Maybe in time as I get older and get tired of eating dust on a zero turn I might trade my open station tractor for a cab tractor and a flail mower (and cash).
  41. tradosaurus

    Just another junk chainsaw

    Doesn't the Stihl chain sharpener automatically file the rake while sharpening the cutter? Stihl chain sharpener
  42. tradosaurus

    Just another junk chainsaw

    I have three Echo chainsaws; two are fairly new (CS-490) and one I bought off a friend that's probably 10 yrs old. All three work fine. However, I 'm wondering how often you should replace chains? I use a Stihl chain sharpener after each use of the chainsaw. Two of the saws weren't cutting...
  43. tradosaurus


    According to Wikipedia, Dong Feng no long mfg's tractors and hasn't been bought out. List of Former tractor mfg's Dongfeng DF-250 That would be a hard guess for a price since you haven't listed the hours but you might ask if you could use it for a few months and pay the guy $500 and see how...
  44. tradosaurus

    Grapple style preference

    I thought about getting the #1 but felt that with two cylinders and two lids there was twice as much chance to break or bend something on the grapple.
  45. tradosaurus

    Can someone translate this?
  46. tradosaurus

    Radiator plastic repair

    I would try JB Weld before I bought a new radiator.
  47. tradosaurus

    Just listed my L2501 here....

    I would have sold the Deere.