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    AC not working properly

    Hi, guys, I am having a central AC And I am looking for ideas as to what the cause may be. My AC unit is a Luxaire by York, and is hooked up to my propane powered Payne forced air propane furnace. It was installed in 2002 or 2003. (so the first question is, is it the older RS 22 refrigerant, or...
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    Furnace making funny noise

    Hi, Folks, I need to identify a noise that my high efficiency propane furnace is making, and I am hoping some of you have heard this before. The supposedly experienced service guy could not tell what it was, and so he just "guessed" it was the ($800!) fan motor. It is a Payne Model...
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    Drain from washer into Septic

    Hi, folks, my washing machine drain started backflowing where the (grey) hose goes in to the ABS drain pipe. (See the pic.) I have used this washer a couple of times before with no problem, so I don’t see why all of a sudden the washing machine water would backflow out of the ABS PIPE/grey hose...
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    Cutting bevelled siding joints at a 22 1/2 degree angle

    Hello guys, here is one for you. I am installing beveled siding on the garage, and the siding supplier (Maibec of Quebec) says to join boards by cutting them at a 22 1/2 degree angle, to prevent water penetrating the joint. (As opposed to just 90 degree but joints.) They also say to cut the...
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    Canada Geese

    Hello all, we had a visit from Canada geese at our rental cottage for the first time in the eight years that we have owned the place. Of course they left their droppings all over the nice front lawn. Since this has never happened before I’m looking for ideas for how to keep them away. Probably...
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    How to straighten my boathouse?

    OK, guys, here is a tough one for you. My 50' long, 100 year-old boathouse was sinking in to the lake at the end, but I have been able to replace enough of the (20' deep!) cribs on both sides so that the building is now up out of the water. BUT, it is crooked, and leaning. You can see in the...
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    Septic Alarm went off

    Hello, my fellow TBNers, I am afraid we have a problem with our septic system. We have a system whereby sewage gravity feeds into a nice concrete 2-chamber settling tank, then the effluent gravity feeds into a 4' diameter pump tank, which pumps it uphill to the leeching field. Works great, but...
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    Snow BX25 did not start - first time in 10 years!

    I started it up when I arrived at the cottage last night, and it was about -13 Celsius. after running it for a couple of hours, I stopped and plugged it in, and then this morning, it would not start. Turns out I forgot to plug the other end of the extension cord into the wall, so it had not in...
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    What the heck is making these holes?

    Hello guys, I have a real puzzle on my hands. The wodden floor of my old barn is growing holes! Something is drilling perfectly round holes through the wooden floor members, each of which is about 2 inches thick. A couple of the holes are a bit bigger, but mostly they are about 1 inch across...
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    PTO HP versus PTO Torque

    I see a lot of discussion and details in tractor brochures about PTO horsepower, and also PQ horse power requirements for various implements. But isn稚 torque what is needed for many PTO operated implements? As an example, my Kubota BX 25 has 17.5 PTO horsepower, and BL 25 old one apparently...
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    Kubota BX25 - 750 hr. service cost

    Hello all, I did my 400 hour service on my Kubota BX 25, but now it’s up to 765 hours, and I am thinking it is time to service it again. The question is, is $600 to $700 reasonable for complete service, changing all the fluids including the oil change as well, and all the filters of course?
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    Flat Proofing Does Lock Air corrode the rubber?

    Here's one for you. I have a 2009 Kubota BX25, and the front tires were notoriously leaky back then, so I tried tubes and then finally in July of 2013 I got new tires/rims and put in 22 lbs. of a a product called "Lock Air" (dark grey, goopy stuff), which worked fine for almost 5 years. Then...
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    F150 - buy out my lease or Lease new?

    Big decision coming up at the beginning of April. Whether to buy my current lease truck at about $25,000, or lease another new one? It is a Super Crew 4 x 4 with the 5.0 L engine, the 5.5 ft. box, and the "302A" package which includes the XTR goodies, and I also have a tailgate step, a...
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    Fixing Aluminum Canoe

    Was planning to use Weld Bond epoxy, because I thought it was just a seam problem. However it's a huge crack. Any ideas anyone?
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    Kubota BX25 sputtering and stalling

    Hi, folks, my very first problem with my 2009 Kubota BX25. The tank was down to about 1/4 or so and I filled it up with some fresh diesel I just bought on May 19. Started it up and it warmed up fine, but then as I was pulling out of the driveway at about 3,000 RPM, it seemed like it started...
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    Kubota BX25 has weak HST power

    Hello, guys, my 2009 Kubota BX25 seems to have lost a LOT of power to drive up even a slight incline, especially in reverse. For example, I was back dragging some very light, sandy soil up a VERY gentle slope, and even in Low (turtle) the tractor simply could not handle it. (And even when I...
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    My new Bro-Tech Ripper Tooth

    OK, so I got a chance to try out my Bro-Tek Ripper Tooth, digging a ditch for my water line. Worked great! Notice all the surface roots it ripped up, with nary a hesitation. I also got the Bro-Tek QA so I can quickly switch back and forth with my 12" Kubota OEM bucket. The second last photo...
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    Finally installed my Bro-Tek QA and Ripper Tooth

    Finally, I had a chance to install my Bro-Tek Ripper Tooth, but after seeing all the talk about a BH QA, I wanted one. So, I got the guys at Bro-Tek to fabricate one for me that would fit with their Ripper Tooth as well as my BH bucket. So, Dan and Richard and the guys went to work designing...
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    Installing wings on my kubota B2789 rear blower

    Hello all, and Happy upcoming New Year! I recently bought bough wings for my B2789 blower, and they came with no hardware and no instructions, not can I find anything on the Kubota website. here is what the parts look like, and here is what the blower looks like. Does anyone have these...
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    Pouring a concrete ramp at the waters edge.

    Hi, folks, I am planning on pouring a sloped concrete ramp behind my boat house, stretching down to the water so that I can take my boat in and out of the lake. (The boathouse is open at the back.) The water level varies quite a bit over the year, and right now it is about as low as it's going...
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    Rectifier for a 1989 Sears riding mower.

    Hi guys, I called the Sears parts guys and me and never even heard of what a rectifier is, so I'm going to my TBN friends. I am attaching a photo and the details of the more and the engine. Can anyone help out here at all? Thanks, guys.
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    "Value Leader" wood Chipper - anyone familiar with it?

    Has anyone heard of a "Value Leader" wood chipper? Here is what they say about it (4"), and the guy at says my Kubota BX25 (with 17.5 PTO HP) can handle it if I keep the branches down to about 3" (which is fine with me.) Here is what they say about it on their website...
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    Comparison Kubota B2650 vs B3350: upgrade from my BX25?

    Hello all, my Wife says go ahead and upgrade!:drool: (She's a good wife, to be sure.) But is it worth it to upgrade? I have a 2009 Kubota BX25 which has served me well, doing everything from digging out stumps to digging out the space for my garage and for my shed, to trenching, digging up...
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    Do wings on a snowblower pull you sideways?

    I have a Kubota BX25 with a B2789 rear blower, and I was told that if I added wings I might have problems with them pulling me sideways when cutting in to deep snow. Does anyone have any experience with this issue?
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    Kohler Generator use oil

    Our 17 kW Kohler standby generator seems to use a lot of oil, and I thought I would check and see if anyone else has this problem. It really hit home this past week, when there was a 3 day power outage while we were gone, during which time the generator ran full time. (We have an automatic...
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    Running 500 feet of underground wire.

    Hi, guys, I want to run electric power from my cottage building to a small 6 acre private lake, so that I can aereate the water for stocking trout, and to make it nice and clean near a small beach that I have built. I have been looking at shielded copper cable, and it is not cheap, so maybe I...
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    Buying a BX25 toothbar in Canada

    Hi, guys, does anyone know where I can get a reasonably priced removable tooth bar for my 2009 BX25? The BXpanded one will cost me close to $400 after the shipping, 20% exchange rate, and broker's fees, which makes it prohibitively expensive. I need a removable one since I use the
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    Snow Kubota B2789 rear vs. BX2750 front blowers

    I just checked the Kubota website, and I found out that the rear mount snowblower weighs 425 pounds versus only 200 pounds for the front mount model. Also the B2789 rear mount costs about half what the front mount costs, and yet it is much more sturdy than the front mount. A big question for...
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    How to gauge your trailer's tongue weight on an ongoing basis

    I am looking for a convenient way to measure my tongue weight, while adjusting my BX25 location and spare implement location on my 18' trailer. I have a 2" receiver hitch on my 2014 F150, and a (non-wheeled) trailer jack on the front of the trailer. If you think about the logistics, you would...
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    The big storm in Buffalo

    OK, so who is helping out with their blowers and such? Any good pics? And is it really 7 ft. deep?
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    Price Check Deprceiation on a 2008 Kubota BX25

    Hi, guys, I need to figure out how much my 2008 Kubota BX25 with FEL, BH, and 3-pt. hitch depreciated each year, for income tax purposes. I will be able to use a standard Tax Dept. formula of 30% depreciation per year after about 3 years out (when I started to use it to earn income), but I need...
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    Putting a BX25D FEL quick attach on an BX24

    I was looking for an earlier thread on this, but could not find it. Has anyone actually put the new BX25D FEL quick attach on an earlier model BX25? They are supposed to not be backwards compatible, but I seem to remember someone fitting it on anyways. Thanks, James
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    Oil & Fuel I put car gas in my Kubota diesel!

    Help! I mistakenly Regular car gas in my Kubota diesel. I only ran it for about five minutes and it was running so rough I turned it off. Am I in serious trouble? And can I drain it completely? Any advice would be much appreciated.
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    Top link length adjustment is way too limited

    I just bought a new box spreader from everything, and I can't get the top link on my Kubota 3 pt. hitch (which came with my BX25) to shorten enough. In fact, the entire range is only about an inch or so. I tried unscrewing it completely (so I could cut it shorter), but it won't...
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    Adjusting the height of a 3-point hitch snowblower

    I have a rear-mount blower on my BX25, and when the lift arms on the 3-point hitch are fully lowered, the blower is still not quite low enough, even with the skid shoes set up as short as possible. As well, when I go up a slight incline, the blower raises up off the ground and misses a lot of...
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    Are the BX tractors top heavy and tippy?

    A website that sells wheel spacers for the BX series tractors ( says that the BX tractors are "top heavy and tippy". What are your thoughts on this matter?
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    Does anyone have chains on a Kubota BX25?

    The BX25 has an extra reinforced framing member (unlike the other BX's) to accommodate the increased stresses from the included BH), but it seems that this frame comes so close to the rear tires that I do not have enough clearance for the ladder chains I bought. I also have a clearance problem...
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    Banging noise on my new B2789 snow blower

    Much to my surprise, I cannot lift my new rear-mount blower very high while engaged, or something starts to hit and there is a horribly loud banging noise. Can't figure out what it is - any ideas out there? (I'm talking about maybe 8" of the ground before the banging starts, so when I lift it...
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    Which Chains are best for R4 tires?

    I ordered what I thought were ring chains, but the dealer brought in the wrong kind. They would be good for turf tires I guess, but the straight cross links would just get caught in between the lugs of my R4 tires I fear. So what type of chains would be best for R4 tires? Amy thoughts would...
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    Ordered chains for my BX25

    After reading all the great discussion on TBN about chains, I decided to order ring chains for both front and back (for a little over $200 plus tax). Hopefully the installation will not be too much of a PITA, and then we will see how well they perform! (Got about 10" or so up North, and am...
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    Chains front and rear, or just rear?

    I have a BX25 with 4 wheel drive, and a B2789 rear-mount blower with the FEL as set up for the winter, and I am wondering about chains for the winter. Should I put them on both the front and rear tires, or just the rear?
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    Does the BX25 use a BX23 engine?

    I was copying my serial Nos. and such down into my manual for my BX25, and the engine had "D902-E3" and said BX23, instead of the "D902-E2-BX-2" that was printed in the manual. What gives?
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    Replacing rubber protectors on BX 25 front steering arms

    I'm afraid I tore my rubber protectors on what looks like the ball joints on my front steering assembly. Am I in for hours of works replacing them, and does anyone know who sells plates or what not to keep them from getting cut up again? Any advice would be much appreciated!:o
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    Oil & Fuel BX25 oil dipstick markings - how much oil?

    I just did my 200 hour oil change on my BX25, and found that the tractor took more oil than the manual said it would. The manual says 3.1 litres, but I was up to almost 4 and still not up to the upper marking hole on the dipstick. As well, the manual seems to show a sort of cross-hatched area...
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    Rear versus Front mounted snowblower

    Which is better? Well, I just looked at both at the local Kubota dealer, and the rear (B2789) snowblower for my BX25 looks FAR superior to me. It is hugely more sturdy, and a lot taller than the front mount (BX60?) model. Also, it has 4 blades on the second stage, and costs about 1/3 of what...
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    Who had tried the Bucket Expander from BXPANDED.COM?

    I am very curious about people's experiences with the BXPANDED bucket expander. So, if anyone has bought and used one, I'd very much appreciate hearing what your experience has been. How well does it work? How tough is it? Have you had any problems with wear, bending or warping? And how...
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    Hitch ball on BX25 FEL

    Okay, here's a question. I don't want to take off the BH just to move my boat around the cottage lot, so how can I rig up a ball on the FEL without drilling any holes in my BRAND NEW tractor? I played a bit with the empty boat trailer, by just rolling the FEL bucket as far back as it would go...
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    BX25 stalling in reverse

    I have a new BX25 with maybe 10 hours on it, and I've noticed it will sometimes stall out when backing up a slope (a very gentle one), even if I don't "step on the gas". Any ideas why this occurs? Has anyone else had this problem? One possibility is that the driver detection system may be...