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    Please answer without comment

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    Dozer usage

    We've had many dozers over the last 50 years, and in my experience, they don't have any more or less problems from sitting as opposed to any other piece of equipment. It's safe to say that for clearing land, we use our excavators much more than the dozers. I would say I put 50hrs a year on a...
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    Do i hay or crops

    I think you need to add more details to your situation before anyone can give you advice.
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    Engine Oil in UDT

    I agree, no problem at all. Engine oil, in a pinch, can be used in almost anything that requires any type of oil.
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    PTO Generator

    I have a Baumalight 12KW. It provides very clean power thru my transfer switch when the power goes out. This has been a great solution for the 5-7 power outages we get each year. Normally I run the generator on my 4052 tractor in E-PTO mode. The 100 horse in the picture is just a tad overkill!
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    The right tractor for towing/forestry work

    I can’t stress enough how much better a dozer is over a tractor for forestry work. Even in the best working conditions, sticks, stumps, rocks, limbs, etc are hard on tractors. I live on and selectively cut timber on my property. My tractors see very limited use in forested areas. The safety...
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    Out here in Orygone, this is a 4X5 w eye guards.
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    When do you start and stop mowing the grass where you live?

    April-July here in drought stricken SW Oregon.
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    4 wheel drive all the time? or just when needed

    Leaving your tractor in 4wd only presents an issue when working on hard surfaces such as pavement. The “winding up” of front driveline components happened to me once, but it was in a pickup that had mismatched gear ratios in the front and rear differentials. My dad leaves his tractors in 4wd...
  10. Ortimber

    Left turn on 2 lane. Stay in R/H lane or L/H to let cars continue on?

    B is the only choice for me.
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    Driver's License... What Vehicle did you use?

    1983 GMC Suburban
  12. Ortimber

    Found a great gas can spout!! Buy these once, never spill gas again.
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    How can I be sure the check will be good?

    I've sold several higher dollar items to private parties. I recently sold my camper for $12,000. After negotiating the price, I met the buyer at his bank, and walked out with cash. It's all on camera, and it's all legit.
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    F2690 quality issues

    It's been my experience that Kubota generally builds quality products. What you are describing is definitely not the norm. Sorry for the bad luck.
  15. Ortimber

    Which would you buy

    You will get a lot of opinions on gear vs hydro. I chose to go with hyrdo when I bought my Deere 4052. It's good/great for everything except really heavy tillage, which I do very little of with that tractor. New vs. used is very subjective and again you will get a lot of opinions, no comment...
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    Pacific North West - Excessive heat warning issued

    I’m in SW Oregon, NOAA weather is predicting 110 on Saturday. Holy cow, it’s only June! We are very worried about the forest fire situation. It’s been a very dry spring, and there are still spot fires flaring up from last years fires.
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    KX057 Excavator: Track wear question

    I also have a KX-057. Mine did the same thing when new. It now has 700hrs on it, tracks are still fine.
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    Will 0% Financing Be Around Again This Year?

    I do know that 0% isn't always available on construction equipment (skid steers and excavators). On the AG side, it's always available to my knowledge.
  19. Ortimber

    Hydraulic deck lift on a ZD1211

    ZD mowers are the real deal. I've had my ZD1211 for three years, and it's a great machine. Raise and lower the deck as much as you'd like.
  20. Ortimber

    Anyone own a Ford F250 Super Duty with the 7.3 gas engine and 10 speed?
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    Getting hay started this week

    I’m cutting this weekend here in SW Oregon. We’ve had a pretty bad drought, so hay fields are thin. I am excited to try my new Kuhn rotary rake though.
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    Accidentally put 15w40 in transmission

    Engine oil used in the wrong sump on a tractor won’t hurt a thing.
  23. Ortimber

    Rebuilt diesel blue smoke and rattle only sometimes

    My recommendation is to check the fuel system out. Bad injectors and/or worn injection pumps can cause the issues you are describing.
  24. Ortimber

    What to use as a tow chain?

    A pin/bolt shackle sized to fit your draw bar hole, and a 1/2 diameter logging choker is a great combination for this. The choker will tighten up and not slip off your brush.
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    Lets see your best tractor pictures

    Hay season 2020
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    PTO generator selection help

    They aren't cheap, but I have an 1800RPM Baumalight QC12 w/ a built in AVR. This is a very robust generator, and when running it in E-PTO behind my Deere 4052R, it's very quiet and fuel efficient. When using as a home backup unit, I plug it into an outside 50A receptacle which goes to a manual...
  27. Ortimber

    Size of Dozer?

    I’m not sure how much heavy land clearing you will be doing, but if it’s a substantial amount, I’d by an excavator first, and then come in with a dozer to finish up. A 20,000lb dozer is the smallest I would go with, but heavier is going to allow you to get more done per hour. My dad and I have...
  28. Ortimber

    Sell Gas and Buy Battery Chainsaw?

    I have more gas saws than I know what to do with, but was very excited when I opened this Christmas gift from my wife. Weather permitting, I’m going to try and get some downed trees taken care of today. From what I can see, I think this will be a great addition to my stable of saws.
  29. Ortimber

    Your last generator Maintenance Run

    I ran my PTO generator the other day in order to charge the batteries on the old 720. Maybe not a practical solution, but it was kind of fun!
  30. Ortimber

    Tractor vs. Bulldozer

    In my opinion, there’s just not much common ground between a tractor and a dozer. If I could only have one, it’d for sure be a loader tractor. I have a 100HP tractor, and a 100 HP dozer. On rough ground the dozer is a pleasure to operate, the tractor is almost dangerous. Both could pull a...
  31. Ortimber

    Turn timber land into pasture land

    I have a side gig doing land clearing, currently working on a previously logged site. Without a doubt, an excavator that is sized appropriately for the job is the best tool in my arsenal. A dozer works good too, but if I had to chose one it’d be an excavator.
  32. Ortimber

    Thoughts on 5100m and 5115m loader tractors

    I have a 2017 5100M with the H260 loader. The 540 loader is essentially the same, but Deere made a number change. I have the 32x16 transmission. It has a foot clutch, and a button to declutch, which allows you to shift thru the gears 1-4. There is also a button that let's you shift from...
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    Lets talk about your balls

    I use this for both my travel trailer and my 12K equipment trailer. The 2-5/16 ball (not pictured) is also rated for 14K.
  34. Ortimber

    Why people don't keep older equipment running

    I have a mix of new and old. Both are great in some ways, and equally terrible in other ways. I don’t mind fixing stuff, but making payments is sometimes worth it for our operations. In my mind, having a mix is a great combination. I can fix about everything on this one This one is much...
  35. Ortimber

    Anbo Mfg. lives on

    Glad to hear you guys are fired up and ready to go. I bought one of your grapples in 2012 and that thing has been awesome. Good luck!
  36. Ortimber

    Cutting thick copper plate?

    30% of my business is machining copper. It does not machine well at all, with the exception of a few alloys specifically designed for machinability (tellurium copper). The cost of this would be significant. A water jet would be my choice for cutting shapes in plate.
  37. Ortimber

    Chainsaw use - alone

    I run a Stihl 462 with a 28” lightweight bar. That is the best saw I have ever owned, no doubt.
  38. Ortimber

    Scenery pictures, what does your world look like............

    The trees that look white are oak trees that have a very light colored moss on them. We call it old man's beard, and it's like candy to deer. Here is a picture looking the other direction from my earlier post. The opening in the upper left is where I took the other picture from. We hay all...
  39. Ortimber

    Scenery pictures, what does your world look like............

    Here are a couple of pictures I took from my parents ranch. This is looking to the east. If you look close, you can see my house to the right of the smoke. I was very fortunate to be able to buy property across the street from our family痴 land. And here's my house as seen from my drone.
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    Standby Generator

    This February, we had a freak snowstorm and our entire county was without power. The biggest town was down 3 days, but most were out 4-10 days. We were out for 17! Some others were out for a month. We were just fine with a couple of Hondas. I’ve contemplated getting a 10-15KW diesel genny...
  41. Ortimber

    Twisting Stumps out of Ground?

    I have a LOT of stumps. I have a dozer, an excavator, and now a stump grinder. By far, the stump grinder has proven to be the best weapon for making these nasty things disappear. If I were the OP, I’d see about renting a skid steer w/ a stump grinder for a weekend and go to town. The stump...
  42. Ortimber

    Buying Advice Should I invest in haying equipment?

    I do hay for a hobby and make a little money while doing it. Does it pencil out when just looking at the numbers? Not a chance. However, depreciation is worth something and it’s a good way to keep my fields cleaned up. Over the years we’ve been able to upgrade our equipment and now have nice...
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    I just purchased a stump grinder for my skid steer. I tried it out on a few big stumps and I’m here to tell you, that’s the way to deal with stumps. I’ve literally dug hundreds of them out with my excavator. Not any more! This stump took about 15 minutes to grind out. I used my landscape...
  44. Ortimber

    Views from the Operator's Seat

    The pic isn’t great but I had about 5 seconds to snap it...
  45. Ortimber

    Xj2025h best pto wood chipper

    I completely agree with Oosik. I chip a lot of material every year, and have run my Wallenstein BX-62 behind my 30HP and 85HP (PTO) tractors. Green Douglas fir is pretty easy to chip but I can stall the small tractor pretty easily on anything bigger than 4” dia. Put the same chipper behind...
  46. Ortimber

    Traded Kubota L3901 for JD 4052R- questions?

    Hello everyone. Although these two tractors are in a different class from one another, I thought I would start a thread and give people a chance to ask questions of the good and bad from my perspective. Things like treadle vs the two peddle debate, plastic vs metal hoods, loader valve...
  47. Ortimber

    Good morning!!!!

    Thank you! Agreed, the weather patterns are definitely abnormal. We just got back from Kentucky and the rain they are having was the talk of the town. Yes, we are faring very well. My wife and I are by no means “preppers” but we do maintain enough necessities to hold us over for a couple of...
  48. Ortimber

    Good morning!!!!

    Record breaking snow here is western Oregon. Power has been out for most of us since Sunday. We ended up with 18” of wet snow. Other locations got 24”. This all happened below 1000FT elevation. Not sure how much the mtn passes ended up with.
  49. Ortimber

    Woods TPR72 3-Pt. Power Rake Overview.

    Power rakes are awesome. Too bad you are so far away, I’m selling mine in order get one that fits my new skid steer.
  50. Ortimber

    Should I upgrade?

    I have used a small tractor, large tractor, small excavator, large excavator, and a dozer for dealing with trees. Yes, I have cleared a lot of trees. All of the above work, but an excavator is best. Tractors also work but things can go south in a hurry and I feel like that practice is...