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    Kubota L5740 HST3 Fuel Line Comes Loose

    Hello all. 2010 Kubota L5740 HST3 with 350 hours. Fueled up and moved some dead trees for about 30 minutes. Drove up to the pole barn to top up before putting away and noticed smoke coming from under hood. Popped the hood open and notice what I thought was hydraulic all spray and realized it was...
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    Mowing Simplicity Prestige (Not)

    Traded my JD X500 in for a Simplicity Prestige this May. Offloaded the mower and started it up and engaged the deck...and it quit. This happened 7 times and they took it back to the shop. Safety switch was installed/broken at the factory. New switch everything is great. Fantastic cut compared to...
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    Tractor Sizing L5740 HST equivalent

    Still love my 5740 but was looking at deals now being offered and the cab on other models like the 6060 look inviting. Any thoughts?
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    Mowing 2016 Simplicity Prestige replaces John Deere X500

    Traded 2009 JD X500 for new Simplicity Prestige due to Suspension brackets and bolts on 54 inch Deck on JD X500 replaced for third time. Plastic hood on JD developed cracks. Prestige is metal. Love the ride and power steering with the Prestige. Has a slight horsepower increase than JD with...
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    Kubota 2010 L5740 HST Running RoUgH

    Did all my servicing a couple weeks ago. New hydraulic fluids and filters, fuel filter, air filter, oil and filter. Cleaned everything and greased everything. Ran great for a week. Did some weed tilling for about 20 minutes today when tractor started running rough, rpm swinging from 300 to 1400...
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    Kubota 2010 L5740 HST Running RoUgH

    Did all my servicing a couple weeks ago. New hydraulic fluids and filters, fuel filter, air filter, oil and filter. Cleaned everything and greased everything. Ran great for a week. Did some weed tilling for about 20 minutes today when tractor started running rough, rpm swinging from 300 to 1400...
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    Change in Stihl design?

    It's been a few years since I checked out the new Stihl line. I have 3 Stihl saws... MS170 for limb trimming (hot knife through butter), my old reliable 026 Farm Boss (2002) with 20 inch blade (rebuilt it a couple years ago due to CONSTANT use) and newer 261 Pro. All have been exceptionally...
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    Safety Article for New Tractor Owners

    Just met another fellow with a "near miss" with the pearly gates. Here's the article that should be included in every new tractor owners operating manual published by Penn State in 1991 by Dennis J. Murphy. The diagram on page 3 spells out the idiocy of those that "think" that they are...
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    L5740 Autothrottle

    The autothrottle cable was adjusted from the factory at a pretty high rpm and after adjusting it all the way down the rpm still wants to go all the way to 1900 when the hst pedal is pushed all the way to the floor...which is still kind of high in my book. I was hoping to keep the rpm range...
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    Kubota L5740 @ 100 hours

    I wrote a review on the L5740HST last year after putting just 17 hours on the machine and I haven't changed my mind now that the machine has 100 hours on it! Outstanding performance and maneuverability...very easy to use. Sbakf, Lostinthewoods, TripleR, TexasJohn, gave me great advice along...
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    Kubota Parts

    Any news from the dealers on Kubota parts with the Fukushima disaster? Anybody know where the parts come from or where they are manufactured within Japan?:confused2:
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    Leaking seal on 5740

    Anyone have a problem on the rear seals on the 5740 weeping enough to get your attention? No leaks per say but enough residue to catch my eye. -17 this morning...springs right around the corner:laughing:
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    L5740 works in the snow

    I have just about 70 hours on the new machine. Delivery truck came with pallet of new bee supplies after the ice/snow storm and I wondered how I was going to get them back to the shop. I dug the doors open on the pole barn:laughing: then I tried out the new L5740 4wd in pretty deep snow with...
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    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving and Thanks to all who made my purchases and decisions much easier and wiser. :thumbsup: Truly a wealth of knowledge when it comes to machinery and equipment in one spot. S 510:D TTYL Greg
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    Kubota Auto throttle

    Anyone know how to adjust the autothrottle on the L5740? I haven't used it much while breaking in the seemed like it was giving me way too much power for what I was doing when it was first delivered so I shut it off. I turned it on again today after not using it for about one...
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    Root Cellar

    Anyone have any good spots on the net for a root cellar? I've read the book "Root Cellaring" by Mike and Nancy Bubel and it is excellent, but was wondering if anyone had a site on building/construction the cellars. I'm looking at a 15 x 30 cellar because of our organic operation. Along those...
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    Who's better at estimating slope angles?

    Some more neat info...surprising information about the "new operator". Check out this link and see what the engineers are designing to predict overturns! Tractors and Rollover...
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    Tractor stability and front end loaders

    I plan on using this Title and adding/amending it as I gather more information. I plan to do the same with the thread "How to kill yourself without knowing". It's obvious that the TBN community wants more information on how to protect itself...and have a good argument now and then!:D I also...
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    Another rollover

    Just read today on the site about another tip of a tractor. Many have done it and survived and many of us (self included) have come very very close. There are so many people buying tractors for the first time and getting advice on TBN that we need to get the word out every day that slope and...
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    Moving implements out of the barn.

    I was able to put all my equipment under one roof but now have to hoist the attachment I want to use up and over the other ones I have stacked in there. Currently using a chain but was wondering about manufacturing a heavy duty strap that would be a bit easier on the equipment? It would also...
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    5740HST/Relieving pressure off of 3rd function valve

    I was having problems relieving the pressure of the lines that come off the 3rd function valve. Despite turning the key on and moving the switches until I knew there was no pressure I still couldn't hook the male hose from the grapple to the receptacle on the Kubota. I finally played around...
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    excellent website for research

    Found a website while looking for ag machinery weight and balance. This website will direct you to hundreds if not thousands of website from building plans, soil testing and management to equipment and implement matching....tons of stuff to waste a good sunny day. Martindale's "The Reference...
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    Northern Tool Chain versus Oregon Chain Saw Sharpener

    Anyone know anything about Northern Tool Chain Saw Sharpener? Saw one on Chain Saw Reviews - Electric,Gas, Stihl, Husqvarna, Homelite and Echo Chainsaws for about 90 bucks but the grinding head has no angle on it like the Oregon sharpeners. Northern Industrial Bench or Wall-Mount Saw Chain...
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    Which tractor does the boy miss?

    Guess who said he was going to miss the old Jubilee because he "grew" up on it? Another generation in the making that will be buying a Jubilee down the road!
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    Ferguson Two Bottom Plow

    Anybody have a web site where I can research and place a value on a Ferguson Two Bottom Plow? Excellent shape and still plow with it. Plow has brass tag with model (14a) and number (5387) on it.
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    Diesel additives for winter

    Any suggestions for the better diesel additives going into winter?
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    Kubota 5740 HST performance

    Well...I've put 12 hours on the machine since it arrived. The strength of the machine...even though I test drove and lifted a few things with one is better than expected. How I operated around here without a grapple makes me want to nearly cry when I see how much time it would have saved me but...
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    Loving It!

    Despite managing to stir the pot about weight and balance just wanted you all to know that I was able to get more done with the mower and grapple on this 5740 in an hour and a half than I could all day with a chain saw and chain that accompanied my Jubilee in the woods. Still amazed at the...
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    How to kill yourself without knowing

    I used to buy into the legal departments argument that due to too many factors that the manufacturers can't do this or that. We studied those back in our basic Mech Ag classes in the 70's and we were also punching cards for computers. That was true up to about the 1990's but that isn't true...
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    Rollover protection

    Wanted to thank everyone for their inputs. I've been able to get up to speed quick with excellent advice and practical experience. I noted that lots of us are buying new farm machinery that is more powerful and better than the last machine. All wonderful work aids but the physics change and...
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    Turbo time for cool down

    This is my first turbo machine. The manual says to let the engine idle for 3-5 minutes so that the turbocharging winds down. Is this to let the pressure stabilize or is this a temp related/ cool down issue with the components in the turbo. Every other turbine I've operated needed only 1-2 two...
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    5740 Finally arrived

    Here's the new hired man. :D It came with additional hydraulics for the back and 3rd port on front for the anbo grapple that shows up Thursday. Bucket is heavy duty round back...the dealer that delivered showed me how easy the FEL comes off. I said thanks...I'll have to review the manual when...
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    Front-End Loader Any chain saw attachments for Kubota FEL?

    Anybody know of a hydraulic driven chain saw that's been adapted to the hydraulics of a Kubota quick disconnect FEL? If I can find one I won't have to leave my seat except to stack it!:D
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    Tiller Which brand?

    Searching for a 6 to 7 ft tiller that can break new turf. Gear drive. Lots of them out there but King Kutter tg84 came in at a nice price compared to most. Any comments welcome...pulling with Kubota 5740 (50hp pto).
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    Tractor Sizing m6040 vs hst L5740

    Torn between a bigger tractor with more strength and bigger engine M6040 vs the convenience of the hst on the 5740. I have 14 acres, organic garden produce and bees and always moving trees for firewood. I'm always moving bee equipment and everything else. I have rented smaller units (40hp)...
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    NH or JD 60 HP

    New or used...I am comparing the NH 4060 to JD 5065E, JD 5065M and JD 4520/4720. Which one would you buy? This will be my last tractor purchase and obviously want to make this a good one. I'm comparing those brands because of the dealers that are in close proximity to me. Both dealers have good...
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    Buying Advice Need your input

    Trading Old Reliable to this site but I like the reviews you folks send in. I have a 1953 Ford Jubilee with a front bucket/post hole digger/woods finishing mower/110 gallon sprayer etc that has served me well for the last ten years but I'm getting older and the armstrong steering...