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    PINE logs anyone?

    I found an excellent sawyer through that source. A real wizard.
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    PINE logs anyone?

    There's quite a learning curve to using a portable sawmill properly.
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    PINE logs anyone?

    Those look like Virginia pine. Not the best pine species for lumber, but I have had some very nice boards made out of it. It isn't particularly strong and can be knotty, but I've actually used Virginia pine 3 x 10's as beams and they're doing great. The lumber is a nice white color, smells...
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    Why am I destroying tail wheel forks?????

    An old timer told me to keep the front of the deck slightly lower than the back, where the grass discharges. This helps the grass discharge and keeps the tail wheel in solid contact with the ground most of the time. I've done that for ages and have never had any problem with the tail wheel or...
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    Should I cab or not. Getting ready to buy

    To me the answer depends on the kind of "tractor behavior" you have. If you are going to be doing a lot of long-duration field work---cutting grass, haying, row cropping, those sorts of things---I would get the cab. I've never gotten a cab because our farm, like many Virginia small farms, has...
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    Noob question 4 wheel drive

    You can compensate for not having 4WD by adding wheel weights, filling tires, or just having a very heavy big tractor. Many ag tractors have done those things. Today's compact tractors really benefit from 4WD.
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    Noob question 4 wheel drive

    I don't think there are too many hard-and-fast rules to this. Obviously you don't want 4WD when you're out on the highway, if you ever do that. You don't want to go at higher speeds in FWD. Don't make sudden turns ever, in either 2WD or 4WD. Tractors are a lot more forgiving of heavy FWD use...
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    Who writes owners manuals?

    In a previous life, I was a manuscript editor for a publisher you would recognize. This is an excellent topic and one not considered nearly often or deeply enough. I'm not a mechanic, but give me a well-written and clearly illustrated manual and I can do a whole lot. I'm a Kioti man going...
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    Need Tractor/Truck Recommendation

    Many many questions there; hard to focus a reply. I've owned nothing but Kiotis and have loved them. If you're on a budget and leery of JD prices (not just to buy, but to maintain), I'd certainly go with a Kioti. But obviously I'm biased. Are you physically strong? Or have a close close...
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    Had checkbook in hand but No sale

    Try a Kioti ! South Koreans are clever, solid manufacturers, and the price is right. I've owned four and haven't been sorry yet.
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    Sick of Paying Tractor Part Prices.... Make Your Own....(3D Printed)

    I respect anyone for making something himself or fixing something himself rather than buying the thing or hiring someone. I think such action is worthwhile and preferable even when you don't necessarily save money. In our slave world, acts of independence and similar expressions of freedom are...
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    Ground compaction

    The best machine for clearing weeds etc. from woods is the goat. You might be able to rent goats to do so, and to keep them confined within specific areas within movable electric fencing. Of course they will need water, and possibly some hay to supplement their diet. Just take proper care of...
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    warm up

    I warm up my tractor engine for 4 or 5 minutes before moving an inch. Longer in cold weather. You can hear the engine start to hum more rapidly and smoothly (and ping) when it's reasonably warmed up. I also let the engine cool down for a couple of minutes after use, before turning the machine...