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    Rolling about in tires

    Back in the early '60s in CT we used a cardboard box from a refrig or washing machine and opened the two ends and made a track-like item to roll down the hills with. Not as fast as a round item but still fun - especially when we had 2 or 3 kids in it at a time !! It's amazing we didn't have more...
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    Bad Boy Zero Turn Mower

    The 24 hp Kawasaki on my 60" Country Clipper is no dog - for the first few years I cut over 5 acres as lawn with it and the last 2 years still cutting over 2 acres and I try to wait 2 weeks between cuttings so my grass gets a little taller than alot of people let it go for a lawn. Have over 300...
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    Gehl HL4500 alternator substitute

    You can get Delco one-wire alternators cheap from many sources and they started at 63 amp if I remember correctly, which is more than enough for tractor use. The alternator on my 40 hp tractor is only 20 amp.
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    Broken seat spring - what would you do?

    You can buy a whole new adjustable suspension kit for $160 that is a scissor type with springs just like yours. I bought one to put under my ZT mower seat 2 years ago and it works great. in Alabama.
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    Mahindra 4510 MFWD issue

    Might be the same as my 4110. There is a sliding coupler that connects the splined stub axle coming out of the trans to the splined end of the long axle. The long axle has a circlip on it in a groove to keep that coupler from sliding away from the stub axle. Same set up on the differential end...
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    Wireless Driveway alert or alarm recommendations

    Our Mighty Mule is about 250' down our gravel driveway from the house. I buried the coil right in the edge of the gravel maybe 6" - 8" deep approx. 12-13 years ago. Still works just dandy with maybe 3 or 4 false alarms a year (sunspots ?) Maybe 1 missed detection a year. The 2 AA batteries get...
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    Grading--what am I doing to cause this?

    In post #32 you mentioned the one thing that is going to help you the most for using a boxblade to grade - the hydraulic top link. The next best thing to help will be practice !! I too have the opinion that breaking up a well-packed driveway except in severe cases is foolish, if needed you...
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    Bad news big repair

    Especially in instances of corrosion an ohm meter may not detect the problem - you need to test using voltage to see if the wire/circuit is capable of the load. In my decades of auto diagnosing I used a headlight bulb rigged with wires to test integrity of 12vdc circuits. Alot of times it's not...
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    No tornados here, thankfully

    My wife, African grey and I spent the night in our storm room last night and luckily we didn't have any apparent damages in our little hollow. Lots of damage just north AND south AND west of us but we are OK here thank goodness.
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    FEL works off remotes

    I'm not sure about your set up but MOST FELs I've come across were plumbed straight to the hydraulic supply of the tractor and then a power beyond port fed any other hydraulics such as rear remotes. That's the way my Mahindra came for sure.
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    Please answer without comment

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    Where are all my birds?

    We too, here in TN are getting a few back as well that had been totally missing for a couple of months. Cardinals, wrens, chickadees, finches all coming back in smaller numbers. Mourning doves and blue jays are the only ones that hadn't gone missing the past couple of months.
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    Max 26 Radiator Fluid Flush - Question

    My 4110 came with a plastic tee and valve in the small coolant hose from the factory - never got to use it as a stick popped up years ago and broke it - did a "premature" radiator flush and new coolant !! The hose is 8mm - same as 5/16". I didn't even price the new tee/valve from Mahindra, just...
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    Husqvarna 150BT will not start

    I bought a 125B hand-held Husky blower 11 years ago and when I got it out for the 3rd season it wouldn't start. Came to find the piston ring had gotten carboned-up and stuck the ring in the land. It had a little compression but not enough. I bought a new piston & jug assembly and installed and...
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    allowed pushing with box blade

    Really, I've pushed with my boxblade about as much as I've pulled with it over the 25+ years I've had it on two different tractors. What has ALWAYS "given" on mine are the drawpins on the boxblade - they bend before anything else. I always keep a couple spares in the toolbox. They also bend...
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    shut off solenoid

    I know nothing much about your NH but my Mahindra has an emergency manual fuel shut-off at the bottom of the steering column - works like a parking brake release, cable operated to mechanically override the electric solenoid. Sometimes when it's been worked hard in hot weather I have to use it...
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    Kubota L4610 electrical problem (need help please)

    A much cheaper alternative to stop terminal/cable corrosion is to use the old red & green felt washers around your battery posts and SOAK them good with the corrosion inhibitor that comes in spray cans. The impregnated felts usually don't have much inhibitor on them as they come and will only...
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    It's Time For Medicare (whether I want it or not)

    I don't know about other states but TN has SHIPP - a govt. organization you can find out all about Medicare in YOUR state. The representatives work for the state and cannot give you advice directly about what plans to go with but will explain ALL the plans to you and answer questions etc. My...
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    bucket level indicator

    My Mahindra (KMW loader) has the tube-in-tube and the outer tube end is cut on an angle so it makes a wide point. When the tractor was new I got it sitting on good, level hard surface and sat the bucket down nice & flat and then hand-filed a groove around the inner rod at that tip level. The...
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    When do you start and stop mowing the grass where you live?

    I start in early April and end in Nov usually. Got 1 more quick cutting to do now and that's only to get the wild garlic (some call them onions) to keep them from snagging leaves in the yard & ditches and letting them build up (I blow leaves into a huge pile to compost). During the season I try...
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    Where are all my birds?

    OP - It's been the same here in middle TN, my wife & I have been discussing it just the past few days. I've been feeding the birds here exactly the same for 15 years now and it's a ghost town the past few weeks. I have 1 large feeder that holds about 15 lbs. and 2 smaller open-type feeders and I...
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    4110 T4 series, pinion needed

    The second time I had a problem with my front diff it wasn't feasible to repair it part by part. I ended-up getting the whole new diff complete for approx. $700 (+/-). Couldn't round up all the parts I needed individually. This was probably 8 - 10 years ago. The first time I had trouble with...
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    3510 Clutch Safety Switch

    I didn't try the link to see what you guys are talking about but just from what you posted so far you are headed in the wrong direction. The electro-mechanical clutch is for the PTO only, this tractor has a typical single disc dry clutch for the transmission. Early models such as mine didn't...
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    Solar Panel Controller Needed

    I've been using 2 different 10w panels to keep batteries charged - one I bought off of Amazon and one I scavenged from an old solar electric fence charger I had for years. I had to purchase 2 charge controllers from Amazon to use these panels and so far all has worked well for several years now...
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    Early/Late Mahindra 3501 Filters

    Like I said, "I'm not sure …" but mine built in 2001 is a new sheet metal model, not the old style. Mine is serial #43. I remember a discussion here way back in '04 or '05 where another member had a 4110 that was a 2004 model and it had the TYM engine like mine but had a Mitsu front axle...
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    Early/Late Mahindra 3501 Filters

    I don't think that is quite correct - the new sheet metal models were already out before Mahindra changed from TYM built to Mitsubishi built. Mine was built in 2001 by TYM but is the new sheet metal model. I'm not sure but I think the Mitsubishi builds started in 2004. Different front axle...
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    Thread Sealing Tape?

    Teflon tape won't cause any problems if the person applies it PROPERLY. I've used it in automotive in many applications for about 50 years now and have never had a problem whereas I've seen guys apply it IMPROPERLY and cause the mentioned problems.
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    Grounding Questions, Electrical

    My Generac is a portable unit and I use it exclusively with extension cords only - the ground lug wired to the house's ground rod is the only ground the whole system has - I do not have any interface with the house wiring at all.
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    Grounding Questions, Electrical

    My Generac generator bought new in 2019 has the grounding lug on the frame - I use a #6 copper wire from it to my ground rod in the ground below my electric meter - just use a pair of vise-grips to attach the wire to the top of the rod.
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    Zetor 4911 clutch problem

    My Mahindra 4110 with a single clutch has 3 adjustable fingers on the pressure plate that the release bearing rides on. You must adjust the distance from the face of the flywheel to the surface of each finger once the pressure plate is installed and torqued-down properly. I had to make a custom...
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    Untreated lumber for uncovered deck?

    I would tend to agree that the white oak would be better, red oak rots more easily and bugs go for it more too. If I were going to do this project I would use a couple of coats of oil based stain or preservative and let it dry well. Then I would use spar varnish on the top surfaces with some...
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    Keep ripping tubes

    In years past I've seen tire guys use grease to lube the bead area to seat a bead when inflating instead of specific bead lube/sealer and am wondering if maybe the tire is spinning a little under heavy torque - this could also tear a tube/stem. I also have had terrible luck with small tubes...
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    Are calcium filled tires a horror show?

    My tubeless rear R4s have been filled with 50/50 mix of methanol for just about 20 years now, 3063 hours of HEAVY duty use and never a leak. If one did leak, the alcohol would be evaporated away in just a little while ... When my new tractor was delivered to me I drove it the 3 miles to our...
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    Farmstead planning

    When I built our place here in 2006 we went with concrete slab construction which wasn't very popular here in TN but our time in FL taught us some benefits of it and we went with it and glad we did. There isn't a single step in our house except the 4" tall threshold to our LARGE (42x82) shower...
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    Turkeys in the yard . . . a better way?

    The turkeys like our flower beds too (hens) so I started putting a bunch of short pieces of rebar standing up in them until they get full-up with flowers. They are just taking a dust bath, used to get into the garden a lot too but the electric fence taught them very quickly.
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    Zero Turn Tires

    I put some Sedona Bazooka ATV tires on mine and has worked-out very well for a couple of years now. My machine is only 800 lbs. plus my 220 lbs. makes it less than others so the extra traction really helped on my hilly ground. Only took a little while to re-learn turns and now I tear up less...
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    Anyone else have an unusually large number of hummingbirds this year?

    We've had a pretty typical year for the hummers, just starting to slow down this week a little. We have 2, 7 station feeders that hold 40 oz. each (2 1/2 qts. total) and they go thru those in less than 24 hrs. At the "peak" a week or two ago they were going thru them in approx. 12 hrs but have...
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    Reclaiming Old Gravel Driveway

    Everyone wants to tear-up gravel that has been settled and packed - why? So you can deal with doing it all over again later ? Add some material, smooth it out with whatever you use, drive on it !! I haven't used the scarifiers in my boxblade in 20 years !!
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    My Mahindra 4110 front metal pivot has no grease fitting.

    There are the 2 grease zerks shown in the diagram that I have been greasing for 20 years now - the front and rear pivots of the axle housing are not internally lubed. I have had my axle housing completely out of the tractor twice in 20 years so I know this as fact. Possibly the OP's is a...
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    My Mahindra 4110 front metal pivot has no grease fitting.

    No "pins". Look at this exploded view.
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    My Mahindra 4110 front metal pivot has no grease fitting.

    My 2001 built 4110 has 2 grease zerks on the front axle pivot. On the pivot in front of the axle the zerk is on the right side sticking out parallel to the ground and on the rear portion of the pivot behind the axle the zerk is on the left side, parallel to the ground. You use the large bolt...
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    How to blade gravel without 3-point float?

    Boxblading is definitely a learned skill and the short wheelbase of a tractor makes it more difficult. You have to learn how to adjust your toplink and feather your 3 pt up & down. A hydraulic toplink is essential to me to get the job done, you'd have to get on/off the tractor many times to...
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    Loud bang and the clutch stopped working ....

    My 4110 is an independent PTO so no dual clutch but when my tractor had the same symptoms 3 times over the years it was 1 of the pressure plate thru bolts snapped - not the bolts that hold the plate to the flywheel, one of 3 bolts that hold the face plate against the springs between the cover...
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    Mahindra 4110 review after 16 years

    My 4110 is a 2001 model that I bought new in Feb. 2002 - the red was already starting to turn pink on the plastic cowl. My fender flares also cracked very early on but are still there all these years later. My tractor has lived it's whole life outdoors with no cover whatsoever and I have used...
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    Oil Drain Plug. Replacement Washer. New Holland.

    Those have been in use in automotive for decades. I prefer a copper or aluminum gasket.
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    conduit recommendation

    Possibly some 5/16 or 3/8 fuel hose ? Some newer versions for fuel injected engines are quite stout but of course very flexible. Cable ties (good ones) or clamps to attach. Would take years to degrade enough to require replacement.
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    Buying things on-line - decision strategies

    Really - we have to plan our day-long shopping trips ahead of time - usually end up driving over 100 miles round trip just to get all the groceries/supplies we need weekly, sometimes much further for uncommon items. Nearest loaf of bread or can of soda is right at 10 miles away. And this isn't...
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    Changing tie rods on a L4310 kubota

    We always called the tool a "pickle fork" in the automotive trade. There are a couple different sizes - width between the forks and angle of the wedge but all work the same with a good drilling hammer.
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    How to seal red cedar

    Eastern red cedar dries pretty quickly, especially in smaller pieces. Give it a little time and then use polyurethane - will stay in color from then on. Even the so-called clear liquid preservatives will change the color permanently.
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    I give Up looking for a trailer.

    Yea, the wood wasn't cheap but I DID save myself a couple hundred by checking around - Lowe's was going to be over $700 for their crap lumber. I got #1 ground contact closer to home for $500. Luckily able to re-use the old bolts so the lumber was the only expense.