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    Price reasonable?

    Getting low ball offers, folks wanting me to throw in mower/bush hog for less $. I feel most folks have 30 hp in their heads as minimum. What's a reasonable price? 24 Mahindra 215 4x4 Tractor Loader ~45 hrs
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    This is BLASPHEMY, but here goes...

    I own a 2004 Mahindra 2015 with loader. I use a ratchet rake on it along with a box blade (aka grader box) to rake my driveway once a year. I really don't use it for anything else. The blasphemy part, I'm thinking about selling it. I have a Suzuki Kingquad 750 and a snow plow. Anyone ever...
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    Buying Advice URGENT - Woods 5215 diesel

    I'm inspecting a 5215, Kubota diesel, 60" deck, 800 hrs with VAC this weekend. What should I check?
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    Snow Equipment Owning/Operating Siping vs. Grooving in R4's - Wet snow

    For those of you who have done both, which would you say helps the most for WET slushy snow? I can sipe with with a sawzall, but I need a tool to groove. Also, I don't want to shred my tires for no results. One more thing, from what I've read and observed, siping runs PERPINDICULAR to the...
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    2015 Tire Fluid Question

    So we had a blizzard in my area recently. I had 18"+ on my driveway. The 2015 with no fluid did fine until I got to a hill. I was scooping snow out and dumping to the side. Once I got to the hill (around 12% slope) I got stuck in the road. I could not back up the incline with the loader...
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    Mahindra glow plug conversion questions

    Will someone please share the following for their SINGLE HARNESS glow plug conversion kit?: NGK glow plug timer number - ? NGK glow plug numbers - ? Did you NEED the wiring harness - 19672985000?
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    Grading What works a tractor harder?

    What works a tractor harder a rotary cutter (cutting 2' field grass) or a tiller (cutting thru 6" dense field grass)? I guess I'm pondering which requires more HP?
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    Snow Scraper blade mounted to FEL?

    I found these pictures online, perhaps someone here. Who has done this and how'd it work for you?
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    2004 Mahindra 2015 Gear, FEL 258 Hours $5.8k

    Thought I'd share for others reference. I got this in January off CL. Keep an eye out for bad ads. The seller did not mention it had a loader or the low hours and the ad had no picture. Good luck!
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    Dealer Jinma Central Va dealers

    Are there any Jinma dealers near Richmond VA? I see the two in Chesapeake, but that's a 2 - 2.5 hr drive from here. I want to try one out before buying.
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    Chinese quality improvements

    I was researching chinese tractors heavily 3 yrs ago and decided against them since I was worried about quality. I even chatted with a trader with US references and got quotes for a crate unit shipped to a local port. At the time they were trying to skirt EPA carb regs and the guy was talking...