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    Still Waiting For A LS MT342

    I finally got my tractor yesterday, but didn't get the front-mount snow-blower yet. Dealer traded my blower with another dealer for the tractor. Maybe get the blower in 2 or 3 weeks.
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    Still Waiting For A LS MT342

    Will it's Nov, 16,2021 and no tractor yet. Dealer said there is not one in the entire state. I guess I'll just have to keep waiting!
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    Still Waiting For A LS MT342

    No Tractor yet, could not pick it up now away, wife has the Covid. I have to quarantine!
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    Still Waiting For A LS MT342

    I ordered the tractor March 16, 21 and still waiting. Dealer says maybe by the end of July. That sucks but he can not help it.
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    Maybe A LS MT342

    I signed the papers today for the MT342HC tractor and 72" front-mount snow-blower. Six to eight weeks to deliver the tractor and not sure about the snow-blower.
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    Maybe A LS MT342

    I have been thinking about buying MT342 HC with a 74" front-mount snow-blower. Will this HP be enough to handle this blower for a 2000' drive-way?
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    Looking For Ford 2000, 3000 Front Axle Knees And Spindles

    I need both left & right side front axle knees and spindles. Maybe even the hubs. The axle knees MUST have the holes for the radius rods. E-mail: [email protected] They must be in good shape!
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    New Parts For Leyland 384

    Where can I get parts for a Leyland 384 tractor. Anybody have any manuals for it ( operators and repair).
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    Replacing 2-Stage Clutch In 2110 8- Speed

    I need to replace the 2-stage clutch on a 2110 . The reason is that the PTO will not stop with the clutch pushed all the way down. I would change the whole clutch-pac. My question is, can I install the clutch-pac and then just adjust the drive clutch or do I have to do something with the PTO...