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    Cat 2 diameter, but cat 1 spacing?

    Why would someone have an implement with category 2 diameter pins on category 1 spacing? I only ask because I just bought a used implement and didn't even notice this until I tried to connect it to my cat 1 tractor. The pin diameter is category 2 for the lift arms and top link, but they match...
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    72" Harley Rake on compact tractor?

    Hello, I have a freshly graded new construction yard. The excavation contractor did a nice job of finish grading with his bulldozer, and I'd like to run a harley rake/power rake over the whole area to give a nice seed bed for my grass seed. Can my Kubota B2601 (24.3 engine hp, 19.5 PTO hp)...
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    B2601 Bent stabilizer arms?

    I purchased this B2601 used. The backhoe was on when I purchased it 6 months ago and I just got around to taking the backhoe off and installing the three point. Are these stabilizer arms bent? When I looked at the machine before purchasing it, the previous owner had them off the tractor and in...
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    Dimensions of 324/424

    Can someone please confirm the dimensions of a Yanmar 324/424 TLB for me? I looked at them at the dealer, and really liked them. Seemed like a nice in-between size. I'm looking at the dimensions and trying to figure out where it would fit in my garage. If I'm reading the spec sheet correctly...
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    Construction Stake Abbreviation Help

    Hello there, I am trying to decipher a construction stake on my property. The stake reads: "3' OFF B/C P.C. LINE ONLY" My first thought was 3' off back of curb, but this stake is 15' from the curb, so that doesn't make much sense. Any idea what this means? Thanks!