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    How soon is soon enough for Super UDT2 in Front Axle ?

    Looked at my front axle oil (while changing engine oil). My BX23 at 925 hours with minimal 4WD, the Super UDT looks like new. Not sure that helps much...
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    How not to bushhog !!

    Slash Pine: That's a great story!
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    scut ride comfort while mowing, R4 vs turf vs R14

    I just swapped out my original R1s on my BX23 with Turf tires (at 18psi vs 20psi spec'ed) and my ride improved - glad I made the change.
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    Millermatic 211 vs. Hobart Handler 210MVP

    I've had the Hobart machine for 3 or 4 years and love it. Mine's on a welding cart so the weight isn't an issue. I would suggest getting the spool gun if you think you might do any aluminum work.
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    Sub-Compact/Compact Recommendations

    I love my BX23 with the 60" belly mower. I've been cutting with it for 12 years and think it does a great job. The FEL has enough capacity to move whatever I need. Went tubing down your Apple River years ago and had a great time!
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    Newbie MIG machine recommendation

    I have the Hobart Handler 210 and it's great! Mine came with the Spool Gun which is great for aluminum work...look to see if you can't get both as a package.