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    Updated list of Service Manual + Part Books

    Hi, do you have the manuals for the old 3 cylinder 4020?
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    Century 3040 injection pump

    Hi, I'm looking for the part numbers for the injection pump and shims for a 2003 Century 3040/ Branson 4020. I already tried getting the numbers from the local dealer with no luck.
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    Posthole Digger 3pt Post hole digger help

    Hi me and my dad just barrowed a 9 inch danuhausen(sp) auger from a friend, and we are having some problems with using it. when we barrowed the auger we found out that it needed some new teeth. so before getting the new teeth we tested to see how it worked. the first time the auger went down 4...
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    Century 3040 not starting up

    Hi, my dad can't seem to get his 3040 to start up. Here is what happened we got home and it was snowing so I wanted to drive the tractor about a bit to see how it handled in the snow. So I cleaned the tractor off. And started it up I tried to increase the rpms up to 1100. But the rpms kept on...
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    Stone Removal

    Hi, Me and my dad need some advice on what type of attachment would be best at removing stones from a field. because my family just bought 6 arces in lower york county PA. And the builders just completed the the final grade on the propertry. and we have to plant grass on about 1-1.5 arces but...