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    BX22 air filter bracket broken again

    This is the fourth time it has broken, and I'm getting tired of taking it off and rewelding it. Each time it breaks, it breaks in another spot. Has anybody had any problems with this issue before?
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    BX22 front differential case

    The o rings are leaking on the front diff housing where it attaches to the frame. (the diff housing attaches by means of a single bolt thru the front frame) I've looked at the parts manual and found the bushings and o rings for the housing, but I have a question for someone who has a service...
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    KK gauge wheels

    I went to Farm & Fleet to check on a set of gauge wheels for my rake. I have a Wallace rake, but wallace doesn't make a wheel kit. F & F can order a KingKutter wheel set, but they are not sure if the wheels have greese fittings on the axles and spindle. Anybody out there have a clue if they...
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    new baby is in the garage

    Picked up my BX22 today. I gotta say that I was a little teary-eyed as I handed the keys to my BX2200 over to the dealer for the trade-in. I realy got attached to that tractor. I even thought of keeping it along with the new 22. I can't believe I actually told the dealer to find her a good...
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    BX2200 slo-blo fuse

    I don't know if anybody has had this problem before but it confused the heck out of me for about 45 minutes till I figured it out. There is a plastic molded 30 amp fuse located just above the oil filter in the wiring harness, that when it blows, you get nothing at the key switch. No gauges, no...
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    solenoid problem?

    I have a L4200GST. Well, actually its my neighbors, but I use it more than him! I always stop the engine by just turning the key off, and it stops. Today I went to turn it off and it kept running. Had to stop it by using the stop pull cable on the dashboard. Could I have a bad solenoid...
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    Seeders primary seeders

    I've borrowed a landpride 1572 primary seeder and I don't have a clue as to how to adjust the settings correctly. I read in the manual where it says to choose the speed range ,high or low depending on how you place the sprocket. The manual then gives seed cup settings for the amount of seed...