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    JD 5103 exhaust re-route

    I had a look at the diagram from John Deere website and it looks like the muffler is up under the hood. The muffler stays in place and its the pipe coming out of the muffler (tail pip) that is modified to redirect the exhaust. Therefor there should not be too much noise coming out of the tail...
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    JD 5103 exhaust re-route

    Personally I would just install a new pipe that directs the exhaust to the side and slightly downwards. I would also make the pipe in 2 pieces with an exhaust pipe clamp on the end or the middle of the new pipe so that it can be adjusted or replaced if you need to redirect or make adjustments...
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    Fuel in oil kioti dk55

    Thanks for letting us know what the problem was!!
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    MF GC2310 steering motor bushings

    Glad you figured it out and thanks for letting us know!!
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    Fuel in oil kioti dk55

    It could also be a failed diaphragm on the mechanical fuel lift pump, if so equipped. I would check that first since it is usually pretty easy to get at and replace or switch to an electrical lift pump. Just a suggestion.
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    MF GC2310 steering motor bushings

    Not sure how your wheel is constructed but my wheel is also mostly plastic. The metal part has to be hit with a punch or chisel from below. Can be quite difficult to remove. Hopefully someone else here has a better method!!
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    M59 & 2007-2014 Muffler Maintenance

    Thanks for your responses rScotty! I understand not wanting to mess with the exhaust unless you have to. From what I can tell the EGR on my machine is simply taking the positive crankcase ventilation gases and reintroducing them into the intake manifold. I believe older machines use to just vent...
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    M59 & 2007-2014 Muffler Maintenance

    Thanks for posting those pics!! Also checked the workshop manual and it did not mention servicing the muffler. I forgot to see if there was anything in the owners manual. I will try to remember tomorrow. If you wind up doing this service could you please let me know how that went? Wondering how...
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    M59 & 2007-2014 Muffler Maintenance

    Oh, interesting. My muffler looks a little different. Here are my pics. Sorry not as good as yours. Front end loader and hood in the way.
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    M59 & 2007-2014 Muffler Maintenance

    Hello rScotty. I have a 2012 MX4700 and this is the first time I've heard of a muffler maintenance schedule. From what I can tell from pictures of the M59 your exhaust pipe does not go up and likely exhausts downwards somehow. Same as mine. I also do not recall seeing a "muffler drain plug". I...
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    Wheel Spacing for Duals

    I would think that as long as you make the spacer thick enough so that the sidewalls of the tires don't touch each other at your usual low tire pressure you should be fine. If the sidewalls make contact to each other they will wear out prematurely.
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    What kind of brakes on M7040 & how hard is it to renew?

    Glad you figured it out!!
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    What kind of brakes on M7040 & how hard is it to renew?

    That is a pretty good video to show what is involved to get at the brakes. Not an easy job especially if you have filled tires. Did you find out where the brakes are adjusted?
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    Clutch pedal not returning to top position

    If the clutch linkage points are greased and or not badly rusted I would suspect there is something going on internally in the bell housing. Sitting outside exposed to the elements can certainly cause issues. Since there doesn't seem to be an inspection plate it is hard to say what is going on...
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    What kind of brakes on M7040 & how hard is it to renew?

    Your brakes are likely wet disc. Which means they are soaked in transmission fluid and yes, you will likely have to take the wheel off. There is probably an adjustment for the parking brake if it is not holding properly anymore and you will want to check that first before diving in to replace...
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    Clutch pedal not returning to top position

    Unfortunately I do not know your particular model well but I believe Roadworthy is correct. It is likely a linkage or a pressure spring problem. If the clutch plates were stuck together you would not be able to engage a gear unless the tractor was not running. Your clutch is most likely a dry...
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    Entering the world of small tractors.

    Nice!! Perhaps you could show us some pics..? We tractor folk love to see tractor pics!!
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    Skidsteer rentals

    Hello Ralph. Not sure what your level of experience is in operating a skid steer, but here is something to consider. Slopes can be very dangerous places to operate machinery. Learning a new machine and its capabilities is something best done on flat ground. A skilled operator knows his machine...
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    Bobcat334 mini ex 17-02 code plugged main filter.

    You may have contaminated hydraulic fluid. Have you checked to see what it looks like on the dipstick or drain a little out of the reservoir? Maybe show us some pics of what the filter looks like.
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    Front Tire Popped Off Bead

    I am curious as to how you managed to pop the bead? What tire pressures were you running? Want to try and avoid that happening to me. I usually run the front tires around 21 psi. Maybe I should be running more pressure?
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    Need information about Mahindra loader

    You might want to try talking to parts department to see if they can cross match part numbers. Maybe try calling a different dealer if the first one is of no help.
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    Mini Excavator?

    I would suggest getting 35 or 40 horsepower tractor and a regular blade to crown the driveway. You can add down pressure if you need to by adding weight to the blade. Bulldozers are not very fast either and a tractor is certainly a lot more versatile. Adding another machine always increases...
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    Loader 300 CX Loader sloppiness

    Here is a thread with pictures that seem to show the mounts in the correct position. Hope this helps!!
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    Front axle oil GL-4??

    From what I also understand GL-4 is used when soft metals, like brass, are used in a manual transmission or transaxle with synchromesh. Therefore I do not understand why Kubota would recommend GL-4. I do not believe there are soft metals in the front axle or am I mistaken..??
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    Front axle oil GL-4??

    Came across this Kubota lubricant chart from another thread here on TBN and was looking at the GL-4 requirement of the front axle 80w90 gear oil alternative to the UDT. As I recall the 80w90 I used was a GL-5. As I did a search I am finding it hard to locate GL-4 80w90 at my local stores. From...
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    Hydraulic help needed

    Some pictures would help greatly!!
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    back hoe side saddle?

    Another thing to consider, aside from what is mentioned above, is traversing inclines. If the incline is sever enough and you have to travel perpendicular to the hill you would want to swing the boom to the uphill position to shift the centre of gravity. Less likely to tip when the weight is...
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    Front axle oil capacity

    I have attached a picture of the inside front left hub. I have circled the level plug on the hub that needs to be removed when refilling. There is another one on the right hub as well. All in all three level check plugs including the one on the axle case. Open all three of the level check plugs...
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    Front axle oil capacity

    Did mine not too long ago and it took about 9 litres. There are 2 more level check plugs to take out on the inside of the hubs near the top to let some air out that gets trapped there. I will try and post a picture when I get the chance to. Hope this helps
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    Stabilizing clamp on forks?

    I have to admit I don't have much faith in clamp on pallet forks. But for light duty lifting they can work. That said here is a video that shows how to stabilize them. Check around the 4 minute mark if you don't want to watch the whole video. Hope this helps!!
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    Show us your filter magnets please.

    Sounds like a good idea as long as the magnet is in a place it can be cleaned or replaced and does not fall off. Otherwise it's a situation of capture and release.
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    Show us your filter magnets please.

    Thanks for your responses!! I can see that perhaps my filter is not as bad as I thought. If I buy new equipment again I will change the filter after 50 hours regardless of what the manual says.
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    JD 46 Backhoe Leak

    Not sure about your model but Kubota has seal kits for their valve blocks. You might want to contact the dealer and ask them if that is available for this particular model.
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    Kubota MX6000 seat switch function and disabling

    Here's a link to an online manual. Check out page 46.,-MX5200,-MX5800-OPS-EN-TC65019712?ext=.pdf
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    Show us your filter magnets please.

    Just did the first hydraulic filter change on MX4700 with manual transmission. Owner's manual states 400 hours but I decided to do it a little early at 200 hours. Cutting the paint at the seam helped a lot, filter came off no problem. Fluid shows glimmers of very fine shavings but not extreme...
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    Turf Tire Pressure

    I'd be careful with the front tires. Ride quality has more to do with the rear than the front tires. 10 psi is already quite low and you don't want to roll the tire off the rim in a corner. The rear has less force to contend with in a corner but I would not go less than 16 psi on the rears...
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    Mahindra emax repair questions

    Don't forget to tighten that lock nut against the female end once you have got the toe adjusted properly! It likely wasn't tightened properly in the first place which is why this happened. Hope this helps!!
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    John Deere 3720 Shuts down

    I would check the lift pump and make sure it is running properly and supplying enough fuel. The only other thing I can think of is intermittent power due to chewed or degrading wire.
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    Bobcat CT230 Stuck SSQA

    I believe it mainly depends on why the pin is stuck. If it is due to rust then I would try the usual procedures of soaking with penetrating oil and leaving it overnight. Try some heat from a torch to the outside collar. And then using the pipe on the handle technique again while hitting the...
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    Rpms for backhoe

    WOT : Wide Open Throttle.
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    Rpms for backhoe

    I would say that typically as long as you are not lugging the engine you are ok. I usually operate between 1400 and 2000 rpm. I always believe it's better to be smooth than fast when operating machinery. You tend to have less mechanical failures and cheaper maintenance. The only thing I am not...
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    LA854 loader pins seized

    I would try soaking the ends in penetrating fluid, letting it sit, and try hitting it with the hammer a few more times. If that doesn't work then you could try heating up the outside collar with a torch to expand it a little and then hit it with the hammer again. You could also try a pneumatic...
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    3 Point Lower Arms and Backhoe

    I always remove my lower arms together with the upright section that connects to the lift arms at the top. Pretty easy to do on my machine. Looks like you can just slide the pin that holds the lower arm in place enough to pull the lower arm out and then simply slide the pin back into place...
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    Kubota MX4700/5100 question

    Thank you for the information Hoobie!!
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    Kubota MX4700/5100 question

    A call to the dealer is probably in order. Thanks again for your help 5030!!
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    Kubota MX4700/5100 question

    Thank you again 5030!! I do see tire sizes in my manual but in my search for tires I have found that tires with the same size figures often have different rolling circumferences. I just don't want to compound a difference between front and rear and be outside of the 4 percent tolerance.
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    Kubota MX4700/5100 question

    Thank you for your response!. I did manage to have a look in the shop manual as well and could not find it although I may have missed it. I am considering tire replacements and would like to be able to match rolling circumferences within 4-5 percent of each other front to rear. I believe that is...
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    Kubota MX4700/5100 question

    Hello all! Was wondering if anyone might know what the front to rear axle ratio might be for Kubota MX4700/5100? Seems like important information that is not contained in the owner's manual. Or at least I have not been able to find it.
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    When did John Deere begin the Right to Repair problems?

    At what point do things become so complicated that no one wants these machines once they are past their warranty? Perhaps we are there already? Disposable 40,000 pound tractor. How's that for saving the planet....
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    Side Discharge Finish Mower?

    I have only used 3ph side discharge finish mower. Wondering if you can cut in reverse for any length of time with a rear discharge? Sometimes I have to back in and out of areas and the side discharge still throws out grass with no problem cutting in reverse.