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    Rotary Cutter How to best fix ridge around top of brush cutter?

    It's been a hard year on my Bushhog brush cutter. It is a 286. It's a 6 foot cutter with a slip clutch...that's had the opportunity to slip alot this year. I've done several big jobs that were doozies...thick stands of 15 foot pines, etc. Yes, a 286 will cut thick stands of 15 foot pines...
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    Broke 2 Bush Hog blades today, need help!

    I am cutting a pasture...errr...what use to be a pasture some years ago, for a customer. Lots of heavy growth: Briars, brush, 12 to 17 foot pines (lots and lots and lots of pines), and high grass. His field hasn't been touched in years. Oh, and can you believe that it is rock and stump free...
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    Best souce for Briggs and Stratton parts?

    I'm needing to change the fluid levels and filters on my mowers. Both have Briggs engines. Is there a best place on the web to get the oil, filters, plugs, and a gasket? Thanks for any info. Bill Cook
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    UDT color question

    O.K., I'm not 20, and truth be known maybe, sorta, kinda, need glasses when I'm trying to read something that's less than a foot in front of my face, but does anyone else have trouble seeing where the UDT fluid level is when you look at the dip stick? I just got done with all the fluid and...
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    Putting up hotwire with tractor

    The last few days we've put up over a mile of hot wire. If anyone is about to do this, I sure you'll figure this out but just want to make sure. We bought 3 spools of 14 gauge hot wire in 1/2 mile lenghts. We connected the spool to the tractor using a broom handle as a shaft and the...
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    battery question

    Yet another question that has nothing to do with tractors. I need a new battery for the 5th wheel. There is a battery company called Optima. They are suppose to put out a great battery. I need a marine deep cycle battery. Here's my question: The Optima battery is $199. That's big time...
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    Which is best way to clear land?

    I am about to clear 20 acres. The land is a little rolly, nothing bad. I have some 12 yr old pines that I'll cut off, lots of little hard woods, and some big hardwood. The land used to be farm land 30 years ago. The pines were cut off about 12 years ago. Nothings been done to it since. I'm...
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    Sprayer Need to know about sprayers

    I need to buy a sprayer for my 3 point. Don't know about brands or price. Will buy within the month. I looked at my local dealership. He had one that was about 60 gallons, and one that was about 150 gallons. My thought is bigger is better. I have a 55hp 4x4 Kubota with a FEL. A loaded...
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    How can you tell what kind of tree it is?

    I was walking around a part of my property that we plan on clearing this spring. It used to be farm land 15 years ago, but now way over grown. There are lots of little hardwoods and 20' pines. The pines we'll sell for pulp wood, but most of the small hardwoods will have to go. However, I...
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    Question about lightes in house

    My wife likes to have every light on in the house. When I come home at night our house looks like a UFO. I'll ask why every outside and inside light is on, and she'll say for you so you can see. I'll explain about the elctric bill, she'll promise not do it again, but the next time I come home...
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    Redoing drive to chicken house

    Had a fella call me out to redo the drive that leads to his chicken houses. His drive is Georgia clay very thinly covered with #5 gravel (stone that is about 1 to 2 inches in size). His problem is pot holes. He has about 10 good sized ones (3 to 10 feet long by 2 to 3 feet wide) and lots of...
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    Question about a drive way sensor

    We are putting in a electric gate this weekend. We are also wanting to get some type of driveway sensor. Our drive is very long (1/4 mile). Most of the time our gate is open. I am looking for a device that will ring, beep, grown, etc. to let me know someone is coming up the drive. Often...
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    Wives using the tractor

    Glory be, it is drizzling outside. First rain we've had in a while. But that is not the point. Got to wondering how many of y'all have wives that use the tractor. Got thinking about this 3 days ago. I had already taken my shower. Drove my wife down to feed the horses. On the way back I...
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    Rake MarkC, question about a landscape rake

    Mark, you are the past master (so begins the buttering up) on grading so I figured you would know just how to make a landscape rake sing and dance. Bought a used Land Pride 7' landscape rake and used it for the first time today. Note: It does not have guage wheels yet; will fabricate some this...
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    Bad weld on 3710 bucket

    This concerns my Brother's 3710. He called me over the other day to look at the bucket on his loader. On the back of the bucket is a large bracket welded to the bucket. The loader arms attach to this bracket. The weld on the left bracket had given way. This caused the metal on the bucket to...
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    Electric gate question

    Need some info about electric gates. My neighbor and I have decided to buy an electric gate. Our drive is about 1/4 of a mile long. After the drive exits the road it goes though some hard woods. That is where we now have a gate. It is a simple 16' metal gate you commonly see on horse/cattle...
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    Thanks Mark

    Mark, just put Amsoil in engine, and front and rear differentials. Also put on Amsoil oil filter. Just want to say thanks for the advice and help over the last year. We'er heading to the Wyoming Montanna area for a couple of months. Will let you know how it does. Again, thanks for answering...
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    Mark, question abt Amsoil ATF+4

    Mark, I've been reading about every back post at the TDR. Someone told me that Amsoil has come out with an ATF+4. Just wanted to get your feed back on it. I will go all Amsoil in the Dodge in 2 weeks. However I keep hearing not to go synthetic in the auto trannie. One of the people I...