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    Cordless Snow blower recommendation?

    Unless you are hoping to clear an inch of light powder I would avoid. I tried a corded blower just to clear off my porch. I left it at the end of my driveway for free. Totally useless.
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    Home & Barn Security

    I share my little home with six of these. Even police, who stop by twice a year as part of routine property checks, are reluctant to knock on my door. They can hear a chipmunk walking on pine needles at 100 paces. :). Bonus, the never ending line of people knocking on my door wanting to sell me...
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    cab build

    I too considered building a cab but my fab skills are very limited. I found a small welding shop in Northern New Brunswick who makes custom cabs. His prices start at $2,750 CAD. I quickly decided that (for me) that was a far better approach. I have not regretted the decision. Last time I spoke...
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    Took delivery of a BX2370

    Makes me 'almost' look forward to this. It was that storm that convinced me that both my little honda walk behind blower and my old body needed some help.
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    Took delivery of a BX2370

    What a great machine. Started clearing my property line today and it was great fun, er, work! I am a FEL virgin so it was low and slow but I am amazed at what I was able to do.