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    Re Wiring main switch John Deere 820 (1973)

    Hey everyone, First off the battery box and dash need some dusting. I'm trying my hand at electrical. The original switch was jumped to a toggle instead of ignition by the previous owner. I have a wiring diagram and a new A&I main ignition switch. The back of the replacement has numbering that...
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    180 F or 194 F thermostat? (JD 820)

    180 F or 194 F thermostat? Preventative maintenance on a 1973 JD 820. Western Oregon is a fairly temperate part of the world. I can't tell if there is much of a difference for one vs another. Any thoughts? AT22961 Remarks 180°F (82°C) AT22963 Remarks 194°F (90°C)
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    820 (3 cylinder) broken left brake line

    In the process of changing the hydraulic filter I broke the left brake line. I have a replacement in order AR65686. Any tricks to bleeding the lines. Is this more difficult on an open hydraulic system? thanks again, Joe arrow points forward
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    John Deere 820 (3cyl) front weight bolt spacing

    Good afternoon! Does anyone know the spacing for the front weight bolts on a John Deere 820 (3 cyl)? I'd like to get a brush guard on it, but can't find spacing info anywhere. Thanks, Joe
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    Oil & Fuel CAV type fuel filter plastic bolts JD 820

    Does anyone know about these seemingly plastic bolts? I really don't want to break them.
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    JD 820 (3 cyl) stalled and dead battery

    Hey everyone, I was able to start the 820 with a jump, but it stalled in the blackberries. It would not turn, or click, and I was unable to jump it again. The battery was showing about 0.4 volts and needs to be replaced. Could this be as simple as a dead battery? What should I replace the...
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    Citgo HyDurance AW 46 in 1973 JD 820

    Among my next projects for the 1973 JD 820 are to replace the hydraulic screen (not sure if it's metal or nylon!) and replace the hydraulic fluid. What are all yawls opinions about this stuff from Costco @ ~$50/ 5 Gal? JD Hy-Gard is selling at ~$75/ 5 Gal. Thanks Again! Joe...
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    John Deere 820 hydraulic leaks

    Hello all! Any advice about a few hydraulic leaks in a 1973 John Deere 820. There is a leak coming from the base of the steering column and another on the right side below the seat from a small metal line (presumably a hydraulic return).
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    Oil & Fuel New old 820 (3 cylinder diesel)

    Hey all! I just purchased an unknown year 820 at auction online w 2300 hours by the meter. I pick it up this Saturday. It is supposed to run "good", rubber looks alright, and has working lights. I have a little childhood tractor experience with an old Kubota l260. The owners manual has not...