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    Bx soft cab

    Any recommendations for a soft cab for a bx1800? Would just be used for front mount snowblowing.
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    Ck20hst 800hr service.

    About to do 800hr service. Tractor was split at 400 and fluid was changed. Should I replace the fluid again along with the filters? Hydraulic and transmission filters have been done every 200hrs.
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    Bx1800 snowblower lift cylinder seized.

    The cylinder on my snowblower is stuck. $359 for a new one. Is there a way to get one the same size cheaper or should I try a rebuild?
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    Ck 20 Not starting like it used to.

    Will get a video of a cold start but this is one from today at 70 degrees farenheit. Last winter had to cycle the glow plugs more than once and seems to be using more fuel. 700hrs and has new air and fuel filter.
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    L3800 wont start

    Pretty sure it was run out of fuel. Tried the bleeder near the fuel filter and cracked the injectors. Any other tips?
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    Bolens wheel weights.

    I got some wheel weights for my bx. But no bolts. Does anyone know that bolts to buy?
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    Bx1800 Filled tires.

    My old man just picked up an older BX. Pretty light in the rear. Anyone fill their rear turf tires? I know they are pretty small so not sure if it is worth it. Thanks for any info.
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    Woods 6500 pto backhoe

    I have a Kioti ck20 and my friend is letting me borrow his 3 point hitch backhoe. My machine is a little heavier than his but have heard some people say that the backhoes without the subframe can harm the tractor. Anything I should be concerned about? Just going to dig a few small ditches and...
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    New CK2510 or not

    Pondering the idea of getting a new 2510. Just paid off my CK20HST and like the idea of having warranty on my tractor. I know there isn't much of a difference in the two, a little more power and faster hydraulics on the 2510. I looked at the 2610 but was about $4000 more. I have about 460...
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    Twin State Tractor.

    I had to have a hydro leak fixed on my CK-20 HST at 340 Hrs and Twin State was great to deal with. They fixed it in a timely manner and it was all 100% covered by warranty and didn't cost a dime. Was an over all good experience. :thumbsup:
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    Sticky Float

    Since this winter my float has gotten harder to get out of position and froze a couple times when I left it in float over night the winter. I pulled the boot off the lever and lubed everything but didn't help much. There must be a detent somewhere that I can clean and lube...
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    Hydraulic Capstan logging winch.

    Want to make a capstan style winch with a hydraulic motor to haul some logs out of spots I can't get to with my tractor. Saw a video of one made from Norwood but they no longer make it. Looked like a good idea and really effective. But I have zero knowledge about hydraulic motors and what kind...
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    CK-20 HST Check your plugs!

    I had a leak over the summer from my CK 20 and it turned out to be a plug on left side of the Hydrostatic. There is a hole you can look through under the floorboard and there is a plug that has a spot for large allen tool, 10mm I think. So after snugging it up and keeping an eye on it stopped...
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    Best cold weather Hydrostatic/hydraulic fluid?

    When I had my Kubota I used SUDT and I seemed to warm up and work better in the cold weather, is there and alternative I could use in my Kioti this winter or just spend the big bucks and buy Kubota SUDT for my Kiotit?
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    5 Foot Box Blade

    I have to admit when I went and got my new 5 footer I was a little nervous. I didn't know if the little CK-20 would pull it, but I put on about 5 hours today and it handled it just fine. I moved a LOT of dirt and the deer plot is going to look nice.
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    CK20 Pulls out mini van

    Well I had someone show up at my house to pick up something I was giving away on Craigslist. I see him walking up the driveway and hoped he had just parked at the bottom, well when I went outside he asked if I had a chain. Honestly I didn't think it would pull it out, he had backed into the...
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    CK20 Box blade

    Looking to get a box blade mostly for my driveway, It is kind of steep so what size do you guys think is best? 4 or 5 foot?
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    New Aquiline Talon tire chains!

    Just installed some new Talon tire chains after realizing that R4 tire are useless on snow and ice. I had 2-link v-bars on my last tractor and so far I like these better, more money but better quality and no need to use springs or bungees to make them tight, plus the ride is smoother.
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    People in NH

    I have my nephew coming down next week for his first deer hunting experience and was wondering about any good places in unit H1. I mostly hunt unit G and wanted to take him to a place where we don't have to look for antlers. Any info would be helpful.
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    CK20 RPM's

    So I was wondering if my rpm gauge was off. It will idle around 1100 1200 and max is over 3200. My book says max is 2800.. is 2800 just where it makes peak hp or torque?
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    Added lights to the ROPS.

    Added a couple lights for plowing this winter. Not sure how much I like the lights though, I might switch to something that has a broader beam. It was nice to have a power and ground already wired to the back of the tractor. If anyone has any suggestions for better lights let me know.
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    Front Axle oil CK20?

    I did the rest of the 50hr service and just got around to do the front axle. I assumed the plug in the middle of the housing was and over flow and when it started to come out that meant it was full. But it is not coming out and after reading my manual (like I should have done in the first place)...
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    Finish mower question

    I am thinking of getting a used finish mower for my CK20. How do they work when you are cresting a steep hill, will they just follow the ground or will the back want to pick up because of the top-link? Does that make sense?
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    CK20 Storage.

    Used an ammo can and a little paint. Not many other places to mount one.
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    Ammo Can for tractor storage

    Painted up an ol ammo can and mounted it to the back of my Kioti. Not real big but big enough for a chain and some work gloves plus it is water tight.
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    Kioti add on lights

    Hey, Any of you guys have additional lights on their CK? I want to add some to the ROPS but do not want to drill or weld to them. Also are those rear plugs wires for lights or acc.? Todd