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    Tilt Steering Won't Tilt

    The tilt steering on my GC1723 won't tilt. The lever to do so works, but the steering itself column seems to be locked. I haven't tried to move it's position in a month, or two and have been conscious not to grab the steering wheel while getting on the tractor. It's a 2020 with only 37 hours...
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    2360 Mower Deck

    Does anyone know the nut size for the blades on the 2360 deck? It is not in the operator's manual. Thanks in advance
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    Subcompact Choice - Why Did You Choose Massey Over Other Brands?

    When I was researching purchasing a subcompact tractor I investigated LS, Mahindra, John Deere, Yanmar , Kioti, Kubota and Massey. I had my list narrowed to these brands in order: 1) Kioti 2) Kubota 3) Massey-Furguson All of them had the reliability and offered the attachments I was looking...
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    Traction Tire Swap - R-14 Versa Turf In - R-4 Out

    I live on a property that is all hills, my driveway included and since this will be my first winter with my new GC1723, I was concerned with traction and how the R-4 tires that came on it would perform. I read what seemed like a million threads on this site about the R-4's traction (or lack...
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    Snow New GC1723 Owner - Snowblower Attachment Issue

    I am a new owner of a GC1723 and am attempting to attach the MF2360 snow blower to the quick hitch, however there doesn't appear to be a way to secure the blower to the hitch as the lever on the hitch won't allow the "pin" that is supposed to fit in the groove of the blower to enter the "slot"...
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    New York John Deere X500 with 44" Snow Blower

    2012 John Deere X500 Multi-Terrain Garden Tractor/Mower, with 44" Snow Blower - Very Good Condition Only 331 hrs $4300 or best reasonable offer - Finger Lakes, NY. One owner, well-maintained unit equipped with: - 25 hp Kawasaki V-Twin air-cooled engine - Overhead valves - Replaceable oil...
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    Snow MF2360 Sllkid shoe Question

    MF2360 Skid Shoe Question I recently purchased a GC1723E and the accompanying MF2360 snow blower. I see it has rear skid shoes, but no side ones, although there are holes on the lower sides where ones would normally attach. Searching the schematics of the MF2360 shows no side skid shoes...
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    Fluid Film and New Tractor

    My new Massey Ferguson GC1723 will be delivered tomorrow and I am going to use Fluid Film to coat the underside of the mower deck. I have never used Fluid Film, or any similar product and am wondering if there are any other part(s) of the tractor that would be good to use it on? A forward...
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    Comparison Massey GC1723 - Kioti CS2210 - Kubota Bx2380 Buying Experience

    I live in the Finger Lakes region of N.Y. (rural Bristol Hills) where we have about 100" of snowfall per year. I have been researching the purchase of a SCUT since early August for primarily mowing and snow blowing. I have 2 acres of hilly land, of which I mow about 1.25 acres. My driveway is...
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    John Deere x570 Price Check

    I am looking at a new John Deere X570 and was quoted a price by a local dealer of $6199 with a retail of $6439. Anyone have any quotes, or an idea if this is a fair price? A forward thanks for the help!