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    Just wanted to let everyone know what excellent service I have got from Messick's. I ordered from them a few weeks ago and the phone service was excellent. Last Wednesday afternoon I placed another order for some parts I needed for this weekend. They showed up Friday afternoon. Looks like my...
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    wheels and tires from a BX25 to a BX23

    Can I put BX 25 wheel assemblies on my 2005 BX23 with no issues? Not sure I can still get them but if nothing else I need to by new front tires before he snow flies. I am running the stock AG tires on mine still
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    Mid-Mount Mower Mulching blade issues

    Has anyone else seen cracks coming from the serrated back edge of their blades?. My blades are Oregon mulching blades and are 1 1/2 years old. They are one of two sets I have so they get rotated out with the others as need be. I was cleaning up a set at work tonight and noticed they are...
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    BX23 radiator failure

    My radiator decided to start leaking at the joint for the top tank. Is another plastic/metal radiator all that is available for these. $300 is a little steep for a little radiator that is part plastic.
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    Oil & Fuel Loss of power fixed on bx23

    Make a long story short my BX23 has been randomly losing power, then running fine again over the last year. Not much of a pattern to it just whenever it felt like it, but it got real bad last month. Most of my searching here said replace the fuel filters. My neighbor told me to replace the fuel...
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    Hello from Northern KY

    Just signing up here. I've owned my Kubota BX23 for 6 years now and love every season of it. I had a much bigger place that needed alot of work but have since moved to a place with under an acre that needs even more. Finally looking for Gator Blades sent me here to this site tonight. Finding...