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  1. TN8Man

    NX50HST Calibration Issue

    Was mowing on a uphill and all a sudden the tractor bolted forward like a bat out of hell and when I applied the brakes the rpms went down and died when the tractor stopped. It was like the tractor HST changed into a manual transmission without a clutch pedal. Then when I restarted in neutral I...
  2. TN8Man

    What Oil does your Dealer/Shop use on Your Tractor?

    My local tractor dealer/shop did my initial 50 hour service and now it time for my next oil change but I'm going to do it. So I called my local shop to order my oil filter and I decided to check their prices on engine oil and their recommendation, I was planning to use Rotella T6. They told me...
  3. TN8Man

    NX5010 HST Transmission model

    Does anyone have the model number of the transmission on the NX5010HST? thanks
  4. TN8Man

    NX 5010HST Cab reverse intermittent and jerky

    I had my reverse get squirrely (intermittent jerking) after a long day of bush hogging last year and eventually it stopped working all together. The dealer (not where I bought it) picked it up and returned it saying it's fixed. Then a few weeks ago it started all over again, another long day...
  5. TN8Man

    Storage Length needed for Kioti NX5010 HST CAB with Loader/Bucket?

    Anyone know minimum storage space needed for the Kioti NX5010 HST CAB with Loader/Bucket? I plan to keep the tractor in a barn but not sure if I have enough free space. I can get the height and width from the Kioti site but they don't list length with loader and bucket.
  6. TN8Man

    Back Hoe and possibly cab

    I have the ck3510H and looking at adding the back hoe. I think the price is going to be ~7-8K as I will also need rear hydraulics. Then there is the thumb option which could add another 2k. I noticed a used newer ck3510HSE (mine is not the SE model) for sale at a local dealer that already has...
  7. TN8Man

    Would a 1025R make a better lawnmower on hilly terrain than a x758?

    Would a 1025R make a better lawnmower on hilly terrain than a x758? I looking for a new lawnmower and see the 1025R with just a mower deck might cost about the same as a x758.
  8. TN8Man

    Best mower for steep terriain?

    I have about 6 acres of hilly terrain with some pretty steep areas. I currently have a JD 445 that has been working well the past 5 years but the engine is nearing end of life. I was thinking about investing in getting the 445 fixed but then I could just sell it and use the proceeds for an...
  9. TN8Man

    Which code reader?

    I'm looking for a code reader that can be used on all my vehicles which includes a 97 JD 445 lawn tractor, 2017 Kioti ck3510, 97 Jeep Wrangler, 2003 Dodge Ram, 2007 Honda Accord and a 2007 Honda T60 outboard. Looking for one that displays live data and most of the latest handy capabilities...
  10. TN8Man

    JD 445 burning oil

    I have a JD 445 that I bought 5 years ago. The engine goes through a cup or so of oil every 2-3 times I use it on my 5 acres. It smokes pretty good when going up hill. I planned on rebuilding the engine or getting a replacement once the performance started becoming an issue. I think I'm at that...
  11. TN8Man

    Good tie-down locations in a new ck35

    Where are good front and back tie-down locations for a new ck35? I need to trailer my ck35 over I40 for about 100 miles. Thanks
  12. TN8Man

    Computer Security

    We all have one thing common, tractors :thumbsup: But we also have another thing in common, computers (including smart phones and tablets) to communicate with our members on TBN. We maintain and protect our investment in tractors and we do the same for computers. So I was just curious what...
  13. TN8Man

    Want pallet forks for ck35

    I'm looking at buying pallet forks attachment for my ck35. So far I found the Titan 48" forks the best deal at $500 with free shipping and a 5% discount for first time buyer (first item ordered) at Titan attachments. This is their non HD product. I will probably still have to pay state tax since...
  14. TN8Man

    New guy

    Hello all! New member here from Tennessee. I recently bought my first tractor to help maintain some new property I purchased. It's a new Kioti 3510HST and so far has worked out very well. Hope to learn from this forum as well as contribute. So far I've been bush hogging the land as well as...