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  1. BillC72

    Mahindra 3616 pto not working

    My 3616 pto has stopped working. One day was time I go to use it...just barley rotates. With the tractor off, turns freely disengaged, and when engaged I can feel the gears turning. Also affects the mid pto. The 3616 HST is a mechanical pto with no solenoid to be the culprit. Any...
  2. BillC72

    3616 mods

    Some of my add ins that are very helpful.
  3. BillC72

    TC33d hydraulic issue

    I'm working on my neighbors TC33D. Its a 2001 or so. The hydraulics at the FEL have gradually gotten weaker. Now its blowing the hoses at the cooler unit by the radiator. Put on new hoses from NH dealer (OEM) and blew them in an hour. These lines should have pretty good flow, but not a lot of...