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  1. jbrumberg

    Vietnam Veterans' Day

    I want to thank all the Vietnam Veterans here for their and their families' services and sacrifices. I did not have the honor to serve, but I did have the honor to serve some who did. Sadly there are still missing troops and some are still fighting that War. Thank you.
  2. jbrumberg

    Extension cord reels?

    Are there any decent 12/3 extension cord reels that work that do not cost a small fortune?
  3. jbrumberg

    Seat Belt Replacement

    My retractible seat belt on my New Holland TC29DA that I thought had frozen up with last week's snow and cold is in reality not frozen and no longer operates. An internet search for a replacement seat belt for a stock and/or aftermarket replacement has not given me a lot of choices. I...
  4. jbrumberg

    Stihl Chain Saw

    I just purchased a brand new Stihl MS 290 "Farm Boss" chain saw. I was cutting some logs and by the time I refilled the fuel mix and bar oil it appears that the oil pump is "blown" and the chain is "burned" :( and :mad:. The dealership will hear about my "conerns" tomorrow. Has anyone else...
  5. jbrumberg

    B4200 Kubota Questions

    I usually do not frequent this colored Forum, but I would like some feedback as to the B4200. After 20 years of trying to convince my friend that he needs a tractor he has finally decided to "bite the bullet" and purchase a B4200 in good condition with 1400 hours on the engine . Included in...
  6. jbrumberg

    TC 2 Spool Remote Control Valve Knob

    So here I was yesterday in the middle of my raised stone flowerbed project with a rather large sized rock in the bucket when the FEL control knob came off in my hand :eek: which kind of immobilized the project :mad: and :( . The problem area is where the knob attaches to (screws into) the...
  7. jbrumberg

    Box Blading Ice

    I finally got tired of doing my James Brown footwork imitations on my icy driveway and tried an experiment with my box blade. I was pretty impressed with the results:
  8. jbrumberg

    Pine Grossbeaks in NE

    To All: Although the weatherforecasters are predicting a warmer January and February Mother Nature is sending different signals. I have been bird watching most of my life and recently I have seen these birds that are rather rare in these parts- Pine Grossbeaks. They generally reside in the...
  9. jbrumberg

    Armor-All & Preventative Maintenance

    To All: Are there any products in the marketplace better than Armor-All at preventing/minimizing UV and ozone degradation to rubber and vinyl? Jay
  10. jbrumberg

    A Beautiful Day to Rotary Cut

    It was a beautiful day to attach and set up the rotary cutter and start cutting my lower 7 A's. After about an hour of cutting the tractor started to run in the higher, but operational temperature ranges. The vegetation debris had started to really build up and clog up the grill ventilation...
  11. jbrumberg

    Forks Payne's Debris Forks

    To the Readership: I am desirous of information and opinions related to Payne's Forks Company's Debris Forks. It is my impression from using the TBN Search Engine that depending on the type of toothbar/bucket arrangement some of the Payne forks will fit over the the toothbar (not that this is...
  12. jbrumberg

    Watch What You Breathe

    To All: There have been many posts as to safety practices, equipment, and safety gear in this forum. Having spent the past three weeks in the hospital most of it in Intensive and Critical Care, and having undergone many, many less than comfortable and invasive procedures with a lot of...
  13. jbrumberg

    Love My New Toothbar

    Brought this rock up my hill :D! Jay
  14. jbrumberg

    Perforated Drainage Pipe

    To All: Mud season this year is proving to me that I must improve the drainage around my house and driveway :(. I believe my best option is to trench and lay down that flexible 4" perforated plastic drainage pipe with a covering "sock". I am concerned however about how it will handle the...
  15. jbrumberg

    BL 2660 Snowblower

    To All: I have the possibility of picking up an operational BL 2660 two stage snowblower in excellent shape for a price that is hard to walk away from (like free for service-in-kind barter :D. "She Who Must Be Obeyed" :eek: prefers hard cash for my services regardless of how this may impact on...
  16. jbrumberg

    Sundown Tractor Attachments

    To All: Does anyone know the website link to Sundown? Jay
  17. jbrumberg

    Loosey Goosey FEL Joystick

    I have a NH TC29DA. My FEL joystick started to get pretty loose so I removed the rubber joystick boot and tightened up the top nut which has a lock washer. I noticed that the joy stick is threaded and threads through the diverter countrol housing with a the threaded end protruding from the...
  18. jbrumberg

    Questions about biodiesel

    To All: I read some interesting posts in the NH Owning & Operating Forum about biodiesel fuel "cleaning out" and "gumming up" fuel lines and fuel filters when tractor operators switched from LSD and ULSD diesel fuel to biodiesel and biodiesel mixed fuels. I have been episodically ranting and...
  19. jbrumberg

    Heat Gun Saves The Day!

    To All: Due to the boring winter experienced by many of us in NE I have been starting my tractor up and running it about every two weeks. I have had a few sub zero days and no days above freezing recently. Today the temperature briefly rose above freezing so I decided to start the tractor...
  20. jbrumberg

    Snowblower Kubota BL2660 Snowblower

    To All: I would appreciate any information aboout this model snowblower, especially PTO HP requirements. Thank you in advance- Jay
  21. jbrumberg

    Box Blade for a NH TC29DA?

    To All: To the readership- I am a believer in the 5 HP/foot rule for box blades. Can a 3K pound+ 29 HP 4WD tractor with weighted R-1's pull a 6' 550 pound box blade through rocky, clay based topsoil? Jay
  22. jbrumberg

    Woods LR108 Landscape Rake

    To All: I obtained the aforementionned rake for "free" :D. I had to extricate the rake from a junk pile, attach it to my 3PH, and transport it the 1+ miles back to my property. My wife (a.k.a. "SHE WHO MUST BE OBEYED") suspected once again that I was up to something :confused: and...
  23. jbrumberg

    Rake Landscape Rakes with Flip Down Blades

    To All: My driveway project is almost completed. The heavy equipment contractor suggested that I use a rear blade to finish the project (I needed his "support" to swing this attachment by "She Who Must Be Obeyed"/Comptroller). I have a NH TC29DA (29/23+ HP) and a 84" blade/rake seems...
  24. jbrumberg

    Brush Cutting with an ATV

    To All: I am curious if there any rotary cutters made for ATV use. I have a RC on my tractor, but I am interesting in cutting a trail in terrain that would roll my tractor. I would appreciate any available information on makes and models. Thank you in advance. Jay
  25. jbrumberg

    Tiller Dead Tiller New Use

    Another use for a dead tiller (Ballast Box weighs 400+ #'s with rock) can also be used as a fire box when off tractor. Jay
  26. jbrumberg

    NH TC29DA and the "Project"

    NH TC29DA and the \"Project\" To All: I know alot of you like pictures. The following attachments are of my tractor which is not dirty enought yet and the "Project". It is the beginning of mud season I have just taken out the worst of the ruts. I reallly have to wait until things dry...
  27. jbrumberg

    Tiller Rotary Tillers

    To All: I have an old Woods T42 tiller (drive shaft/differential style) that I ran off my old, traded-in Ford 1100. The Woods is 22 years old and I have been running it with a cracked gearbox housing for 10+ years (I add gear lube before each use.). Although I am in the process of...
  28. jbrumberg

    Tiller Gearbox Cracked

    To All: The gearbox on my Woods T-42 tiller sustained a ~3" hairline crack on the bottom third of the gearbox many years ago. Each spring and before all tilling I have to refill the gearbox with SAE 90 gear lube. I am amazed that this tiller still works. I am curious as to how I can...
  29. jbrumberg

    Gravel Driveways

    To All: I have read many, many threads as to constructing and maintaining gravel/crushed stone driveways. For the past 13+ years I have been promising my wife that I would do something about what used to be our gravel driveway. I have some ideas as to what I need for tractor attachments...
  30. jbrumberg

    Rake York Rake Model RW

    To All: With my recent tractor upgrade I am now in the process of researching my new tractor attachment needs. I realize everyone out there is more than willing to help me spend my money- thank you (My wife hates this site.). I have a NHTC29DA (29.0/23.6HP) with dished in wheels = 54.3"...
  31. jbrumberg


    To All: I had a Ford 1100 with size appropriate attachments for the past 22 years. I used & abused my Woods M 40-1 bush hog, T 42 Tiller, as well as the dual hydraulic front blade, and single bottom plow. I/We "made it work" as to property upkeep. I recently upgrade to a NH TC29DA. I...
  32. jbrumberg

    Rotary Cutter Rotary Cutters

    To All: For the past 21 years I have been "brush hogging" much of my property with a Ford 1100 and a Woods M 40-1. I really beat up the Woods over the years and finally replaced it with a Tebben TC96-40 Rotary Cutter for the past 2 years. The Woods was a "tank" but it was not user...
  33. jbrumberg

    Rear Working Lights TC29DA

    I would like to know what size bullet crimp connector (male & female) are compatible with the existing rear working light connector plug fixtures on a TC29DA. Thank you for any responses.
  34. jbrumberg

    Rear Working Lights for New Holland Ford TC29DA

    What size bolt/machine screw fits the ROPS mounted brackets for rear working lights?