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  1. BillC72

    What kind of plant is this?

    Am I seeing spikes growing from the center of the leaves?
  2. BillC72

    Best City Names

    Climax and Colon aren't terribly far apart in Michigan, but Hell and Paradise are.
  3. BillC72


    Sure didnt see anything like that today in Barry county. Dang
  4. BillC72

    Mahindra 3616 air in fuel

    I also have a 3616. This weekend, I lost power and tractor would surge. Nursed it to the barn and found filter bowl fluctuating in level. Cleaned filter, and when I turned it back on, no fuel entered. So I removed the fuel line and no fuel came out. I used compressed air in the line back to the...
  5. BillC72

    Baked beans with smoked sausage

    Baked beans, sausage, onions, drained sauerkraut, pepper to taste, top with bacon and simmer all day....omg
  6. BillC72

    Loader Max 28 Bucket Level Rod

    This I what I did on my 3616. Drilled and tapped the pins to 5/16 thread and used 3/8 shoulder bolts.
  7. BillC72

    Mahindra 3616 pto not working

    I did. Nothing physically broken, the micro spring rings that contain locking rollers were wadded up. Will try to get pics up this afternoon. Sealed bearings on both sides of the clutch unit, nothing got in or out of this guy. Just an internal failure of the on way bearing.
  8. BillC72

    Mahindra 3616 pto not working

    New pto clutch (one way bearing only) arrived today. Assembled and installed. Tomorrow we get the old gal remarried between HST section and transmission end. Part was awful salty, especially since I dont know why it failed. But shoutout to H.G. VIOLET of Delphos, Ohio for getting the clutch...
  9. BillC72

    Mahindra 3616 pto not working

    The inside section spins absolutely free in both directions. The outer section could be seen spinning under power through the oil fill hole, but there is no transmission of power through the clutch to the pto intermediate shaft. (Other than the fluid film drive I described in an earlier post). I...
  10. BillC72

    Mahindra 3616 pto not working

    Key intact with no marks.
  11. BillC72

    Mahindra 3616 pto not working

    Call Bill's in the morning
  12. BillC72

    Mahindra 3616 pto not working

    Her it is... the one way clutch unit free spins internally. No resistance at all. This pto has only been used around 10hrs of the 700 on this tractor. And has only ran a 5' tiller each spring and fall. No oversized attachment. There is no visible breakage visible.
  13. BillC72

    Mahindra 3616 pto not working

    I have a digital copy of the service manual..must admit I've seen far more detailed manuals. The hydraulic oil is changed at regular service intervals and this case and gears are all pristine. When I freely spin the pto shaft I can see through the fill hole that there is no rotation at the one...
  14. BillC72

    Mahindra 3616 pto not working

    Update. Began by removing pto assembly from rear of tractor. Everything is perfect. Discovered the splines shaft inside the tractor spins freely in both directions.....bad deal. Then removed top cover containing 3 point is immaculate, no debris, or any signs of wear. So now to split...
  15. BillC72

    Mahindra 3616 pto not working

    When engaged, it rotates at about 35 rpm and can be stopped with hand strength. I'm leaning toward the shaft coupling. It feels like it's being driven by oil film at the shaft ends if that makes sense.will check mid pto to see if it rotates at all. We use the tractor almost daily and I just hate...
  16. BillC72

    Mahindra 3616 pto not working

    You actually sent me the service manual. Thanks for that. Everything else works fine in the hydraulic system. I've been reviewing the manual for some time now and I guess the only way to really diagnose it is to go in from the top. It looks like the pto drive shaft is coupled at each casting...
  17. BillC72

    Mahindra 3616 pto not working

    My 3616 pto has stopped working. One day was time I go to use it...just barley rotates. With the tractor off, turns freely disengaged, and when engaged I can feel the gears turning. Also affects the mid pto. The 3616 HST is a mechanical pto with no solenoid to be the culprit. Any...
  18. BillC72

    2014 Mahindra 3616 Shuttle Intermittent Starting Problems

    Look at this diagram and verify your wiring to the numbers. This should help.
  19. BillC72

    How do you store you logging/tow chain?

    I can't get on my tractor from the right side anyway so I built this chain holder. It is bolted to the loader frame, the rear fender, and step.
  20. BillC72

    Extended loader control arm

    This is how I did mine
  21. BillC72

    Chain storage

    Since I cant get on or off of the right side of my tractor, I added this chain storage and toolbox mod. It is bolted through the step, and bolted to the fixed part of the loader frame. I also have it bolted through the metal portion of the rear fender with a large rubber bushing. The large...
  22. BillC72

    To do... or not to do... 2001 Tahoe 199,000 ... no reverse

    may be hard to see, but this is my 2001 Tahoe turning 300000 on a trip to Mississippi just last week. May be a risk, but if you are confident on the rest of your Tahoe....even $2000 isn't bad for another 100k miles.
  23. BillC72

    3016/3616 Hard starting/ glow plugs failing.

    Bought this on Ebay. you only need one tho. These are pretty heavy duty diodes with a heavy heat sink for dissipation. Thanks again Jabonee
  24. BillC72

    3616 mods

    Some of my add ins that are very helpful.
  25. BillC72

    Busted cruise control?

    this is how I ended the confusion.
  26. BillC72

    TC33d hydraulic issue

    I'm working on my neighbors TC33D. Its a 2001 or so. The hydraulics at the FEL have gradually gotten weaker. Now its blowing the hoses at the cooler unit by the radiator. Put on new hoses from NH dealer (OEM) and blew them in an hour. These lines should have pretty good flow, but not a lot of...