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  1. Charlesaf3

    How to engage the pto on kubota m59 for chipper?

    I don't have my manual on me. I thought I had to tilt the seat forward to engage the PTO on the M 59. That isn't working. So either I am doing something wrong or an OPC sensor or somesuch is corroded . could someone check the manual and let me know for troubleshooting purposes? Thanks.
  2. Charlesaf3

    Thinking of buying a tilt trailer, advice please

    I'm thinking of buying a tilt trailer as loading my b3030 with woods bh 80 hoe is a total pain on my big pequea deckover. Hoe is set too far back, so it drags through everything. And the Pequea has a nice dovetail, but I really hate driving the b3030 up the ramps on crowned roads. All in...
  3. Charlesaf3

    Gravely mechanic in central Virginia?

    Anyone have a recommendation for a gravely mechanic in central Virginia?
  4. Charlesaf3

    Graveley mechanic in central virginia?

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a mechanic in central Virginia who works on old gravelys? 60s vintage
  5. Charlesaf3

    Best backpack sprayer?

    Any one have an opinion on the best backpack sprayer? I have an unmowable hill which needs controlling - really steep pitch. I'm normally not a fan of chemicals, but roundup is the only solution I've been able to come up with so far. It's probably around a quarter Acre. So something decent...
  6. Charlesaf3

    Automatically refill tractor diesel

    SO I can't find this by searching, but I'm sure someone has dealt with this before. I just bought a 20kw tiger pto generator from messicks as a result of the latest power outage. Been thinking of it for years, and taking a look at the local electrical infrastructure we are definitely going to...
  7. Charlesaf3

    Is there a good Electric Pressure Washer?

    I need a new Pressure Washer, and was thinking of getting an electric one for light duty, and renting a commercial one for when I needed heavy duty. Posted this inside another post, but thought it would be better as an outside thread. I'm sick of small engine maintenance, so I'm thinking...
  8. Charlesaf3

    I bought a Pequea 18DO

    So I finally bought a trailer. Not quite the one I expected to buy. I looked for a PJ skidsteer type, but couldn't find one within a reasonable drive that was rigged out how I wanted. So I ended up buying a Pequea 20 foot deckover dovetail from Messicks. 2 7k axles, slide in rear ramps (6...
  9. Charlesaf3

    MaxBrake Review

    So based on the recs here, (primarily DiamondPilot) I bought a Max Brake tow controller for my 2007 Toyota Tundra. Thought I'd write a quick review for the curious. I'm not all that qualified to do so - only ever towed things without brakes before. But the impression I got is that it really...
  10. Charlesaf3

    Northern Tool Drill powered grease gun - any opinions?

    I need another grease gun, and was thinking battery powered for ease of use, though I've been happy with my compressor powered lincoln, there are always the standard hose issues. Northern tool sells one that runs off a cordless drill Northern Industrial Drill-Powered Grease Gun &#151...
  11. Charlesaf3

    is a rotary plow useful?

    I have a gravely rotary plow that I've never used. I also have a gravely rototiller head, which I do use. Is there anything the plow is better than the rototiller for?
  12. Charlesaf3

    what size gravel for driveway?

    I've been putting 3/4 blue gravel on my drive, on a base of crusher run. Its pretty much packed in to the road base, or washed off the hill, now, so I need more gravel. I have a choice between 3/4 or 3/8 gravel. Any opinions on the 3/8? Or why one would be better? Thanks
  13. Charlesaf3

    Best Weight Distributing hitch?

    Did a search here, and nothing popped up. Etrailer carries the Reese and the Strait-line. Can't really tell which is best - anyone have a recommendation?
  14. Charlesaf3

    maxbrake questions

    Is it fair to say that it's the best controller currently out there? I'm going to be loading the tundra up a bit, so I don't mind spending on a brake controller, especially since I've only pulled trailers without brakes before.
  15. Charlesaf3

    Do you like slide under ramps?

    Wondering what people think of certain ramp designs. I'm drawn to the idea of a skid steer/car hauler trailer like the PJ CC 6" for my needs. Seems like the main issue with some of the designs is the ramps stick up in the air, which looks like a lot of drag for long trips (gas is getting...
  16. Charlesaf3

    Gooseneck v. Bumper trailer for me?

    Need advice on which trailer to buy. Pretty much set on Pequea as the brand, though I'm open to all advice (including that I'm an idiot... ). I have a 2007 Toyota Tundra Crewmax. Tow rating is 10,400 or so. I'd like to get my b3030, with weighted tires and lots of implements moved down from...
  17. Charlesaf3

    Packing crate on pickup truck?

    I'm moving down to Richmond Virginia, and though I've moved a lot of stuff in a uhaul already I seem to have an unending amount of stuff left. In order to maximize my space I was going to build a big plywood shipping crate and put it in the back of my 2007 Toyota Tundra Crewmax. (tailgate...
  18. Charlesaf3

    Posthole Digger m59 with posthole digger on backhoe (and rock rake up front)

    For those interested (there've been a few discussions on it) I finally got my hydraulic PHD rigged up on a quick attach to my m59 backhoe. The parts, and the hydraulic auger, all came from Neil messick. Auger mount from mcmillen and Quick attach earch from kubota were put together by a local...
  19. Charlesaf3

    Log Splitter Valve Leak Questions

    I have a Harbor Fright log splitter - 20 ton, I want to say. The control valve has started leaking out the control shaft, I assume an O ring is gone. Is this worth repairing? Seems like a new prince Valve would be around $60 or so. I've heard sometimes these small valves don't have...
  20. Charlesaf3

    b3030 operator presence control harness question

    So my b3030 isn't working today. At first, it was classic "seat switch" opc - tractor started fine, but turned off whenever I tried to move it. So I took the four wires under the seat, and jumped them... Now the tractor doesn't even start! :mad: Clearly an operator presence control issue...
  21. Charlesaf3

    Worth fixing pressure washer?

    I have an excel 2300 pressure washer. Around 9 years old. Standard home depot special. Using it, the pressure comes and goes. I figure this means the pump is toast. Called the repair place and the price of a pump could be around $200. I gather that parts are expensive, so its not even...
  22. Charlesaf3

    Mowing Which is better for mowing on hills, ZTR or SCUT?

    I have pretty hilly property to mow - up to 15 degree slopes (I think that's 33% grade?). I'm currently using a b3030 with weighted tires, which works up and down, though no way would I go sidehill. I'm thinking of moving the b3030 to another property at some point, and wondering what to...
  23. Charlesaf3

    Cheap, quick, Firewood Storage and Transport

    So based on some stuff I've seen on here I rigged up a firewood storage and transport system. I'm really pleased with it, and its pretty much free. Its based on pallets, which they give away for free around here, and are ecstatic to see them go. Basically, I build 5 pallets into a cube with...
  24. Charlesaf3

    Fueling Station

    Thought I'd throw up my diesel fueling station pics. Figured it might be useful for other people in the northeast who use oil for heat. Basicallly, I put a fillrite pump on my existing 250 gallon tank in the basement, and plumbed it out through the basement wall to a female hydraulic quick...
  25. Charlesaf3

    Coated clothes in hydraulic oil - what to do?

    So I was just using my log splitter, and the hose clamp (hose clamp?!!) on the return for the hydraulic fluid let go, coating my jacket and my favorite pair of carhartt overalls in hydraulic oil. Not a high pressure line, thankfully, so no injection worries. But I have the sneaking suspicion...
  26. Charlesaf3

    Cushion valve (Crossover) relief settings

    So to continue a theme... Burden got the prince DRV 4-HH cushion valves back in stock and I am about to order one to use with my hydraulic motors and plow since I'm pretty certain my front hydraulic control is not a motor spool valve. Where should I set the relief on the cushion valve? I...
  27. Charlesaf3

    Anyone buy from Beiler Hydraulics? Cushion valve

    I wanted to get a crossover relief (cushion?) valve, as a couple of people here recommended for hydraulic mowers/snowblowers. Burdens is out, but a place called Beiler (looks to be in PA) has them. And for $2 cheaper :D So wondered if anyone had anything to say about them. Prince Crossover...
  28. Charlesaf3

    Quick Connects for max flow?

    JJ wrote something in another thread that made me think of this. I have 1/2 inch hose from my front remotes to my rockhound. The tractor hose connection is 1/2" NPT Pioneer type quick connects. As I understand it, the flow max for 1/2" hose is 12gpm? Are those 1/2" QCs bottlenecking flow...
  29. Charlesaf3

    Backhoe Flail on M59 backhoe

    Have to change a hose on my rockhound, and while messing around on rockhound's site found this The 30exhd flail mower mounts via quick attach instead of the bucket, and runs off thumb hydraulics it looks. Totally cool. I guess it would be a substitute...
  30. Charlesaf3

    How to check hydraulic pressure on front remotes?

    Looking at the zillions of threads on this didn't clear up my confusion (I'm still figuring out hydraulics) so I thought I would bounce this out there. I'm having a problem with my hydraulic harley rake. I was thinking that one possible cause would be the pressure at the front remotes (set up...
  31. Charlesaf3

    Rake Hydraulic Harley Rake moving too slowly

    Just put on the FEL harley rake (ATI Preseeder actually). Its spinning, but spinning much more slowly than normal. Anyone have any guesses about what might be the problem? I'm going to put on a similar attachment (rockhound) tomorrow, in an effort to see whether its tractor side or implement...
  32. Charlesaf3

    U joints in phase on PTOs

    I just saw something on the safety list that brought this up. I had no idea that universal joints had to be kept in phase on ptos. Going have to double check mine now - wouldn't be shocked to find I've misphased one, though now I understand why the shafts I have only connect one way. Not sure...
  33. Charlesaf3

    Rake Rockhound, Harley Rake, and m59

    So I gave in and bought the Bobcat Landscape rake 6B. Clearly from looking at it, a rockhound with bobcat labels on it. Played (I mean worked) with it for an hour or 2. First impressions. Its for final prep, not initial ground work. Seems to want pretty smooth terrain or it bridges gullies...
  34. Charlesaf3

    Gravely PTO keeps disengaging

    The PTO on my old gravely commercial 12 won't stay engaged. It enages, but then a minute late vibrates loose. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks,
  35. Charlesaf3

    What to do with a gravely Blade?

    I have a gravely ?snow blade? On a tractor I'd call it a rear blade. Never used it. A little dubious about how well it would work, considering how rear blades push around my CUTs. Is there any practical use for it, or should I sell it? Also curious about rotary plow, though I'm leaning...
  36. Charlesaf3

    Rake Rockhound vs. Bobcat Landscape Rake

    I have too many rocks. The current rock picking attachment is me, and I'd like to upgrade. The main available varieties seem to be the Bobcat Landscape Rake, and the Rock Hound. Anyone have any idea which is better, or are they indistinguishable? Bobcats version seems a bit easier to find...
  37. Charlesaf3

    3 point hitch roller

    Is there a 3 point hitch roller anyone would recommend? Seems like a surprisingly hard thing to find. All I've come across is the cheapie law tractor rollers, that seem like they wouldn't have enough weight to be useful. A 3pt hitch one would be better than towable for lifting and turning in...
  38. Charlesaf3

    Amalie All-Trac 245 Hydraulic Oil

    Does anyone have an opinion on this? It says it meets or exceeds specs for Kubota UDT and SUDT. I've been using SUDT, but its a pain to get to the dealer to buy it, whereas the local auto parts place sells Amalie. A pail is $88 or so, so less than SUDT, but no discount - big advantage is that...
  39. Charlesaf3

    Lawn Sprinklers

    Well, its tractor related, as I'm using the tractor to put in the lawn, but if there's a better location for this question I apologize and apreciate it if the post can be moved. I need to buy a bunch of new sprinklers - hose attached, not permanent (though that may happen down the road). Seems...
  40. Charlesaf3

    Rake Pricing question - skid steer york rake

    A friend is selling a skid steer york rake - guessing 7 feet or so, with hydraulic adjustment. He used to rent out attachments with his bobcats (owns a lumber yard) but has gone to bobcats only as attachment rental as a sideline was too much of a pain. What's a fair price for it? Assume its...
  41. Charlesaf3

    New Toys (I mean tools) From Markham Delivered Today!

    Just got the call from the delivery truck. My new QA crane, modified rock rake (2.5 spacing on tines) and stump bucket will be here in half an hour! I'm so excited :) Why is getting tractor attachments so exciting? It's like christmas used to be when I was a kid. Great thing is I've...
  42. Charlesaf3

    Markham, or Its All Island Tractor's Fault

    So Island Tractor told me that if I gave it a half effort I could justify (to myself) buying a QA stump (grubber) bucket. He was right. I have an occasion where having a small bucket would be useful, and it would be great to have around, right? The problem is, while on the website, I had a...
  43. Charlesaf3

    Carter & Carter Machinery (CCM) - great customer service

    Just wanted to post this, as I think its relevant. I recently bought a hydraulic top link from CCM, and had nothing but problems with it. Fine, that could happen to anyone. They handled the issue in an absolutely superb manner - Travis there was a pleasure to deal with. I am very happy with...
  44. Charlesaf3

    M59 Discussion Thread

    Hey, I thought I'd try to start one thread where those of us who own an M59 can discuss what we like and don't like about the tractor, how we use it, how we've modified it, etc. (and those who are thinking of one can learn). This is inspired by some of the really great threads on here, like...
  45. Charlesaf3

    Delta Hook initial review

    Thought I'd share some of my thoughts on the delta hook, for those who might be interested. Only a few hours on them really, so this is mainly a first impression - I'll try to update. Delta hook, for those who don't know, is like a skidsteer Quick attach system, only for the 3 point hitch...
  46. Charlesaf3

    Online source for hydraulic hose sleeves/guards?

    Anyone know a place to buy the nylon sleeves that protect hydraulic hoses online? I was thinking it would be useful to buy a roll. Usual suspects, ie Agri-supply and surplus center don't have it. thanks a lot
  47. Charlesaf3

    Rake Road Maintenance with an ATI Preseeder (Harley Rake)

    On the things I've learned here front. Someone, I think FarmwithJunk? mentioned a pulverizer as doing a good job of maintaining a dirt road. So now that I've got a Preseeder (same thing as a harley rake) and have to redo my driveway, I thought I'd try it. Wow does it work well. Puts the box...
  48. Charlesaf3

    New M59 finally arrived!

    I love it. (I know, highly unusual with a new tractor... ) Messicks just delivered it on Wednesday. Great operators station, though their could be more room for my knees when I spin. Backhoe is really strong - pushed over some 40' 5" diameter trees to check it out. Got the hydro thumb -...
  49. Charlesaf3

    ATI Preseeder

    Question - I'm thinking of buying a used ATI preseeder - SS 725 - anyone have any thoughts on them? I did a search, and found references in some Harley Rake discussions, but no real plus/minuses. I've been really impressed with what I've seen done with the harley rakes, and want to make sure...
  50. Charlesaf3

    Used Landpride finish mower fair price

    A guy near me is selling a 3 year old land pride FDR 1572 finish mower. Anyone have an idea of what a fair price is on that? Also, it seems to have a max pto horsepower of 35. Any idea of what would happen using pto horsepower of 50 or so with it? Thanks.