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  1. mpham

    Tractor humor

    Got this on facebook the other day my wife agrees. She says I’m always looking at that dam tractor stuff! Lol.
  2. mpham

    A couple pictures from my Alaska trip

    Out of 450 pictures I grabbed some of the best. Pictures still don't show the awesome beauty of this state. Even found a Kubota colored hat: You think this snowblower will fit my B2650? We had a great time and will cherish the memories. All of the pictures were shot with my Iphone.
  3. mpham

    Traction Kubota on the news

    Big storm coming. News showed a nice video of a Kubota plowing.
  4. mpham

    Problem with new bucket on 2650

    Tried to scrape my driveway yesterday and I kept getting ice left behind. Checked the bucket and the edge is not straight. Anyone else see this before? I sent an email to the dealer, waiting for a responce.
  5. mpham

    Found this on the internet.

    Incredible skill for whoever made this out of gingerbread .
  6. mpham

    New Kubota 2650 came in.

    Here she is. All shiny and new.
  7. mpham

    Traded the ck20 today.

    Well. After 4 years and 490 trouble free hours I traded for a new Kubota B2650. More hp and a factory cab with heat and air conditioning. Will still keep checking in here and help with answers when I can. New pics coming next week when they deliver. Thanks for all the help.
  8. mpham

    Anybody with a ck20 have this issue?

    I have a 2006 with 426 hours on it. All filters/oils have been changed at the proper intervals. Mine puts out so much soot from the exhaust that the loader arm and air filter are covered in thick black yuck in no time flat. Are yours the same? Runs and starts fine even in cold unheated garage.
  9. mpham

    Snow Equipment Owning/Operating Who's ready for winter 13/14 ?

    Anyone besides me ready for winter? I just hooked up the blower and wired up all my lights. I just have to open the heat valves and install the doors. We have had snow as early as next week here. I also see snow forecast for Colorado. Anyone else ready?
  10. mpham

    3-Point Hitch Oooops!

    After using a rake and weight box all week I finally needed a powered unit on the 3 pt. When I finished I pulled the pins and forgot the shaft...This is what happened when I backed up to the rake to hook up.:The gaurd was removed to see the damage. Already booted myself in the butt and bought a...
  11. mpham

    Posible blizzard coming to Massachusetts and surrounding states

    Cool!! Could get up to 24 inches of snow on friday night and sat. Tractor is fueled and ready. Will be going to fill the rest of the fuel cans tm. just in case the power goes out. Everybody else ready?
  12. mpham

    double post please delete

    message to short
  13. mpham

    How strong is a Kioti CK20 HST.

    I used my CK20 to pop and roll this monster yesterday! Clearing some land and moving a stone wall to my border.More pics are in the fun tractor thread. The tractor does get hot doing this work.
  14. mpham

    Oil & Fuel ck20 fuel use

    I have 8 hours of moving fire wood, digging a few rocks, snow blowing one storm and pushing snow with my bucket for a couple storms. Is 15 gallons of fuel use about right for an HST machine? Seems like a lot to me. No visible fuel leaks anywhere. Air filter is clean and machine was serviced...
  15. mpham

    Snow Equipment Owning/Operating DIY chute control

    Start with an ATV winch.(44 dollars on sale) Throw in 15 dollars worth of spring,bolts,cable parts and electrical goodies and voila! Go here to see it work. snowchute.MOV - YouTube Not bad for 60 dollars and a few hours work. Sure is going to be better than trying to turn the handle threw the...
  16. mpham

    New Kioti owner

    Hello all! I am the new owner of a 2008 Kioti ck20 with 249 hours on it. It came with the FEL, full hard cab with wiper and heater and a 60 inch finish mower. Love it so far. I was afraid I got the wrong one after I kept getting stuck and having to use the locking dif and bucket to push me...