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  1. 3 Horse Ranch

    Good Samaritans

    September 14th was a day I will long remember and not in a good way for what initially happened, but with good memories of how it all turned out in the end. We went to McDonald's for breakfast, came back to the old house and hooked up to the horse trailer. Backed down to the barn and proceeded...
  2. 3 Horse Ranch

    Stay-At-Home Quarantine Projects.

    Our beloved Governor Inslee issued Stay-at-Home, Stay Healthy order in the third week of March. Travel plans were cancelled so we decided to work on a project that we have talked about since we first moved into the house. We are live-in caretakers, project doers, and for the last 9 months to a...
  3. 3 Horse Ranch

    Trashing The Planet (or at least one little corner of it)

    We moved on to this place about 20 months ago to get it ready for my brother (who is blind) and his horses and dogs. It has involved a lot of work, fencing in the pasture, building a dog run, putting in a patio walkway and stairs. The most recent project got me a little ticked off at the...
  4. 3 Horse Ranch

    Ford 1715 side link.

    The adjustable side link on my tractor is worn out. The threads on bottom and cemter sections are barely holding and it often slips a little when I hit a bump. I've looked at replacing the whole thing but the cost was close to $300, which is highway robbery for such a simple part. (It's...
  5. 3 Horse Ranch

    Retired and Working Hard or Tractors and Flails.

    New to the forum. I just want to say thanks to those who post regularly for the help they have given me, especially on the subject of flail mowers. I am a 66 year old recently retired truck driver. I hauled mostly flatbed freight on the west coast predominantly in Washington, Oregon and BC...