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  1. woody

    using sub soiler to bury direct burial wire

    my gate is only 900 ft. from house and I installed solar with a deep cycle battery, I still charge the battery about once every three months it would be less but we don't want to cut more trees for more sun light to get in. I also modified a subsoiler for direct bury and to lay pex water line...
  2. woody

    moving a building

    Sounds like a project and move worthy of some pictures, let us watch
  3. woody

    moving a building

    I have moved a couple of buildings that did not have skids, the smaller ones I dragged them on my trailer anyway, but the ones that were wider than my trailer I jacked up and backed the trailer under them. I have not tried it but that might be a good time to add the skids.
  4. woody

    moving a building

    The building mover called me back and it seams there is over $12,000 still owed on the building. I Ran fast as I could!
  5. woody

    moving a building

    I was told by the building mover that he would have to check some data base to make sure it is paid off before he would agree to move it. Wish I could check it, I guess I'll wait till I hear from him. The building looks in good shape but it shows signs of being moved a few times when I asked him...
  6. woody

    moving a building

    I was told that but after doing some research I found 20 pounds per square foot to be more realistic if the inside is not finished. I figure about 11,000 pounds.
  7. woody

    moving a building

    I think I agree with WM75Guy I don't have the right equipment.
  8. woody

    moving a building

    Not sure how tall it is but it is a single height, I have moved a few smaller buildings and gazebos, yes it is a portable Graceland building, I think for a $1000 I would let someone else move it. portable Graceland building
  9. woody

    moving a building

    okay this might end up in Hauling or Towing Something Wrong thread, but I was told about a deal on a 14 x 36 building, it's only 5.2 miles from my house and only 2 miles on a main highway the rest is a back road. The building mover wants 1800 dollars to move the building but I have a 14K 20 foot...
  10. woody

    Cordless Grease Gun Storage

    I make sure to never leave the battery in it, I use vinyl gloves when I grease and when I'm done I wipe off the gloves and slide the grease nozzle into the finger hole then sit on a rag on the shelf.
  11. woody

    Fly through my woods...

    that's neat if I tried that with my Phantom 3 standard it would be trashed.
  12. woody

    Milky hydraulic fliud.

    Mine was a bad seal on the pump and it did not leak a drop. That being said I don't believe it's your pump must be something you changed or cleaned or maybe over tightened, hopefully yours will show itself in the form of a small leak.
  13. woody

    Milky hydraulic fliud.

    need to figure how it got milky is it water contamination or is it sucking air some where? My B26 was sucking so much air it was foaming out the vent and looked milky. Is the level higher than when you last checked it. Was the oil you drained out milky looking?
  14. woody

    Where to buy dryer thermal fuse

    Last one I replaced I bought from a dryer repair shop, he had one on the shelf
  15. woody

    Ditch Digger

    Okay the guys from the power company showed up yesterday and said everything looks good so they connected me right up I now have my power under ground from their pole to my house. I told them I capped the end of the conduit to keep water out until they got here and they said it would not have...
  16. woody

    Squirrels Took Out Our Internet

    when they install mine it will be 3 feet deep, I know because I buried the conduit :)
  17. woody

    Any idea what's causing these circles in my gravel driveway?

    I have some that looks like that today and my wife was blowing leaves out of the driveway yesterday, could it be?
  18. woody

    Family vehicle tracker recommendations

    When you check someone's location does it alert them that they are being checked on?
  19. woody

    Enough to make a grown man cry.

    My wife works in a liquor store and sales have went up every year since she's been there.
  20. woody

    Ditch Digger

    I don't guess I have ever heard of that.
  21. woody

    Family vehicle tracker recommendations

    When our son got his ticket he had to pay the ticket and the increase in the insurance, it must have worked he hasn't had a ticket since and that was almost 10 years ago. Good luck
  22. woody

    Ditch Digger

    When I went back out this mourning and checked the conduit had dropped about a 1/2 inch or less so that means what I did yesterday worked. I took a female coupling and lathed off part of it making a nut that was about 1 inch tall and I screwed that on instead of the metal ring I believe this...
  23. woody

    Ditch Digger

    Woke up Friday mourning to a problem, the rain we got settled the ground and pulled the conduit completely from the box. I thought well I am gonna have to dig it up and fix it anyway so I connected a strap around the conduit and used the tractor to lift it, while putting a lot of pressure on the...
  24. woody

    Cut a hole in my house on purpose

    would it be possible to mount a safety cable from the access door to the chimney to latch your safety harness to and permanently mount the ladder to the chimney so it can't kick out with you?
  25. woody

    Cut a hole in my house on purpose

    Back many years ago I was sitting on my porch and saw fire coming out of a neighbors house about 1/4 mile away, as I was running down there I could see it was coming from the chimney looked like a giant blow torch but when I got there the neighbors were standing in the yard watching it. They...
  26. woody

    Ditch Digger

    the power company is going to pull the wire, should be able to call them today and we will see when they can come out.
  27. woody

    Project Trailer Cost

    I'm not sure what you are hauling but a 14 foot trailer is to short to be an equipment trailer, can you make it work (yes) will you be happy with it? probably not. but that's just my opinion
  28. woody

    Ditch Digger

    I'm not sure of the code when I was asking one power company said 24 to 48 inches but the company I get my power from says 36 inches so that's what I done and sent him pictures cause he had to approve it. I have 1600 feet of water line to the meter and we used a rented ditch witch it may be 12...
  29. woody

    Ditch Digger

    what was that for, the step down got me to thinking about the footing I dug for my shop.
  30. woody

    Ditch Digger

    The guy from the power company said 36" to the top of the conduit
  31. woody

    Ditch Digger

    I told my kids get an education or you will end up digging ditches, well it turns out digging ditches pays pretty good. I decided I wanted to move my power to the house under ground and the utility company says that's fine but after he gave me a price with them digging the ditch verses me...
  32. woody

    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    seen this the other day the only thing tied was a piece of string holding the blanket on.
  33. woody

    Dump Trailer Questions

    I believe the scissor lift is just fine for what we do, I seam to remember a YouTube demonstration on the different lifts.
  34. woody

    42” forks

    I am always on the look out for plastic pallets the wood pallets just don't last long enough.
  35. woody

    Dump Trailer Questions

    There is a lot of good information and I think all of your questions have been answered, but I will share my experience I had a smaller dump trailer and could not haul my tractor in it so I bought a 14 foot 14K Dump with ramps and a scissor lift and I have no regrets. I did find out the hard way...
  36. woody

    Left turn on 2 lane. Stay in R/H lane or L/H to let cars continue on?

    My in-laws told me one time I should turn on my right turn signal when the vehicle in front of me is turning right, even if I am going straight. It became a big discussion between both families, me saying no I should not. so a year or more later the father-in-law turned his blinker on for the...
  37. woody

    Dump trailer direct wire?

    I keep a battery jump box in my truck all the time. I have used it on the dump trailer, the rollback trailer and sometimes I use it to jump something off.
  38. woody

    JD110tlb tractor backhoe hydraulics squeal

    I don't have a John Deere, so I'll ask does the 110 have a metal strainer in the suction line from the tank? most everything I have worked on does.
  39. woody

    House generator questions...second thoughts on whole house system.

    We use my Miller welder as a back up generator, no auto start but it is not just sitting there I do use it for welding sometimes. I leave it in the shop and back feed my panel to the house but I don't try to power everything in the house. I use my gas logs for back up heat. the longest we've had...
  40. woody

    Sabre Samurai Cutter attachment

    607145 the 7 footer is heavy I keep my drive clear with it was using the samurai for that task. 476113
  41. woody

    Sabre Samurai Cutter attachment

    That's what I did on my B26 when I first got the samurai and it worked just fine but was a pain to connect and run the hoses up front so I could see what I was doing. I also used the RPM's of the motor to control the speed of the cutters. I later added forward remotes and connecting it was a lot...
  42. woody

    Untreated lumber for uncovered deck?

    Just my two cents, if I were in your situation as in owning the mill and the trees I would use some white oak and enjoy a solid deck for years.
  43. woody

    How many have wives who make work for you.

    My wife use to be a manager at her work, so now a thought comes across her mind and out her mouth and then she looks at me like why aren't you moving yet. It's a good thing I have 3 dog houses to go too, two shops and a game room, see ya! :whistle:
  44. woody

    logsplitter lift

    234834,234835 I built this maybe 35 years ago and plan to restore it one day, I don't burn wood anymore so no hurry. it has about 75 feet of cable so dragging big rounds or even a 10 log to the splitter was no problem. If a round was big enough I would use the lift to sit it on the beam and...
  45. woody

    Loading issues on Dump Trailer

    I guess I should have explained better but this is how the loader operator knocks the top off, he does not press it flat. my trailer is 14 feet so his bucket does fit inside and he just racks the top to the sides.
  46. woody

    Enough Trailer for my Tractor??

    A 16 foot 7K trailer is not much more than a utility trailer, consider the advice given above and do the safe thing. Now if it is a great deal and you have a use for it then go ahead but be aware of it's limited capacity. I have a 16 foot 7K trailer and use it a lot but not for my tractor and...
  47. woody

    Loading issues on Dump Trailer

    Okay, you are making me appreciate my loader operator, we communicate on a CB radio and he tries to load my dump trailer evenly and he will even take his bucket and knock the top down where it does not show above the trailer sides.
  48. woody

    Driver's License... What Vehicle did you use?

    1968 Plymouth satellite
  49. woody

    How to blade gravel without 3-point float?

    A lot of good advice here, but are you using the box blade or the scrape blade because they are used a little differently. I use the scrape blade to clean out my ditches first and then with blade angled toward the right rear wheel I drag the drive down to the end and back up the other side back...
  50. woody

    People name their boats. Why not name your tractor?

    I call mine 26 and 45 and the last one is OL Blue cause that what my old neighbor called it.