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    Pole Chainsaws

    Ok. I've noticed you seen to do trail work for a living. I wouldn't deem it commercial quality. But you asked so I answered. Lol. Even after sitting all winter. 2 pulls and fired up ready to work.
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    Pole Chainsaws

    I'd say about 10 tanks? I do only use ethanol free fuel though. I go thru my trail and along my yard edge at least twice a year to keep limbs back. And have done stuff at my parents a few times. Minus the one time it got pinched and just hung there in a branch, I can't say I've had any issues at...
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    Pole Chainsaws

    Have had my Remington going on 4 years now. Always starts, always cuts. Did leak a little bar oil in the beginning. That seems to have fixed itself. For the price, fits my needs perfectly.
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    Real thoughts/experiences with military trucks

    I can attest that those trucks simply just go. CTIS, lockers on all axles, Allison transmission, CAT engine
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    Pics not showing

    Clear the cache on your phone and from the tbn app. Not the data, just the cache. Works for me every time.
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    Counterweight build

    That looks fantastic and functional. Is that hand screw just putting pressure on the chainsaw bar to keep it from sliding out?
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    Your last generator Maintenance Run

    Thank you for those links. I was able to find the one for my generator, downloaded and printed. I got as far as testing the battery locally and it tested good. So the next things will be wiring and testing.. Hoping this weekend, but I'm up to 70 hour work weeks now. One step at a time... Thank...
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    Where to buy fluids?

    Mobolfluid 424...
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    Your last generator Maintenance Run

    That seems very helpful, thank you! This one runs on propane, but I'm sure there's little difference besides the fuel delivery. I'll have to print it so I can look at it better.
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    Your last generator Maintenance Run

    Very difficult to read I know... Can't seem to locate my manual at this time. Any help greatly appreciated...
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    Your last generator Maintenance Run

    Grs, thank you for all the generator help I see you contribute. I'm writing all the ideas down to tackle this ASAP. I forgot to ask in the previous response, how is it that I can test for a short in that wire that was mentioned? Thank you.
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    Your last generator Maintenance Run

    The starter solenoid is what I meant and my brain has been mush after this last vacation with what I needed to concentrate on. The fuse, I believe is 5 amps. Since you have an Onan, what size battery do you have connected to it if you know off hand? Or am I just looking for the best CCA I can...
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    Your last generator Maintenance Run

    Good thoughts all around. Thank you. I know I have a manual somewhere for this thing. But I'm pretty sure the plugs I can still read the number on. No pull cord, but I might be able to spin it manually somehow. Might as well drain and change the oil while I'm in there. Ha
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    Your last generator Maintenance Run

    As far testing the battery under starter load, I can't with the generator itself. Before the generator even tries to do anything, that fuse blows. This weekend I'll hopefully.. 1. Disconnect battery and load test(battery is close to 6 years old come to think of it) 2. Put in new spark plugs...
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    Your last generator Maintenance Run

    Can I test the starter by just applying 12v to it?
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    Your last generator Maintenance Run

    Thank you both.. I'll replace the plugs, and check the voltage on the battery. I'll see what my battery tester does in the load test. Never thought that could cause the glass fuse to blow. Good to know that! [emoji106]
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    Your last generator Maintenance Run

    My 5k Onan failed to start this past outage.. Turns out the starter fuse blows every time power is tried to be transferred to start it. Gotta figure this out before winter hopefully. Maybe it'll give be an excuse to finally pull the trigger on a 10-15kw diesel generator vs the little 5kw...
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    Bought a Kioti CK3510SE TLB, Package w/ Trailer & Attachments

    Very interested to see if it works. I know I'll grab one if you find out it does work!
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    Strike at Deere plants in the US, more supply chain shortage to come

    I certainly didn't intend it to read that way.. Quite possibly my fault as well. And it is difficult to get a tone of ones attitude thru text and type, I fully understand that. I've worked both union and non union. I just happen to be where I am because of decisions I've made. Glad we're at an...
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    Strike at Deere plants in the US, more supply chain shortage to come

    I'm a little confused at what you're trying to explain exactly, and it's probably my fault. I don't claim to be the smartest or most intelligent. A lot of your posts are informative and I appreciate everyone that contributes in all ways. We're all here to learn. Whether I'm at work in my union...
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    Strike at Deere plants in the US, more supply chain shortage to come

    There is no definitive example exactly I can think of off hand, but you get employees that consider staying long term and with that comes employees that do want the best for the company because they want to stay and keep a steady, good paying job with benefits and perks. They(the employee) will...
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    Charging Trailer Brake Battery

    Those batteries aren't exactly known for lasting long as well. But first I would check to see if there is voltage going to the battery with your truck hooked up and running. Fuse is a simple place to start as mentioned. If not getting voltage, start working backwards towards your tow vehicle to...
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    Pete 335

    Not a Pete, but auto, Cummins, 6x6, lower miles. It's a drive from PA though...
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    cell phone signal repeater

    May want to research ones that do 4g minimum..I read at&t, Verizon will be dropping 3g service eventually in favor of new technology. If I find the article, I'll link it. * Edited to add link
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    Electric Trailer Winch Question....

    I have a winch on a trailer and it has come in handy, so I understand your thought. As far as what to look for... Load is one. A snatch block can essentially double the pull weight, but half the speed at which it pulls. I would think the best you could do is keep it covered and clean. The...
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    New CX2510!

    Tractor supply around here sells Mobil Delvac for $50 for 5 gallons. Says right on the label..."Also known as Mobolfluid 424"
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    Kioti ck3510 loader issue

    I didn't realize that the one was a fixed flow. Thanks.. I'll look for the adjustable type
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    Kioti ck3510 loader issue

    Would you have a picture/link to said fitting? I tried googling, but when you don't know what you're looking for exactly, anything could be right/wrong. That would be appreciated. My dealer actually rebuilt my cylinders because of the issue. Would like to see it didn't return.. And if this is a...
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    Tomahawk 72 inch HD root grapple ??

    No matter which one you decided on, good choice. A grapple is better than no grapple in my opinion.
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    Tomahawk 72 inch HD root grapple ??

    My grapple is an open back, which I like because I'm able to see thru so I can better see what I'm picking up. And I like to be sure I have a good grip. I am going to add a mesh back eventually though.
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    Modifying a rotary mower

    I don't know how to point it out in the picture what might work?... so I'll do my best to describe my thought... Is there any way you can swap where the lift pins are currently with the bolts directly below them, then take those bolts and place them where the lift pins are now? Basically switch...
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    Cannot close the hood on my Kioti CK3510SE HST tractor

    You really need to pay attention to the latch on the hood itself, and the tractor to make sure they are lined up. That's what I realized I was doing anyways.
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    Bug dejour

    We always called them assassin bugs...
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    Transparent Carburetor

    I actually watched that earlier this week.. It taught me more than I knew. Always willing to learn new things, especially in a detailed way. Great video I thought.
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    Trying to figure out WHAT BRAND this deal is ? WHO it is ? legitimate, scam, marketing ???

    Zoom in on the grill and you can read..."grillo". This is their link to the Italy market...
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    3-Point Hitch Hyd Top link installed CK3510SEHC

    I guess I never updated. I wound up getting all the pieces, and it installed easily. The one piece on the diagram was reversed, but I figured it out. And 5 to 600 seems steep. I think I paid 450 and that was with the WSM and parts manual, along with the 3 point lever system...
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    Lynch Pins Coming Off

    This is how I do it
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    Lynch Pins Coming Off

    I kept losing them on my 3 point mower wheels and trying to find the spacers got old quick. A careful loop and twist of safety wire fixed my issue so they can't open. For something that you constantly remove, probably not the best idea though.
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    Power Washing the Tractor

    That's fine with me, I do my power washing in the warmer weather. Lol
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    Power Washing the Tractor

    I'll have to winterize mine during the cold months since I'll be keeping it outside. Can I ask what for filter set up you have? Thank you for the info on yours.
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    Power Washing the Tractor

    Thank you. Whether it be GPH or increasing head pressure to the PW, my current set up can't keep up with the demand and I can hear the pump starving for water. I'll look into that pump and especially a filter
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    Power Washing the Tractor

    I was just looking at making a set up like this because the pressure from my well is ridiculously low for my power washers. And then my foam cannon is useless. I have the IBC totes. What for pump are you using to increase the GPM to the power washer? I saw simple pumps that I assume constantly...
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    DK4510 - running PTO while out of operators station

    My tractor is the same as StanB. But I have a clutch I need to depress vs the brake.
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    Can any identify these forks

    United frames are USA made.
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    Kioti vs Bobcat

    Kioti has an independent PTO on the new models. If you check out their website, it'll mention from a certain serial number on is independent. They older ones are live. As far as importance...I like the live in my 4010 so I can ease into the PTO and then just up the RPMs. Differences might also...
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    Images broken using Tapatalk app - FIXED

    No problem, glad it worked!
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    Images broken using Tapatalk app - FIXED

    Sometimes I need to clear the cache from the app. Fixes the issue everytime for me. Even using the TBN app.
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    New log splitter

    I've noticed prices can vary from the 3 TSC stores near me. So I check all 3 before I commit to a larger purchase.
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    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    Looks like the driver is still in the truck white knuckled holding onto the steering wheel with arms locked out...
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    21 Ck2610 cab spare plug purpose?

    I have a ck4010sehc... The switch panel on the right in mine has blanks so there might be a plug end underneath and you'll have to purchase a switch to plug into it?