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    Mott 60 Flail Mower

    Hey everyone, I’m rebuilding an old Mott flail I got off Craigslist. I just tore everything completely down, took an inventory of what’s broken, and cleaned everything up. I’m working on the cutter shaft now. According to the parts manual I have there are two different shafts, that is, lower...
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    BCS 720 engine stop lever cable

    Hey everyone. My father has had a BCS 720 Harvester with a sicklebar mower sitting in his yard outside for 5 or 6 years. I finally picked it up last week hoping I can get it back running. Ive stripped off everything I could and oiled and greased, changed out oils, cleaned the carb, etc. I have...
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    Flail mower

    Hey guys. I've been reading your discussions for months but just joined today. I bought a Massey Ferguson 1526 (25HP) a few weeks ago with a box blade and I'm looking at getting flail mower now. This is my first tractor and I'll be using it around my property and as an addition to my small...